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Arkendale Families in the 1881 Census

This page contains details of names of individuals or families living in Arkendale at the time of the census in 1881, to help researchers trace their ancestry. As details of specific dwellings were not given, individuals in each residence are grouped together.

Arkendale Census
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Family History Page

NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere Born

Broom House
John Whincup
Head57Farmer 117 Acres Employing 3 Men 1 BoyArkendale
Hannah WhincupDaughter20HousekeeperArkendale
Louisa Whincup Daughter17 Arkendale
Amelia Whincup Daughter15 Arkendale
Ruth Whincup Daughter11ScholarArkendale
John Whincup Son18Farmer's sonArkendale
Thomas Whincup Brother47Farm ServantArkendale
William Winn  39Farm Servant (Indoor)Low Dunsforth

Fern House
Joseph Peacock
Head38Farmer 162 Acres Employing 3 Men 2 BoysOtterington
Ann Peacock Wife34 Osmotherley
Martha Ann Peacock Daughter11ScholarOsmotherley
John Peacock Son9ScholarOsmotherley
Rosetta Peacock Daughter8ScholarOsmotherley
George Henry Peacock Son6 Osmotherley
Margaret Emma Peacock Daughter3 Roecliffe
Sarah Peacock Daughter  Roecliffe
Ann Peacock Aunt73AnnuitantBarrowby
John Miller Servant22Farm Servant (Indoor)Marton cum Grafton
George Moreland Servant32Farm Servant (Indoor)Marton le Moor

John ElliottHead52Agricultural LabourerKirkby Matthew
Jane ElliottWife52 Arkendale
Mary ElliottGranddaughter10ScholarArkendale
John PearsonBoarder47Farm LabourerArkendale

John FallHead40Farmer of 123 acres employing 1 labourer and 2 boysMinskip
John William Dews FallSon3 Arkendale
Tom Arther FallSon2 Arkendale
Ellenor SwaleSister44Farmer's wifeMinskip
James SwaleBrother-in-Law42FarmerMarton cum Grafton
Annie DeanServant19Maid ServantYork
Charles WeatherallServant17Farm ServantPannal
John AdamsonServant15Farm ServantRoecliffe

Mary BirkhillHead72HousekeeperGreen Hammerton
Annie BirkhillGranddaughter12ScholarArkendale
Thomas Swale BirkhillGrandson10ScholarArkendale

Bryan DarbyshireHead64Master ShoemakerArkendale
Hannah DarbyshireWife59 Pateley Bridge
John DarbyshireSon35Farm LabourerArkendale

Edward RichardsonHead29Master JoinerHayton
Ann RichardsonWife27 Arkendale
Hannah Maria RichardsonDaughter8ScholarArkendale
Albert RichardsonSon6ScholarArkendale
Fred RichardsonSon5ScholarArkendale
Annie RichardsonDaughter3 Arkendale
Rose RichardsonDaughter3 Arkendale
Robert RichardsonSon1 Arkendale

Eli KendaleHead24Farm LabourerArkendale
Mary Hannah KendaleWife24 Leeds
Herbert KendaleSon1 Arkendale
Minnia KendaleDaughter9ScholarArkendale

Thomas SteeleHead50Farmer of 10 acresArkendale
Charlotte SteeleWife48 Roecliffe
William SteeleSon20Farmer's sonArkendale
Mary Jane SteeleDaughter17DressmakerArkendale
Frederick SteeleSon13ScholarArkendale
Robert Henry SteeleSon12ScholarArkendale
Emma SteeleDaughter9ScholarArkendale
Albert SteeleSon8ScholarArkendale
Ellen SteeleDaughter4ScholarKnaresborough

John GillHead47Farmer of 84 acresArkendale
Ann GillWife50 Grafton
George GillSon15Farm LabourerFerrensby
George SpenceServant78Agricultural LabourerLinton-on-Ouse

John PotterHead60Agricultural LabourerEldmire
Isabella PotterWife64 Aldfield
Elizabeth PotterDaughter24GrocerArkendale
John PotterGrandson11ScholarBradford

James MerringtonHead47General LabourerKnaresborough
Sarah MerringtonWife52 Arkendale

John HawHead63Master TailorArkendale
Ellenor HawDaughter24HousekeeperArkendale
Marmaduke Lorimer HawGrandson2 Knaresborough

Peter ThompsonHead40Farmer of 157 acres employing 1 labourer and 2 boysArkendale
Mary Ann ThompsonWife35Farmer's wifeGrafton
Violetta ThompsonDaughter7ScholarArkendale
Thomas ThompsonSon5ScholarArkendale
Marian ThompsonDaughter2 Arkendale
Henry SkaifeServant15Farm ServantBurton Leonard
George WiseServant13Farm ServantArkendale
Mary Jane BroadbentServant14Domestic ServantKnaresborough

Joseph NicholsonHead57General LabourerArkendale
Ann NicholsonWife61 Brompton
Thomas NicholsonSon36General LabourerArkendale
Joseph NicholsonSon20NewsagentArkendale
Jane GreenwoodDaughter25Dyer's wifeArkendale
Alice NicholsonDaughter23 Arkendale
Alice Ann GreenwoodGranddaughter11 monthsManningham

Thomas KettlewellHead37Farmer of 84 acres employing 1 manGreat Ouseburn
Hannah KettlewellWife37Farmer's wifeSandsend
John Dale KettlewellSon3 Coneythorpe
Peter ThompsonServant23Farm Servant [imbecile]Arkendale

