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ALERT - Barclays Scam Phone Calls - 1 March 2017

Barclays bank have informed Trading Standards they have noticed an increase in the amount of customers who state they have received a phone call from a person either purporting to be from the police or from the bank telling them there is fradulent activity on their account and instructing them to go to the bank and transfer money out of their account into a 'safe' account. They will often inform the person not to tell bank staff what they are doing as it is believed that bank staff are involved in the fraud. THIS IS A SCAM and the account you are told to transfer your money into is one operated by the criminals. If you are in any doubt please contact the bank direct

ALERT - Fish Sellers - 15 February 2017

North Yorkshire Trading Standards have noticed an increase in the number of reports of fish sellers cold calling residents in North Yorkshire, pressurising them into buying large quantities of fish they do not want or need. Please do not purchase from traders who cold call at your door. If you are visited by such sellers and feel harassed or intimidated please contact the police on 101

ALERT - Tax Rebate Fraud - 15 February 2017

NHS members are being targeted by tax rebate companies, purporting to offer services whereby they obtain a tax rebate on the victim’s behalf. However, the company obtains the refund but does not provide any of the funds to their customer, leaving victims over £34,000 out of pocket.
Information suggests that the companies have managed to infiltrate NHS practices/hospitals as part of training/open days and in lunchtime meeting sessions for staff. They also advertise their services to staff members and have been known to set up stands in the reception or restaurant areas. The companies request the victim sign forms which give them permission to liaise with HMRC on their behalf, stating their fee will be charged to the rebate received. HMRC have confirmed that they have issued refunds to the companies in relation to requests received and authorised by the staff member. Once the refund is obtained all contact with the companies are broken and the victim does not receive their rebate.
Tax rebate fraud does not only affect NHS staff but can also affect Police Officers, airline staff and teachers. However this list of professions is not exclusive and anyone can be targeted. Crime Prevention Advice
Do research online to ensure the company is reputable by checking the registration details are correct and by viewing feedback online.
Do not feel pressured to sign documentation without doing some basic checks.
Do not respond to unsolicited emails, texts or calls offering rebate services.
Make sure that you are aware and agree to the commission that will be paid to a rebate company prior to signing any documents.
If you have been affected by this, or any other fraud, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting

ALERT - HMRC Telephone Scam - 15 February 2017

Be aware of telephone calls from males stating they are collecting outstanding money owed to HMRC. It is a Scam. Do not engage with them, do not arrange to meet with them, and do not part with any money.

ALERT - 'Migrant Helpline' email scam - 13 January 2017

Fraudsters are sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses purporting to be from 'Migrant Helpline'.

The email address sending the majority of emails is Although Migrant Helpline is a genuine charity, fraudsters are using it to trick members of the public into becoming victims of this fraud.

It should be noted that this fraud is in no way related to the real charity. The subject line currently is 'Thank you for choosing to donate to Migrant helpline'

ALERT - Burglaries in the Knaresborough area - 11 January 2017

Please be aware that there have been a number of incidents over the past few weeks whereby outbuildings have been burgled. Amongst items stolen have been saddles, tack, chainsaws and bikes. Please be wary and if any suspicious vehicles are seen in the area, please report immediately to NYP.

ALERT - Charitable Fraud Alert - 7 January 2017

North Yorkshire Police have been informed of an emerging fraud whereby social media platforms are being used to attract members of the public to donate money to animal welfare charities overseas that do not exist. Criminal groups based in Spain or Cyprus and are using social media to target donors from the UK. The money is then laundered from the UK to overseas and rather than be used to tackle animal cruelty it is simply used to support a criminal lifestyle in the sun. They will canvass for contributions through their existing social networks which will expand over time, attracting more donors.

ALERT - Email phishing scam - 9 December 2016

North Yorkshire Police would like to make you aware of the following email phishing scam:

Fraudsters are sending out a high number of phishing emails, mainly targeting email addresses connected to businesses in the United Kingdom, with the message subject heading 'Notice of Intended Prosecution' and 'NIP – Notice Number' followed by a combination of letters and numbers. A NIP, used legally, informs an individual of the intention to take proceedings against the driver of a motor vehicle, in accordance with Sec1 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The emails purport to come from the Greater Manchester Police.

