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TEDDY CHURCH - for the under 5s & carers


10-11am, 1st Friday of the month, starting Fri 5th Sept 2014

If you're wondering what exactly Teddy Church involves, hopefully this will give you an idea! We're going to meet at Arkendale Community Hall - look out for some teddies who will help show you the way to the door!

When we arrive little ones will each be given a little card 'name teddy' to stick on the Teddy Church board to say that they're here! Next we'll ring the Teddy Church bell to say that we're ready to start, but we'll need to make sure we find Teddy Horsley as he's a bit mischievous and likes to hide!

Next we'll gather together with our teddies, light a candle, have a look in the Teddy Horsley's bag, and we'll listen to our Teddy Horsley story. Afterwards we might learn a song, and we'll definitely sing some of our favourites ('Twinkle, twinkle' perhaps?).

Then there'll be plenty of time for carers and helpers to enjoy a natter over coffee and biscuits and for the little ones enjoy a snack, have a go at colouring or a craft activity and play with the toys. We'll finish with a little prayer and blessing song and put our name teddies back in their box and say goodbye until next time.

Come and find out for yourself and don't forget your teddy!

Contact: Rev Camilla 01423 340238