Arkendale Families in the 1851 Census

This page contains details of names of individuals or families living in Arkendale at the time of the census in 1851, to help researchers trace their ancestry. As details of specific dwellings were not given, individuals in each residence are grouped together.

NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere Born

Joseph NickelsonHead27Farmers LabourerArkendale
Ann NickelsonWife30 Brompton
Robert NickelsonSon3 Arkendale
Thomas NickelsonSon1 Arkendale
Alfred SmithBrother-in-Law25Farmers LabourerBrompton

James FosterHead72Landed ProprietorHampsthwaite
Ellen FosterWife82[blind]Bilton in Ainsty
Mary EllisServant52General ServantScriven

Thomas Harper Head45Farmers LabourerMarton
Jane Harper Wife33 Dalton
William Harper Son9ScholarGrafton

Peter Dunwell Head48Farmer, 90 acres, employing 2 labourersArkendale
Eliza Hudson Servant24HousekeeperBirstwith
Francis Anderson Servant21Farmers LabourerFarnham
Benjamin Bradley Servant15Farmers LabourerLittle Ouseburn

John Fall Head48Farmer, 50 acres, employing 1 labourerMinskip
Ellin Fall Wife30 Arkendale
Ellin Fall Daughter14Farmer's daughterMinskip
John Fall Son10ScholarMinskip
William Fall Father77Landed ProprietorMinskip

James Weatherhead Head37Farmers LabourerWilsil
Mary Weatherhead Wife31 Topcliff
William Weatherhead Son8ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Weatherhead Daughter1 Arkendale

George Umpelby Head36Journeyman BlacksmithArkendale
Ann Umpelby Wife36 Green Hammerton
John Umpelby Son10ScholarArkendale
Francis Umpelby Son8ScholarArkendale
Walls Umpelby Son6ScholarArkendale
James Umpelby Son4ScholarArkendale
Mary Ann Umpelby Daughter2 Arkendale
Ann Walls Mother-in-Law59Farmer's Labourer's WifePannal

Bryan Derbyshire Head34Master ShoemakerArkendale
Hannah Derbyshire Wife26 Wilsil
Elizabeth Derbyshire Daughter6ScholarArkendale
Peter Derbyshire Son11 Mo  Arkendale

John Gill Head53Farmers LabourerDacre Banks
Ann Gill Wife52 Arkendale
Hannah Gill Daughter3ScholarArkendale

Ellin Steel Head63Landed ProprietorStaveley
Thomas Steel Son20Farmers LabourerArkendale

Hannah Pearson Head44Farmers LabourerArkendale
John Pearson Son15Farmers LabourerArkendale
William Pearson Son7ScholarArkendale
Sarah Pearson Daughter4 Arkendale
Thomas Pearson Son9 Mo Arkendale
William Simpson Lodger66Tailor and PensionerGreat Ouseburn

Thomas Dunwell Head46Farmer, 102 acres, employing 3 labourersArkendale
Frances Dunwell Sister55HousekeeperIngmanthorpe
William Dunwell Brother58Landed ProprietorIngmanthorpe
James Barker Servant18Farmers ServantSawley
Hannah King Servant19House ServantConeythorpe

Ann HudsonHead74AnnuitantWhixley

John Noble Head56Master ShoemakerPannal
Mary Noble Wife53 Arkendale
Mark Noble Son12ScholarArkendale
Henry Noble Son7ScholarArkendale

John English Head58Carpenter and WheelwrightArkendale
Ann English Wife58 Knaresborough

Thomas CartwrightHead79Farmers LabourerArkendale

Elizabeth Haw Head25Wife of a Tailor MasterNun Monkton
William Haw Son10 Arkendale
Henry Haw Son8 Arkendale
Peter Haw Son7 Arkendale
Ishmale Haw Son6 Arkendale
Uriah Haw Son2 Arkendale
Edwin Haw Son1 Mo  Arkendale

Thomas Prince Head57Farmers LabourerNether Poppleton
Mary Prince Wife60 Nether Poppleton

Marmaduke Stephenson Head40Farmer, 84 acres, employing 2 labourersArkendale
Elizabeth Stephenson Wife38 Hillan
Mary Ann Stephenson Daughter8ScholarArkendale
Eliza Stephenson Daughter2 Arkendale
John Pearson Servant12Farmers ServantBishop Monkton
Bessey Firth Servant16House ServantGrafton

Thomas Thompson Head37Farmer, 111 acres, employing 1 labourerArkendale
Ann Fall Niece16HousekeeperMinskip
William Fall Nephew16Farmers ServantMinskip
William Stoker Servant20Farmers ServantStaveley

John Sadler Head55Farmer, 137 acres, employing 2 labourersAlne
Ann Sadler Wife46 Arkendale
Thomas Sadler Son21Farmer's SonArkendale
John Sadler Son18Farmer's SonArkendale
Hellen Sadler Daughter15Farmer's daughterArkendale
Elizabeth Sadler Daughter13Farmer's daughterArkendale
Joseph Burton Servant15Farmers LabourerDacre Banks

Thomas Ingham Head62Farmer, 65 acresHopperton
John Ingham Brother60Landed ProprietorHopperton
Ann Ingham Sister55HousekeeperArkendale
Thomas Savil Servant19Farmers ServantFerrensby
Sarah Simpson Servant20House ServantBrearton
Elizabeth Steel Sister64AnnuitantHopperton

Peter Whincup Head36Master ShoemakerArkendale
Ann Whincup Wife28 Roecliff
Robert W Whincup Son8ScholarArkendale
John Whincup Son6ScholarArkendale
Thomas Whincup Son1 Arkendale
William Scrivener Servant48Journeyman ShoemakerTealby, Lincolnshire

