Old Parish Council Records

The minutes book for the Arkendale Parish Council, covering meetings from the first one in 1894, through to May 1996, was recently rediscovered. Although there is a gap in the record between 1953 and 1971, it gives a unique insight into the life of the village over the years.

The book itself was given for safe keeping to the North Yorkshire Archives at Northallerton, but the entries have been scanned, and the digitised pages stored on CD for access by today's villagers and researchers. If you wish to examine the physical copy, you should contact the NY County Record Office - www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/23584. The collection code is "PC/ARD". Other Arkendale documents can be found in the collection "PR/ARD", and there a few other miscellaneous items which can be found by searching for Arkendale in the catalogue.

Anyone wanting further information, or a copy of the CD should contact Gavin Holman - gavin@ibew.co.uk

A few samples of the first entries in the book are given below:

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