Arkendale Families in the 1901 Census

This page contains details of names of individuals or families living in Arkendale at the time of the census in 1901, to help researchers trace their ancestry. As details of specific dwellings were not given, individuals in each residence are grouped together.

NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere Born

Sarah ThompsonHead66FarmerArkendale
Enoch Thompson Son38Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Jock Thompson Son36Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale

William T Abbey Head37SchoolmasterKnaresborough
Mary E Abbey Wife37TeacherHorsforth

Levi Atkinson Head62Ordinary Agricultural LabourerWheldrake
Mary Atkinson Wife59 Driffield
John Atkinson Son26Ordinary Agricultural LabourerWheldrake

Thomas Dibbs Head71FarmerMilby
Hannah Dibbs Wife67 Ingelthorpe
Hannah S Dibbs Daughter26 Batley
Alfred Atkinson Servant18Ordinary Agricultural LabourerTockwith
Edith Thompson Servant15General Servant (Domestic)Hovingham
Albert Stephenson Servant14Ordinary Agricultural LabourerMarton

Marr Houses
William Thompson
Mary Thompson Wife33 Thirsk
William B Thompson Son9 Thirsk
Lilly Thompson Daughter6 Thirsk
Atkinson Thompson Son4 Thirsk
Frank Thompson Son16 mo Arkendale
Elizabeth Buckle Servant21General Servant (Domestic)Thirsk

Marr Houses
James Rose
Head30Ordinary Agricultural LabourerLilling
Sarah A Rose Wife30 Bolton Percy
Nora Rose Daughter4 Bishop Wilton
Norman Rose Son2 Hay-a-Park

Benjamin Hunton Head34FarmerBrompton
Elizabeth A Hunton Wife33 Thimbleby
Frederick W Hunton Son4 Brompton
John W Steel Servant14Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Kate Thompson Servant16Servant (Domestic)Hovingham

Robert Knowles Head47FarmerCrayke
Sarah E Knowles Wife43 Brandsby
Selina Knowles Daughter21 Crayke
Henry Knowles Son19Farmer's SonWhixley
Florence Walker Adopted Daughter12SchoolgirlArkendale

Blue Bell
George Kitchingman
Head50Farmer and PublicanWighill, Tadcaster
Hannah Kitchingman Wife47PublicanWighill, Tadcaster
Mary L Kitchingman Daughter5SchoolgirlWakefield
Joseph H Nussey Lodger18Living on own meansWortley, Leeds
Sarah Hawe Servant18General Servant (Domestic)Arkendale

Thomas I Simpson Head45FarmerArkendale
Elizabeth A Simpson Sister44HousekeeperArkendale
George Bowland Servant16Ordinary Agricultural LabourerOsmotherley
John I Ibbetson Servant15Ordinary Agricultural LabourerCattal Grange
Mabel M Ibbetson Servant14General Servant (Domestic)Arkendale

Henry Hawe Head38Ordinary Agricultural Labourer 
Peter Hawe Son28Ordinary Agricultural Labourer

Joseph Darbyshire Head41Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Bessie Darbyshire Wife40 Arkendale
Edith M Darbyshire Daughter7SchoolgirlArkendale
Percy Darbyshire Son6SchoolboyArkendale
Alice M Darbyshire Daughter3 Arkendale

William Fall Head66FarmerMinskip
Hannah Fall Wife58 Dunnington
William Fall Son21 Arkendale
Eleanor J Fall Daughter20 Arkendale
Annie Fall Daughter17 Arkendale
William Atkinson Servant25Ordinary Agricultural LabourerWheldrake
George Grunwell Servant16Ordinary Agricultural LabourerLittle Ouseburn

George Wise Head66Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Wise Daughter39HousekeeperArkendale
George Wise Son26Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Muriel Wise Grand-daughter12SchoolgirlArkendale

William Steel Head40Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Eleanor Steel Wife40 Leeds
Fred Steel Son12SchoolboyArkendale
Arthur Steel Son9SchoolboyArkendale
Hetty Steel Daughter7SchoolgirlArkendale
Eliza Steel Daughter4SchoolgirlArkendale

John Wise Head64Road RepairerArkendale
Elizabeth Wise Wife56 Arkendale
John Wise Son17N.E. Railway Engine CleanerArkendale
William A Wise Son12SchoolboyArkendale
Edith Wise Daughter9SchoolgirlCattal Grange

Mary A Thompson Head55FarmerGrafton
Thomas Thompson Son25Farmer's SonArkendale
Eva Thompson Daughter19Farmer's DaughterArkendale
Edgar Steele Servant18Horseman on FarmArkendale
William Powell Servant14Cow Lad on FarmArkendale

William Steele Head35Farmer and Potato MerchantStaveley
Rosa B Steele Wife42 Grimsby
Mary B Steele Daughter7SchoolgirlArkendale
Constance A Steele Daughter4SchoolgirlArkendale
Wallace W Steele Son3 Arkendale