It is believed that the URL hidden behind the line 'Check The Photographic Evidence' delivers the GOZI/ISFP Banking Trojan which is involved in stealing online banking login details from victims.

If you have been affected by this, or any other fraud, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting

ALERT - Letterbox security - 23 November 2016

North Yorkshire Police have been made aware of suspicious activity in relation to post being intercepted in external letterboxes. There have been a handful of calls in the county in relation to such incidents. Police are asking residents to be vigilant and report anything suspicious on 101.

Please consider the following when using external letterboxes:
  • Ensure the letterbox is secure, and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Consider the location of the letterbox carefully, is it easily seen
  • Don't leave mail uncollected for long periods
  • Consider using mail collection services, especially when you are going away for a period of time.
If you suspect your mail has been stolen, contact the sender immediately and Royal Mail.
If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

ALERT - Register Your Property - 13 November 2016

Can we remind people that you can register your property for free through Items of property are lost or stolen each year in the UK. Once you have registered your property you will have a better chance of getting this back.

ALERT - Fake £20 notes - 11 November 2016

Please be aware there have been 3 attempts to pass fake Scottish £20 notes notes in the Knaresborough area today. Please be vigilant

ALERT - Cyber Scams - 10 November 2016

A new leaflet on scams has been issued by Metropolitan Police - see:

ALERT - Firearms Prevention - 4 November 2016

As the dark nights are here please ensure that you do not make it easy for thieves. Keep doors and windows locked, check external lighting works and ensure all valuable including firearms, farm machinery and horse tack are locked away properly and securely.

ALERT - Horse & Tack advice - 26 October 2016

As the dark nights are here please ensure that you do not make it easy for thieves. Keep doors and windows locked, check external lighting works and ensure all valuable including firearms, farm machinery and horse tack are locked away properly and securely.

For those members who have horses and either have personal stables or use livery yards NYP have created a short booklet in relation to records of horses and any saddles or tack that belong with the horses.

The booklet has areas for photographs of animals and associated tack, serial numbers or saddles etc and microchip details of the horses.

If anyone would like a booklet and they are one for each horse, please feel free to contact myself, PCSO 3537 Alastair Graham-Merrett based at Knaresborough Police Station. I can be contacted on 101 and option 2, request 3537 or email at

If emailing please state how many booklets you require any contact details.

ALERT - Door-to-Door Sellers - 19 October 2016

Can I please remind all residents that we are still getting people doorstep selling in our area. These people are usually young males who carry ID stating that they have recently been released from prison and are trying to make a clean start.

Any doorstep sellers are supposed to have a Pedlars Certificate issued by a Police Force and be dated to state how long the certificate lasts for.

Can i please urge you not to engage in buying any item that they are trying to sell, and to remind you that you do not have to answer the door and especially do not invite them in. If they become aggressive please call the Police with as much description as possible or call Trading Standards.

ALERT - Secure Outbuildings - 18 October 2016

Over night Sunday 16th - Monday 17th October 16, between the hours of 18:00 - 07:30, farm outbuildings in Alne were entered by smashing the door down, unsure at this time if anything has been taken, please ensure that all out buildings are secure and anything of value is secured away.

ALERT - Knocker/Burglar Scam - 3 October 2016

Police forces across the country have been issuing alerts after a wave of crimes involving gangs of men who claim to be selling cleaning products but actually are scoping out the victims house in preparation for a burglary at a later date. The scam often involves sellers - also known as Nottingham Knockers - who claim to be a reformed convict trying to make a new life for themselves or to be deaf or dumb and in need of cash to pay for their carer.

The crooks go between houses appearing to offer a range of cleaning products but are secretly checking how much cash may be in the house, whether the home is occupied or empty at certain times, how valuable the belongings are and how well protected the house is. A few days or weeks later, a different member of the gang returns to burgle the house using the intelligence gathered by the initial doorstep trader. Some scammers reportedly even sniff the bank notes they are paid with to judge whether they may have come from a larger wad of cash being stored somewhere in the house.

