Arkendale Families in the 1861 Census

This page contains details of names of individuals or families living in Arkendale at the time of the census in 1861, to help researchers trace their ancestry. As details of specific dwellings were not given, individuals in each residence are grouped together.

NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere Born

James WeatherheadHead47Agricultural LabourerWilsill
Mary WeatherheadWife41 Shipton Bridge
Elizabeth WeatherheadDaughter11ScholarArkendale

John GillHead26Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Ann GillWife31 Grafton
Ann GillMother61 Arkendale
Martha GillSister23ServantArkendale
Hannah GillSister19ServantArkendale

William Dunwell Head65Farmer of 86 acres employing 1 labourerIngmanthorpe
Mary Gill Servant51HousekeeperSigsworth
William Baynes Servant21CarterConeythorpe
Stephen Langcaster Servant15CarterCundale

John Fall Head57Farmer of 43 acresMinskip
Eleanor Fall Wife60 Arkendale
Eleanor Fall Daughter24 Minskip
John Fall Son20 Minskip
William Fall Father87[blind]Minskip

Bryan Derbyshire Head44ShoemakerArkendale
Hannah Derbyshire Wife37 Wilsill
Peter Derbyshire Son11ScholarArkendale
Sarah Derbyshire Daughter9ScholarArkendale
John Derbyshire Son5ScholarArkendale
Ann Derbyshire Daughter3 Arkendale
Joseph Derbyshire Son1 Arkendale

Thomas Harper Head55Agricultural LabourerMarton
Jane Harper Wife44 Dalton

Hannah Simpson Head58Agricultural LabourerArkendale
John Pearson Son24Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Thomas Pearson Son10ScholarArkendale

George Umpleby Head45Blacksmith LabourerArkendale
Ann Umpleby Wife45 Green Hammerton
Mary Ann Umpleby Daughter12ScholarArkendale
George Wm Umpleby Son9ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Umpleby Daughter7ScholarArkendale

Thomas Steel Head30Farmer of 9 acresArkendale
Charlotte Steel Wife27 Roecliffe
Ann Steel Daughter8ScholarArkendale
Thomas Steel Son7ScholarArkendale
John Steel Son2 Arkendale
William Steel Son9 Mo Arkendale
Ellen Wright Step-Daughter5ScholarBurton Leonard

Henry Hobson Head27TailorLinton-on-Ouse
Elizabeth Hobson Wife26 Humburton

Thomas Dunwell Head56Farmer of 102 acres employing 1 labourerArkendale
Frances Dunwell Sister67HousekeeperIngmanthorpe
Elizabeth Parker Servant32House-ServantKettering
Matthew Falkingham Servant18CarterTockwith
Robert Baines Servant14CarterConeythorpe

John Potter Head41Agricultural LabourerElmire
Isabella Potter Wife44 Aldfield
James Potter Son12ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Potter Daughter4ScholarArkendale

John NobleHead65ShoemakerPannal
Mary NobleWife63 Arkendale

John English Head68Carpenter and WheelwrightArkendale
Jane English Wife59 Crimple

John Haw Head53TailorArkendale
Isabella Haw Daughter24 Arkendale
Ishmael Haw Son13ScholarArkendale
John Haw Son9ScholarArkendale
Amerros Haw Son6ScholarArkendale
Ellen Mary Haw Daughter4 Arkendale

John Elliott Head32Agricultural LabourerKirkby Fletham
Jane Elliott Wife32 Arkendale
Anne Elliott Daughter11ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Elliott Daughter10ScholarArkendale
George Elliott Son9ScholarArkendale
Thomas Elliott Son3 Mo  Arkendale

Marmaduke Stephenson Head50Farmer of 80 acres employing 1 labourer and two boysArkendale
Elizabeth Stephenson Wife48 Hillam
Eliza Stephenson Daughter12 Arkendale
Thomas Stephenson Son9 Arkendale
Elizabeth Stephenson Daughter6 Arkendale
David Learoyd Servant19 Staveley
Elizabeth Derbyshire Servant15 Arkendale
James Swales Servant16 Brearton

Thomas Sadler Head31Farmer of 155 acres employing 1 labourer and 3 boysArkendale
Eliza Foster Sister-in-Law18DairymaidBishop Monkton
Robert Hawkridge Servant21CarterGrafton
William Wheatherhead Servant18CarterArkendale
William Wise Servant14CarterArkendale

