Arkendale Families in the 1841 Census

This page contains details of names of individuals or families living in Arkendale at the time of the census in 1841, to help researchers trace their ancestry. As details of specific dwellings were not given, individuals in each residence are grouped together. Note that ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5 (e.g. someone aged 34 would be recorded as "30").


John Thompson35Farmer
Sarah Thompson35 
William Thompson2 
Peter Thompson3 mo. 

Edward Simpson75Gardener

William Thompson75Farmer
Sarah Thompson40 
Mary Thompson4 
Jane Anderson15Female Servant

Thomas Ingham45Farmer
John Ingham45 
Mary Ingham60 
Ann Ingham40 
John Meadley20Agricultural Labourer
Charity Kindale15Female Servant

Joseph Dodsworth60Farmer
Ann Dodsworth50 
Elizabeth Dodsworth15 
Edward Clark40Shoemaker

Ann Pearson30Agricultural Labourer
Thomas Pearson9 
Elizabeth Pearson1 

George Umpelby25Blacksmith
Ann Umpelby25 
John Umpelby3 mo. 

William Druery40Agricultural Labourer
Isabella Druery30 
Eliza Pearson8 
James Druery35Joiner

John Sadler40Farmer
Ann Sadler35 
William Sadler15 
Ann Sadler15 
Thomas Sadler12 
John Sadler10 
Ellen Sadler5 
Elizabeth Sadler3 
Peter Amelin15Agricultural Labourer
Francis Thompson13Agricultural Labourer
Hannah Weatherhead15Female Servant

Thomas Cartwright70Agricultural Labourer
Jane Cartwright70 

John English45Carpenter
Ann English45 
William English30 
John English15Carpenter Apprentice
Ann English13 
Marmaduke English10 

Elizabeth Dixon70Independent

Ann Hudson60Independent

John Noble 45Shoemaker
Mary Noble 40 
John Noble 11 
Mark Noble 2 
Marmaduke Stephenson 30Farmer
Elizabeth Stephenson25 
isabella Richardson15Female Servant
John Derbyshire15Agricultural Labourer

Peter Whincup 25Shoemaker
Ann Whincup 20 

The Parsonage
Henry Stocken40Clerk
John Arton35Schoolmaster
Elizabeth Bateman30Female Servant
Elizabeth Wrighton23Female Servant

Firms House
Richard Daniel 40Farmer
Mary Daniel 75 
William Lonsdale25Agricultural Labourer
Jane Howard13Female Servant
Henry Wells20Agricultural Labourer

John Gill 40Agricultural Labourer
Ann Gill 40 
John Gill 6 
Martha Gill 5 
Sarah Gill 1 
Sarah Henby12 

Broom House
Peter Whincup 50Farmer
William Whincup 45 
Elizabeth Whincup 45 
Robert Whincup 20 
Ann Whincup 15 
John Whincup 45 
William Whincup 14 
Ellin Whincup 12 
Elizabeth Whincup 10 
Thomas Whincup 8 
Peter Whincup 5 

Hollins House
James Harrison 25Farmer
Elizabeth Harrison 25 
George Harrison 2 
Sarah Harrison 10 mo 

Mary Flower 35Agricultural Labourer
Emanuel Flower 10 
Thomas Flower 8 
Louisa Flower 5 
Elizabeth Flower 3 
Mary Flower 75 

James Lorrimor 65Independent
Jane Lorrimor 75 
Hannah Tasker 15Female Servant
Thomas Squires 15 

Thomas Dunwell 35Farmer
William Dunwell 45 
Frances Dunwell 45 
Anthony Mann15Agricultural Labourer
Jane Bennit15Female Servant
Eleanor Goodall11 

John Haw 32Tailor
Jane Haw 30 
Marmaduke Haw 5 
Isabella Haw 4 
Thomas Haw 2 
William Haw 1 
Samuel Bentley25Tailor Journeyman
Jepsey Whitaker15Tailors Apprentice
William Simpson14Tailors Apprentice

John Hallaways 45Agricultural Labourer
Mary Hallaways 45 
Mary Hallaways 12 
Jabez Hallaways 10 
Joseph Hallaways 6 
Ann Fryer25 
John Fryer1 

Thomas Steel 60Farmer
Ellinor Steel 50 
Thomas Steel 10 

James Foster60Farmer
Ellinor Foster70 

Peter Dunwell 40 
Jane Dunwell 50 
Thomas Mountain 20Agricultural Labourer
George Gibson 15Agricultural Labourer
Jane Leeming 25Female Servant
Ann Parker 55Independent