Forces across the country have issued warnings to vulnerable residents, especially the elderly, to be on their guard. In some cases doorstep hawkers have forced their way inside a property after being told to go away. Those who do pay up risk being added to a list of willing customers and are then targeted by other street sellers.

ALERT - Vehicles and horse equipment - 21 September 2016

During the last month there has been an increase in burglaries & thefts where offenders have been targeting quad bikes,motor vehicles,horse tack . In relation to vehicles can you please ensure that any fitted security system is fully working, the vehicle is parked in a secure location and have the vehicle fitted with a tracking device. Can any suspicious persons attending your property be reported to NYP with as much detail as possible, this would be, height, build,hair,tattoos, glasses, accents etc and if they attend in vehicles. Please do not put yourself in harms way and if you believe a crime is taking place call 999. If you require any further crime prevention please contact NYP on 101 or

ALERT - Fake Police email and letter - 12 September 2016

There is a phishing email currently in circulation that claims to be from the City of London Police. The departments that it claims to represent include the ‘Fraud Intelligence Unit’ and the ‘National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’. The email is titled ‘compensation fund’ and has a letter attachment that claims to be offering financial compensation to victims of fraud. The letter uses the City of London Police logo. The letter states that in order for compensation to be arranged, the receiver of the email should reply disclosing personal information. It states that HSBC and the South African Reserve Bank have been chosen to handle the compensation claims. All of these claims are false.

The email and letter are fraudulent and should not be replied to and should be deleted.

Opening attachments or clicking links contained within emails from unknown sources could result in your device being infected with malware or a virus.

The City of London Police and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau will never email you asking for you to disclose personal information. If you believe you have become a victim of this fraudulent email get your device checked by a professional and make a report to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre:

ALERT - Tarmacking Scam - 22 August 2016

This is an alert from North Yorskhire Trading Standards: During June, July and August, North Yorkshire Trading Standards have received numerous reports from across the county of residents and businesses being approached by teams of individuals purporting to be working on nearby highways projects and offering tarmacking services with 'left over' stock.

These teams are not contracted to any highways projects and invariably the work done is overpriced and of poor quality. Threats are often used to secure payment. The number of reports received would indicate there are several of these teams working across the North Yorkshire area.

Residents are warned that if they are approached by such traders they should not engage with them and should contact Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 and ask to speak to a member of the Investigations and Safeguarding Team at North Yorkshire Trading Standards or call the police on 101.

ALERT - 83-year-old injured in Harrogate - 9th May 2016

Harrogate police are appealing for witnesses after an 83-year-old woman pedestrian was injured in a collision with a white van.

It happened at around 11.30am on Wednesday 4 May 2016 on Leyland Road in Harrogate near the junction with Knaresborough Road.

The woman was taken to Harrogate District Hospital with serious injuries, where she remains.

Police are appealing to anyone who was in the area at the time and saw the collision happen or saw either the van or the woman prior to the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2 and ask for Traffic Constable Steve James at Harrogate Roads Policing Group or email

Please quote reference 12160077101 when calling.

ALERT - Recruitment for Student Officers - 28th April 2016

North Yorkshire Police has launched its latest recruitment campaign looking for Police Constables (student officers) to join the force.

Earlier this year Chief Constable Dave Jones and Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan announced that the force would aim to strengthen the number of officers in North Yorkshire to 1400 over a two year period. This campaign marks the first step towards achieving that goal.

To give prospective applicants a real taste of the role a film has been made depicting the day to day reality of being a Police Constable. The film follows two response PCs from the force; PC Leah Gillon based in Scarborough and PC Arfan Rahouf of the Rural Taskforce and shows them attending calls and dealing with the daily challenges, along with information and advice about the application and training process.

The film shows the uniqueness of our region with our rural and urban communities and the huge variety the job offers; from conducting patrol duties on foot, by car and bicycle; to responding to major incidents such as road traffic accidents, domestic violence and burglaries; as well as protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The film can be viewed here.