James Harrison Head46Farmer of 84 acresFollifoot
Elizabeth Harrison Wife46 Righton
George Harrison Son22CarterArkendale
James Harrison Son15CarterArkendale
Elizabeth Harrison Daughter13ScholarArkendale
Jane Harrison Daughter9ScholarArkendale
Joseph Harrison Son6ScholarArkendale

Thomas Thompson Head67Farmer of 111 acres employing 1 labourerArkendale
Sarah Thompson Sister63HousekeeperArkendale
Ann Fall Niece26DairymaidMinskip
William Fall Nephew26CarterMinskip
John Whincup Servant16CarterArkendale

Thomas Ingham Head73FarmerHopperton
John Ingham Brother70Landed ProprietorHopperton
Ann Ingham Sister66HousekeeperArkendale
Mary Thorp Servant18DairymaidMiddleton

Peter Whincup Head46Shoemaker MasterArkendale
Ann Whincup Wife38 Roecliffe
Robert Wright Whincup Son18ShoemakerArkendale
Charlotte Whincup Daughter14 Arkendale
Thomas Whincup Son11ScholarArkendale
Ellen Whincup Daughter9ScholarArkendale
William Whincup Son7ScholarArkendale
Harriot Ann Whincup Daughter5ScholarArkendale
Eliza Whincup Daughter3ScholarArkendale
Emma Whincup Daughter1 Arkendale

John Thompson Head58Farmer of 60 acres and Public HouseArkendale
Sarah Thompson Wife57 Fellbeck
Mary Thompson Daughter24 Arkendale
William Thompson Son22 Arkendale
Peter Thompson Son20 Arkendale
Thomas Atkinson Visitor5 Arkendale

Eliza Bosomworth Head28Farmer's LabourerArkendale
Lydia Bosomworth Daughter5ScholarArkendale
Mary Ann DayLodger40School MistressKnaresborough

Matthew Umpleby Head37Blacksmith LabourerArkendale
Mary Umpleby Wife31 Whixley
George Umpleby Son10ScholarArkendale
Sarah Ann Umpleby Daughter7ScholarArkendale
John Umpleby Son5ScholarArkendale
Charlotte Umpleby Daughter3 Arkendale
Emma Umpleby Daughter1 Arkendale

Lazenby Lorrimer Head60Farmer of 90 acres employing 1 LabourerMinskip
Frances Lorrimer Daughter49 Arkendale
Thomas Lorrimer Son26 Arkendale
Mary Jane Lorrimer Daughter24 Arkendale
Elizabeth Lazenby Lorrimer Daughter17 Arkendale
Edward Lorrimer Son13ScholarArkendale
Annie Lorrimer Daughter10ScholarArkendale
Isaac Swales Servant18Agricultural LabourerMarton

Matthew Kendall Head44Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Kendall Wife38 Stockeld Park
Mary Ann Kendall Daughter12ScholarArkendale
Matthew Kendall Son9ScholarArkendale
Eli Kendall Son4 Arkendale
Tom Kendall Son1 Arkendale

Gorge Nickelson Head65Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Mary Nickelson Wife75 Knaresborough

George Thompson Head70Agricultural LabourerThorpwoods
Elizabeth Thompson Daughter43 Arkendale
William Thompson Grandson7ScholarArkendale
Peter Thompson Grandson3 Arkendale
Isaac Thompson Grandson1 Arkendale

Jane Howard Head72Farmer's LabourerGoldsborough
Francis Howard Son Visitor33Shoemaker LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Howard Granddaughter13ScholarArkendale

Joseph Nickelson Head37Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Ann Nickelson Wife40 Brompton
George Nickelson Son9ScholarArkendale
Ann Nickelson Daughter7ScholarArkendale
Jane Nickelson Daughter5ScholarArkendale
Alice Nickelson Daughter3 Arkendale
Joseph Nickelson Son6 Mo  Arkendale

Isaac Richardson Head67Farmer of 170 acres employing 3 labourersFollifoot
Elizabeth Richardson Wife70 Hunslet
William Richardson Son35 Follifoot
Elizabeth Richardson Daughter27 Follifoot
Robert Smith Servant20CarterFarnham

Parsonage House
George Creighton
Head62Perpetual CurateBengal, East Indies
Elizabeth Willey Servant16HousemaidKnaresborough

