Arkendale, Coneythorpe & Clareton Parish Council

The Parish Council has responsibility devolved from central government via the North Yorkshire and Harrogate Councils, to look after and manage the local aspects of community life that are not covered by the broader borough, county and national bodies. They will also, on behalf of the community at large, or individual parishoners, liaise with and lobby these and other bodies to obtain suitable outcomes in the parish.

These responsibilies include planning applications, highways, public buildings and seats, litter and fly-tipping, parish projects, grants and rights of way. Many others exist, but are generally not relevant to our small, rural parish.

Click here to see a map of the parish boundary.

Parish Councillors 2023/24

Oliver Quarmby (Chairman)
Jon, RFO
Rosie Warner (Clerk) 

Future meetings
Wednesday 29th May, 7pm

Postal address
Arkendale Coneythorpe & Clareton Parish Council,
Arkendale Community Hall,
Moor Lane,
North Yorkshire