Police Constable student officers experience an 18-week training programme, where they are put through their paces learning the law and key communication skills. When they have completed the training, for the next 15 weeks they experience a number of different elements of policing through serving placements in a number of departments, whilst being guided by a tutor and completing their SOLAP – a portfolio of evidence and experience which is assessed and graded. On successfully completing their training and placements, PCs then serve a two year probationary period, before becoming a fully-fledged Police Constable.

A key message of the campaign and the film is the forces ambition to increase the diversity of its workforce and the fact that applications are welcome from people with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

ALERT - Community Messaging - 22nd April 2016

Help keep North Yorkshire safe - new community messaging system launches today

Members of the public are being invited to do their bit to keep their neighbourhoods safe, by joining a new community messaging system.

North Yorkshire Community Messaging, which launches today, is a free system that lets people register to receive the latest crime notifications and community news in their neighbourhoods.

As North Yorkshire Police is geographically England’s largest single county force, the new system will be the biggest of its kind in the country. Particularly in rural areas, community messaging can be used to share messages and appeals across a wide area very quickly.

The new service has been designed to allow people who live or work in North Yorkshire and the City of York to get information when they want, and how they want it.

Users can tailor preferences for the type of the message they receive, their preferred channel (phone, text, or email) and the locations that matter to them. Topics include details about:
  • crime and other police incidents, including missing people and witness appeals;
  • rural policing, including crimes against farms and rural businesses;
  • anti-social behaviour;
  • road safety, including road closures and traffic updates; and
  • neighbourhood news and events, such as invitations to public meetings.
Users can even choose to register multiple locations, not just a home address – ideal if they want to know more about where their children go to school, where family members live, places to socialise and around their place of work.

Registering is safe, secure and easy, and takes less than five minutes. Just visit on a smartphone or PC to get started.

Over the coming weeks, local police teams will be out in communities raising awareness of the new system, and encouraging people to join.

The alerts that members of the public receive are not confidential, so they will be able to share the information they receive with friends and family. Users may also wish to encourage others to sign up to North Yorkshire Community Messaging so they can receive their own alerts. The system will also be the point of contact with all Neighbourhood Watch groups in their area.

Superintendent Richard Anderson, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Neighbourhood policing is at the heart of our service. Alongside our award-winning use of social media like Twitter and Facebook, North Yorkshire Community Messaging will further improve the flow of information between local communities and the police. The information and intelligence that we receive from members of the public can be absolutely crucial in preventing and detecting crime and anti-social behaviour, so the more people that join Community Messaging, the safer North Yorkshire will be. The system is free to join and easy to use. Signing up will take less than five minutes, so I’d encourage everyone to visit and get started today.”

ALERT - Fraud - 4th February 2016

Protect yourself against bogus trades people fraud
  • Always ask for identification before letting anyone you don't know into your house.
  • Check credentials, including a permanent business address and landline telephone number. The mobile phone numbers given on business cards are often pay-as-you-go numbers which are virtually impossible to trace.
  • Take control by asking the questions. Ask for references from previous customers or to see examples of their work.
  • Don’t sign on the spot – shop around. Get at least three written quotes to make sure you’re not being ripped off.
  • If in any doubt, ask the person to leave or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.
If you do decide to buy:
  • Always get any agreement you make in writing.
  • Beware when filling in forms or when speaking to the salesperson, and ensure you don’t reveal confidential details that a fraudster could use to assume your identity or take control of your finances. This may allow a fraudster to steal money from your account or order goods and services in your name.
  • Usually, you have a seven-day cooling off period. So if you decide to cancel the contract, act fast.
  • Think very carefully about having any work done or goods delivered during the cooling off period. You may have to pay, even if you change your mind.
  • Never pay for work before it has been completed, and only then if you are happy with it.
If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.

ALERT - Harrogate burglaries - 4th December 2015

As is usual with this time of year, we have seen a slight increase in the number of burglaries occurring in the South side of Harrogate. It is nothing to be alarmed about but we felt it appropriate that we should bring it to your attention.

