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Arkendale, Coneythorpe & Clareton Parish Council

Parish Councillors  [as of May 2018]
Mark Robertshaw (Chairman)  
Jon West (Vice-Chairman)  
Peter Houseman  
Oliver Quarmby  
Karen Mullen  
Financial Officer / Parish Clerk
Angela Pulman  

Councillor Responsibilities  [as of May 2018]
Planning mattersJon West
Roads, footpaths and highwaysMark Robertshaw & Karen Pullen
YLCA & Police LiaisonAngela Pulman
Fly TippingPeter Houseman
AWRP Community FundOliver Quarmby
AWRP Liaison CommitteePeter Topham

Transparency Code Documents
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Planning Applications

Future Meetings
Wed 19th September 2018
Wed 21st November 2018
Wed 23rd January 2019
Wed 20th March 2019
Wed 15th May 2019 (AGM + Village meeting)