William FallHead47Farmer of 111 acres employing 2 boysMinskip
Hannah FallWife38 Dunnington
William FallSon1 Arkendale
Eleanor Jane FallDaughter3 months Arkendale
John UptonServant19Farm ServantOuseburn
Edith Hannah UptonServant16Domestic ServantOuseburn
John Tom GillServant14Farm ServantFarnham

Ann InghamHead87AnnuitantArkendale
Serena SadlerNiece61HousekeeperArkendale

Thomas Ingham SimpsonHead26Farm LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Ann SimpsonSister24HousekeeperArkendale
Eliza Mary SimpsonSister19 Arkendale
Richard GoodallServant16Farm ServantMalton

John WiseHead45Farm LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth WiseWife35 Arkendale
Elizabeth WiseDaughter11ScholarArkendale
Emma WiseDaughter9ScholarArkendale
Hannah WiseDaughter7ScholarArkendale
Sara Jane WiseDaughter5ScholarArkendale
Isabel Darbyshire WiseDaughter3 Arkendale

William HillHead30Farm LabourerOuseburn
Mary HillWife29 Ouseburn
Elenor Ann HillDaughter7ScholarArkendale
Thomas Edward HillSon1 Arkendale

Bluebell Inn
John Thompson
Head37Innkeeper and Farmer employing 1 boyArkendale
Eliza ThompsonWife30 Marton cum Grafton
John Tom VesterServant16Farm Servant - IndoorMinskip
Ellen AbbottServant16Domestic ServantBeverley
Herbert Henry ThompsonSon3 Arkendale

George WiseHead44Farm LabourerArkendale
Hannah WiseWife46 Staveley
Annie WiseDaughter17 Arkendale
Mary WiseDaughter12ScholarArkendale
Thomas William WiseSon7ScholarArkendale
George WiseSon6ScholarArkendale
Alice WiseDaughter3 Arkendale

Sarah ThompsonHead76AnnuitantFellbeck
Mary ThompsonDaughter43AnnuitantArkendale

The Vicarage
Christopher Norton Wright
Head28Vicar of ArkendaleNottingham
Mary Anne WrightSister35 Nottingham
Harriet UptonAunt57HousekeeperNottingham
Elizabeth Ann MedowsServant21General ServantBraunston, Rutland

John Lazenby LorrimerHead47Farmer of 84 acresArkendale
Mary Ann LorrimerWife38 Arkendale
Marmaduke Lazenby LorrimerSon18Farm LabourerGrafton
Elizabeth Fanny LorrimerDaughter17 Arkendale
Mary Annie LorrimerDaughter15 Arkendale
John Edwin LorrimerSon13ScholarArkendale
Grace LorrimerDaughter10ScholarArkendale

Ralph JohnsonHead33General LabourerScotton
Lizzie JohnsonWife22 Low Dunsforth
Walter JohnsonSon1 Arkendale

Stephen BruceHead48Farm LabourerStaveley
Mary BruceWife33 Arkendale
Elizabeth BruceDaughter8ScholarFerrensby
Emma BruceDaughter6ScholarFerrensby
Matilda BruceDaughter3 Ferrensby
Willis BruceSon1 Arkendale

Ann HowardHead55HousekeeperSpofforth
Thomas Wm. HowardSon24Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Joseph HowardSon19Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Ann FalkinghamGranddaughter9ScholarBradford

Jane SharperHead53GrocerFerrensby
Sara DawsonBoarder40 Ferrensby

George MilthorpeHead22Farmer of 112 acres employing 1 man and 1 boyArkendale
Mary Fowler MilthorpeSister20 Arkendale
Frances MilthorpeSister18 Arkendale
Thomas MilthorpeBrother15Farmer's BoyArkendale
John BruceServant10ScholarFerrensby

Matthew UmplebyHead56Master BlacksmithArkendale
Mary UmplebyWife50 Whixley
Francis UmplebySon11ScholarArkendale

Sarah ThompsonHead46WasherwomanArkendale
Hannah ThompsonDaughter11ScholarArkendale

Richard EwbankHead68Farmer of 8 and half acresClint

Willey Simpson Head59Farmer of 174 acres employing 2 boysArkendale
Elizabeth Simpson Wife56 Skelton
William Simpson Son29Farm LabourerArkendale
John Yeates Simpson Son28Farm LabourerArkendale
Alfred Pybus Simpson Son20Farm LabourerArkendale
Anna Maria Simpson Daughter22 Arkendale
Henry Flower Servant16Farm ServantHelperby

Henry Haw Head36Farm LabourerArkendale
Sarah Haw Wife33 Marton cum Grafton
Peter Haw Son9ScholarArkendale
Annie Haw Daughter6ScholarArkendale
Fred Haw Son4 Arkendale

George Wise Head76Formerly Farm LabourerCopt Hewick
Isabella Wise Wife73 Howgrave
William Wise Grandson19Farm LabourerArkendale

Moor Cottage
George Moisley
Head37Farm LabourerMarton cum Grafton
Annie Moisley Wife35 Hammerton
Harry Moisley Son12ScholarFerrensby
Jane Ann Moisley Daughter10ScholarArkendale
Thomas Reuben Moisley Son8ScholarArkendale
Mary Moisley Daughter6ScholarHay-a-Park
Amelia Moisley Daughter4 Hay-a-Park
Elenor Moisley Daughter2 Hay-a-Park

Moor Lane
John Derbyshire
Elizabeth Derbyshire Wife30 Ripon
Thomas Derbyshire Son3 Arkendale
Mary Jane DerbyshireDaughter3 months Arkendale