George Howard Head37Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Christiana Howard Wife33 Leeming
Ann Elizth Howard Daughter9ScholarArkendale
Margaret Howard Daughter7ScholarBurton Leonard
Thomas Howard Son4ScholarWortley
Harriet Howard Daughter9 Mo Arkendale

William Howard Head37Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Ann Howard Wife35 Spofforth
Jane Howard Daughter11ScholarArkendale
Mary Ann Howard Daughter8ScholarArkendale
Ann Lucy Howard Daughter6ScholarArkendale
Thomas William Howard Son4 Arkendale
John Howard Son2 Arkendale

Francis Umpleby Head70Blacksmith and Farmer/Smith LabourerMinskip
Ann Umpleby Wife71 Easingwold

James Richardson Head39Agricultural LabourerFollifoot
Eliza Richardson Wife39 Arkendale
Jane Richardson Daughter1 Arkendale
John Richardson Son4 Mo  Arkendale

George Wise Head26Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Hannah Wise Wife26 Staveley

Firms House
Richard Daniel
Head62Farmer of 173 acres employing 3 labourersWhixley
Caroline Marshall Servant60HousekeeperAldwick le Street
Mary Ann Harrison Servant17DairymaidArkendale
John Goodburn Servant18CarterGreen Hammerton
William Atkinson Servant15CarterAldborough

Marmaduke Haw Head25Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Mary Haw Wife26 Arkendale
Joseph Haw Son8ScholarArkendale
Jane Haw Daughter6ScholarArkendale
Thomas Haw Son4 Arkendale
James Haw Son2 Arkendale
George Haw Son2 Mo Arkendale

Broom House
John Whincup
Head39Farmer of 116 acres employing 2 labourers and 1 boyArkendale
Jane Whincup Wife32 Scotton
Ann Whincup Daughter9ScholarArkendale
Jane Whincup Daughter7ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Whincup Daughter6ScholarArkendale
Mary Ellinor Whincup Daughter5 Arkendale
Hannah Maria Whincup Daughter1 Arkendale
Thomas Whincup Brother26Agricultural LabourerArkendale
George Daveson Servant21CarterGreat Ouseburn
Benjamin Dickenson Servant13CarterGrafton
Mary Berry Servant18House-ServantStaveley

Low Arkendale    

George Wise Head52Agricultural LabourerCopthewick
Isabella Wise Wife52 Sutton Howgrave,
Isabella Wise Daughter17ScholarArkendale
Tom Wise Grandson2 Arkendale

George Spence Head58Agricultural LabourerLinton-on-Ouse
Margaret Spence Wife65 Roecliffe

Mary Haw Head79Retired from farmingWhixley
Thomas Haw Grandson22Agricultural LabourerArkendale
William Haw Grandson21Agricultural LabourerArkendale

Willey Simpson Head39Farmer of 80 acres employing 1 labourer and 1 boyArkendale
Elizabeth Simpson Wife36 Skelton
William Simpson Son9ScholarArkendale
John Yeates Simpson Son8ScholarArkendale
Thomas Ingham Simpson Son6ScholarArkendale
Elizabeth Ann Simpson Daughter4 Arkendale
Anna Maria Simpson Daughter2 Arkendale
Alfred Pybus Simpson Son11 Mo Arkendale
Mary Cosgrove Servant16House-Servant and DairymaidIreland
Peter Haw Servant17CarterArkendale
Robert Alfred Smith Servant14CarterBrearton

Thomas Baxter Head33Farmer of 40 acresFarnham
Isabella Jane Baxter Wife27 Leeds
John Baxter Son7ScholarArkendale
Henry Baxter Son2 Arkendale
Elizabeth Baxter Daughter11 Mo Arkendale
Hannah Broadbelt Servant15House-Servant and DairymaidBoroughbridge

Joseph Milthorp Head44Farmer and joint tenant of 109 acres with W MilthorpArkendale
Elannor Milthorp Wife32 Grafton
George Milthorp Son2 Arkendale
Mary Milthorp Daughter2 weeks Arkendale

John Inman Head62Retired farmerArkendale
Mary Inman Sister70HousekeeperArkendale

William Mitthorp Head57Farmer and joint tenant of 109 acres with J MilthorpArkendale
Elizabeth Mitthorp Sister62HousekeeperArkendale
John Wise Servant24CarterArkendale
Hannah Pickersgill Servant15DairymaidGalpha
George Guiseley Servant12CarterStaveley