Thomas Nicholson  51Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale
Elizabeth Nicholson  38 Howden
John I Nicholson  11SchoolboyArkendale
Elizabeth A Nicholson  10SchoolgirlArkendale
Edwin J Nicholson  5SchoolboyArkendale
Jane A Nicholson  3 Arkendale
Kenneth Nicholson  8 mo Arkendale

Swift Powell Head46Road ManAberford
Ellen Powell Wife45 Arkendale
Fred Powell Son8 Arkendale
Maria Powell Daughter6 Arkendale
Swift Powell Son5 Arkendale
Baden Powell Son2 mo Arkendale

George Ibbetson Head39Ordinary Agricultural LabourerLittle Ouseburn
Alice Ibbetson Wife42 Arkendale
Herbert J Ibbetson Son12SchoolchildArkendale
George H Ibbetson Son10SchoolchildArkendale
John R Ibbetson Son9SchoolchildArkendale
Violetta Ibbetson Daughter6SchoolchildArkendale
Alice Ibbetson Daughter6SchoolchildArkendale
Charles Ibbetson Son3 Arkendale
Fred Ibbetson Son1 Arkendale

Tom Elliott Head40Bricklayers LabourerArkendale
Mary J Elliott Wife37 Arkendale
Fred Elliott Son9SchoolchildArkendale
Cecil Elliott Son8SchoolchildArkendale
Nora Elliott Daughter4SchoolchildArkendale
Doris Elliott Daughter2 Arkendale

Alfred Dibbs Head33FarmerArkendale
Mary Dibbs Wife30 Arkendale
Wilfred Dibbs Son4 Arkendale
Arthur Dibbs Son2 Arkendale
Emma Darbyshire Sister-in-Law18DressmakerArkendale

Albert Steel Head28FarmerArkendale
Mary J Steel Wife22 Plumpton
Charlotte Steel Mother69UnemployedRoecliffe

Joseph Sampson Head37Game KeeperWath Upon Dearne
Mary E Sampson Wife38 Burton On Stather
Beatrice A Sampson Daughter11SchoolchildStarbeck
Walter L Sampson Son10SchoolchildStarbeck
James Sampson Son8SchoolchildStarbeck

Edward Richardson Head49Joiner CarpenterHayton
Eliza Richardson Wife51 Toothill, Hampshire

Ann Nicholson Head81 Brompton
Joseph Nicholson Son40Ordinary Agricultural LabourerArkendale

John Elliott Head72Ordinary Agricultural LabourerKirkby Fleetham
John Darbyshire Son-in-Law49Ordinary Agricultural LabourerWhixley
Mary J Darbyshire Grand-daughter20 Arkendale

John Allen Head67Market GardenerBramham
Mary Allen Wife66 Ferrensby
Mary J Allen Daughter34 Ferrensby

Frederick Watson Head47FarmerBrawith
Maria Watson Wife44 Carlton Miniott
Lillian Watson Daughter16 Helperby
William Watson Son15Farmer's SonArkendale
Ettie Watson Daughter10SchoolchildArkendale
Thomas Watson Son10SchoolchildArkendale
Martha Watson Daughter8SchoolchildArkendale
Bertram Watson Son5SchoolchildArkendale
Harry Kettlewell Servant19Carter on FarmWhixley

William Needham Head71Retired GrocerKnaresborough
Sarah Needham Wife49 Arkendale
Henry Needham So15Apprentice to Basket MakerScriven
Hannah Needham Daughter13SchoolgirlScriven
Lilian Wise Servant19General Servant (Domestic)Arkendale

William WiseHead39Labourer on RoadsArkendale

Vicarage House
Frederick E Crankshaw
Head41Clergyman - Church of EnglandGreat Strickland, Westmoreland
Beatrice Crankshaw Wife32 Leeds
Dorothy Crankshaw Daughter8 Arkendale
Richard B Crankshaw Son4 Arkendale
Lorna K Nussey Visitor16 Wortley, Leeds
Nanny I Herington Servant17Domestic CookScriven
Faith Powell Servant15HousemaidArkendale

Fern House
William Simpson
Jane Simpson Wife49 York
William M Simpson Son11SchoolboyArkendale
Charles A Simpson Son10SchoolboyArkendale
Annie Plaxton Servant21General Servant (Domestic)Arkendale
Robert Richmond Servant16Labourer on FarmAcomb
Robert Barr Servant14Cattle BoyKnaresborough

Broom House
Thomas Whincup
John Whincup Nephew37FarmerArkendale
Hannah M Whincup Niece40 Arkendale
Ruth Whincup Niece31 Arkendale
Abner Dickenson Servant28Ordinary Agricultural LabourerGrafton