William Inman 45Farmer
Sarah Inman 35 
Mary Inman 15 
John Inman 14 
James Inman 10 
Joseph Inman 8 
Thomas Inman 6 
Elizabeth Inman 4 
Frances Inman 3 
Fowler Inman 1[note: born 27 Oct 1840, died 29 Oct 1914, Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, St. Johns Co., Florida, USA]

Peter Derbyshire 45Wheelwright
Elizabeth Derbyshire 50 
Bryan Derbyshire 20Shoemaker Journeyman
Jane Derbyshire 12 
Charlotte Holloways10 

Mary Kendal 50Agricultural Labourer
Matthew Kendal 20 

Mary Pearson 65Agricultural Labourer
Hannah Pearson 30 
Mary Pearson 8 
John Pearson 5 
Ann Pearson 2 
Asheley Pearson 8 Mo  

Lazanby Lorrimer 35Farmer
Frances Lorrimer 30 
John Lorrimer 7 
Thomas Lorrimer 5 
Mary Lorrimer 4 
Jane Horner15Female Servant

John Potter 20Agricultural Labourer
Isabella Potter 20 
Elizabeth Potter 11 Mo  

John Hawks 65Agricultural Labourer
Hannah Hawks 65 

John Pawson 25Agricultural Labourer
Jane Pawson 15 

Richard Johnson 30Agricultural Labourer
Ann Johnson 30 
Jane Johnson 7 
Joseph Johnson 6 
Mary Johnson 4 
William Johnson 2 

Francis Umpelby 50Blacksmith
Ann Umpelby 50 
Jane Umpelby 20 
Elia Umpelby 15 
Matthew Umpelby 15 

Henery Gibson 35Agricultural Labourer
Jane Gibson 35 
Sarah Gibson 13 
Elizabeth Gibson 11 
Dinah Gibson 5 
William Gibson 1 

Mary Gibson 60Agricultural Labourer
Mary Gibson 35 
William Gibson 6 
Isabell Gibson 4 

George Nicholson 40Agricultural Labourer
Mary Nicholson 55 
Presila Nicholson 10 
Martha Fiskill3 

William Howard 50Agricultural Labourer
Jane Howard 45 
Thomas Joneson20Tailor
Dinah Joneson20 

George Thompson 50Agricultural Labourer
Hannah Thompson 50 
Elizabeth Thompson 20 
Ann Thompson 10 
Sarah Thompson 6 

Benjamin Hollingworth 50Agricultural Labourer
Charles Hollingworth 14 
Sarah Hollingworth 12 

Thomas Thompson 45Farmer
John Wray 25Agricultural Labourer
George Derbyshire 45Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Burrill25Female Servant

James Thackery 55Farmer
Catherine Thackery 30 
John Thackery 9 
Margaret Thackery 6 
Harriot Thackery 2 
Thomas Thackery35Agricultural Labourer
Joshua Fawcett30Agricultural Labourer
George Mason20Agricultural Labourer
Thomas Buckel15Agricultural Labourer
Ann Barker15Female Servant

Thomas Haw 60Agricultural Labourer
Mary Haw 60 
Peter Haw 15 
Edward Haw 5 
Joseph Kettlewell30 

William Simpson 60Farmer
Serena Simpson 55 
Thomas Simpson 20 
Mary Simpson 20 
Serena Simpson 15 
Willey Simpson 15 

Elizabeth Burrill60Farmer
John Lambert25Agricultural Labourer
Joseph Daniel15Agricultural Labourer
Sarah Woodman15Female Servant

George Spence 35Agricultural Labourer
Mary Spence 50 
Jane Spence 13 
William Knighton3 

George Wise 35Agricultural Labourer
Isabella Wise 30 
George Wise 6 
John Wise 4 
Elizabeth Wise 1 
Ann Wise 1 Mo 

James Short 35Shoemaker
Sarah Short 35 
Jane Short 11 
Richard Short 9 
John Short 4 
William Short 1 
Francis Howard15Shoemaker's Apprentice

Joseph Inman 70Farmer
Hannah Inman 70 

William Millthorp 35Farmer
Joseph Millthorp 25 
Fowler Millthorp 20 
Elizabeth Millthorp 40 
Hannah Thompson15Female Servant
Joseph Horner13Agricultural Labourer
William Fall6