Joseph Dodsworth Head73Landed ProprietorMinskip
Ann Dodsworth Wife65 Mickley

Thomas Annakin Head31Farmers LabourerWhixley
Elizabeth Annakin Wife25 Arkendale
Richard Annakin Son4ScholarArkendale
William Annakin Son2 Arkendale
Ann Elizth Annakin Daughter11 Mo  Arkendale

Mary Gibson Head80Pauper Farmers LabourerCopgrove
Mary Gibson Daughter43PauperArkendale
William Gibson Grandson15ScholarArkendale
George Gibson Grandson3 Arkendale
Mary A Gibson Granddaughter2 Arkendale

William Thompson Head86Innkeeper and Farmer of 20 acresAldborough
Sarah Thompson Daughter52HousekeeperArkendale

John Thompson Head46Farmer, 36 acresArkendale
Sarah Thompson Wife46 Fell Beck
Mary Thompson Daughter14Farmers DaughterArkendale
William Thompson Son12ScholarArkendale
Peter Thompson Son10ScholarArkendale
John Thompson Son7ScholarArkendale

Matthew Umpelby Head27Journeyman BlacksmithArkendale
Mary Umpelby Wife21 Whixley
George Umpelby Son7 Mo  Whixley

Isabella DrueryHead43Grocer and Flour DealerSheldon

Isaac Richardson Head56Farmer, 170 acres, employing 4 labourersFollifoot
Elizabeth Richardson Wife60 Armley
James Richardson Son29Farmer's SonFollifoot
William Richardson Son25Farmer's SonFollifoot
John Richardson Son23Farmer's SonFollifoot
Isaac Richardson Son20Farmer's SonFollifoot
Elizabeth Richardson Daughter17Farmer's daughterFollifoot
George Richardson Visitor45Farm LabourerFollifoot

Jane Gibson Head36Farmer's Labourer's Widow, PauperCrimple
William Gibson Son11ScholarArkendale
Hannah Gibson Daughter8ScholarArkendale
Thomas Gibson Son6ScholarArkendale

George Thompson Head61Farmers LabourerThorp Wood
Elizabeth Thompson Daughter32HousekeeperArkendale
Mary Thompson Daughter24Farmers ServantArkendale

William Howard Head63Farmers LabourerArkendale
Jane Howard Wife62 Goldsborough
Betsey MaurtusGranddaughter3 Harewood
William MaurtusGrandson1 Goldsborough

John Hawks Head79Farmers LabourerHunsingore
Hannah Hawks Wife77 Coneythorpe

Matthew Kendal Head34Farmers LabourerArkendale
Ann Kendal Wife37 Thirkleby
Sadler Smith Kendal Son10ScholarTollerton,
George Kendal Son6ScholarArkendale
William Kendal Son4ScholarArkendale
Mary Ann Kendal Daughter2 Arkendale

John Potter Head30Farmers LabourerElmire
Isabella Potter Wife34 Grantley
William Potter Son7ScholarArkendale
Christopher Potter Son4ScholarArkendale
James Potter Son2 Arkendale

John Appelby Head27BricklayerStockton On Tees
Mary Appelby Wife25 Ingleby Coop
William Appelby Son4ScholarStockton On Tees

William Howard Head28Farmers LabourerArkendale
Ann Howard Wife25 Spofforth
Elizabeth Howard Daughter5ScholarSpofforth
Jane Howard Daughter1 Arkendale

George Howard Head26Farmers LabourerArkendale
Christiana Howard Wife23 Leeming

George Nickelson Head54Farmers LabourerArkendale
Mary Nickelson Wife65 Knaresborough
Martha Fisgill Granddaughter13Nurse GirlKnaresborough

Lazenby Lorrimer Head50Farmer, 100 acres, employing 2 labourersMinskip
Frances Lorrimer Wife39 Arkendale
John Lorrimer Son17Farmer's SonArkendale
Thomas Lorrimer Son16Farmer's SonArkendale
Mary Jane Lorrimer Daughter14Farmer's daughterArkendale
Elizabeth Lorrimer Daughter7ScholarArkendale
Edward Lorrimer Son3 Arkendale
Ann Lorrimer Daughter7 Mo Arkendale

George Creighton , Revd.
Head52CurateBengal, East Indies
Ellen Brooks Servant36 Bilton
Ellinor Goodall Servant21 Leeds

Francis Umpelby Head50Master BlacksmithMinskip
Ann Umpelby Wife61 Easingwold
Eliza Umpelby Daughter29 Arkendale

Hollins House
James Harrison
Head36Farmer, 20 acresFollifoot
Elizabeth Harrison Wife35 Rigton
George Harrison Son13ScholarArkendale
Sarah Harrison Daughter11ScholarArkendale
William Harrison Son9ScholarArkendale
Mary Ann Harrison Daughter7ScholarArkendale
James Harrison Son5ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Harrison Daughter3 Arkendale
Christiana Harrison Daughter1 Arkendale

Firms House
Richard Daniel
Head52Farmer, 162 acres, employing 2 labourersWhixley
James Daniel Brother46Farmers LabourerArkendale
Caroline Marshall Servant50HousekeeperAdwick Le Street
Sarah Bayner Servant23House ServantWilsil
William Hollingworth Servant18Farmers ServantKnaresborough
Christopher Langcaster Servant14Farmers ServantMinskip
Robert Powell Servant47Horse BreakingKnaresborough

Broom House
Peter Whincup
Head69Farmer, 113 acres, employing 2 labourersKirk Deighton
John Whincup Nephew27Farmers LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Whincup Niece20HousekeeperArkendale
Thomas Whincup Nephew17Farmers LabourerArkendale
Peter Whincup Nephew15Farmers LabourerArkendale
William Whinn Nephew7ScholarLow Dunsforth
Ann Whinn Niece15House ServantLow Dunsforth