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Allerton Waste Recovery Park

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AmeyCespa have issued impressions of how the waste site would look from various locations around. To see these pictures and accompanying map, click or download this PDF file .

NYCC Approve Allerton Incinerator - What Next?

As expected NYCC's planning committee approved the Allerton Park incinerator application yesterday, despite strong presentations by local representatives that argued against the scheme based on planning policy.

This is NOT the end. The next stage in this long battle is to secure "call-in" by the Secretary of State for the matter to be decided at a public enquiry. This will enable an independent planning inspector to review the NYCC decision against planning policies and allow us to present our case fairly. We believe that such an inquiry would result in the application being rejected.

So now the time has come to step up the pressure for call-in. Our local MPs, Harrogate Borough Council, local parish and town councils, NYWAG and many individual objectors have already urged that the application be called in. But we know that the Secretary of State takes into account the weight of opposition in deciding whether to instruct call-in. So, we need as many people as possible to write to the National Planning Casework Unit.

There are many grounds for call-in. The most important thing is that you send a letter or an email urging that "the NYCC Allerton Park planning application be called-in to Public Inquiry." Please write to:

National Planning Casework Unit, 5 St Philips Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW
Or email: with a copy to

Amongst the reasons for call-in are:
  • It conflicts with national policies on waste treatment by its emphasis on incineration without heat recovery, and by its location in the open countryside. It will cause significant greenhouse gas pollution and is contrary to policies on climate change and sustainability;
  • There is a significant regional conflict over this decision. Harrogate Borough Council has twice objected strongly - NYCC has ignored them;
  • The development will harm both the local and distant landscape so it will have significant effects beyond the immediate locality of Allerton Park. It will have far reaching adverse financial impacts;
  • The highly technical nature of the project needs a level of expertise greater than NYCC possesses - the NYCC Officer's report states as much with respect to climate change impacts and this was admitted in the planning meeting itself.
  • The Officers' report ran to 386 pages and was not properly scrutinized by the NYCC Planning Committee who lacked the expertise to decide such a matter;
  • Two of our MPs are publically opposed to the scheme - Nigel Adams and Andrew Jones - and have requested call-in.
Letters or emails in your own words count for more than ones from households, so we would ask that everyone in your home writes. Please ask everyone you know to take a few minutes to write a letter or email as soon as you possible, it really can make a difference.

Antony Long
Chair of Marton cum Grafton Parish Council

The Allerton Waste Recovery Park website - gives more details of the proposal from AmeyCespa. A leaflet from AmeyCespa has been delivered to homes in villages around the proposed site (see links on the right for a copy).

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