We have caught a number of suspects for the offences and it would appear that the majority are out of our area, "Cross Border Criminals". They tend to come from the West Yorkshire area but we are also experiencing criminals travelling from South Yorkshire.

With this in mind we would encourage you to ring in any suspicious activity on the 101 number and obviously 999 if you feel it is an emergency. If you can provide us with as much information as possible, such as descriptions of those involved and the registration numbers of any vehicles you feel are acting suspiciously, it would help us immensely.

ALERT - Starbeck Post Office robbery - 4th December 2015

Robbery arrests following incident at Starbeck Post Office

Police have arrested two men in connection with a robbery at a Post Office in the Starbeck area of Harrogate. Officers were alerted to the premises on the High Street at 4.10pm after the suspects allegedly threatened staff members with a knife and made off with cash. The men, aged 26 and 27, were arrested nearby at around 4.30pm after a rapid police response to the incident. They have been taken into custody for questioning while enquiries continue in the area.

Witnesses or anyone with information that could assist the investigation are urged to call North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for the Harrogate Serious Crime Team. Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, quoting reference NYP-03122015-0348.

ALERT - "Dear Santa" plea to stay safe and secure this Christmas - 3rd December

North Yorkshire Police is using social media to spread the word about staying safe over the festive season as part of a 'Dear Santa' Christmas campaign. Members of the public are being encouraged to share their wishes for a safe Christmas on social media using #NYPdearsanta as the police tweet safety messages in a series of letters to Santa. The campaign has a serious side with a focus on drink and drug driving, personal safety, domestic abuse and keeping your things safe.
Four simple messages will run throughout the campaign:
  • Drink responsibly
  • Plan your journey home
  • Violence at home – call us
  • Lock up, light up

    The drink and drug driving aspect is underpinned by Operation Attention which will see officers cracking down on drivers who put lives in danger by drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel. Victims of domestic abuse are encouraged not to suffer in silence and to get the help they need. Domestic abuse increases over the Christmas period and it is vital that victims and their families get the support they need. If you don't want to call the police, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) have a 24-hour helpline 03000 110 110 and have recently launched a live chat service on their website

    Christmas parties and family gatherings are often helped along with lots of alcohol. Simple personal safety measures can help keep you safe such as drinking within your limits, alternating with soft drinks, arranging transport home in advance and sticking with your friends on a night out.

    Finally, you have worked hard all year to buy your loved ones gifts for Christmas, don't let a thief steal your Christmas. Criminals know there are rich pickings to be had at this time of year. Please make sure you keep presents and valuables out of sight of prying eyes. Always keep your doors locked – even when you are home. Use a light timer switch when you are out – a burglar is more likely to target an unlit home and keep your car keys hidden away.

    Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said: "Alcohol features heavily in many of the incidents we're are called to over the festive season. While we don't want to spoil anyone's fun, we do want people to stay safe and secure and have a peaceful Christmas. We see only too often, the tragedy and heartache caused by too much drinking or drug taking. Christmas is the season of good will and we hope that everyone experiences this, whether they are our partying, staying in, or choosing not to celebrate. Our officers and volunteers will be out and about helping to keep North Yorkshire safe over Christmas and we ask everyone to do their bit to stay safe and secure. Don't drink so you are out of control, don't ever drink and drive, keep your things and yourself safe."

    The 'Dear Santa' letters will also feature in a press campaign across local papers throughout December. Beer mats, bar runners and mirror stickers carrying the four key messages will also be visible in a number of bars and pubs across the region.

    ALERT - Strangers wandering around - 16th November

    This afternoon I have received a report of a stranger wandering about in a garden, who has left the site hastily after being seen by the householder.

    If you witness any strange or unusual activity I would ask that you RING 101

    You will be put through to North Yorkshire police and report what you've seen.

    Let us try to prevent any incidents in our village.
    Thanks for your help in this matter. (It is worth noting that lamps on timers are a good idea as winter draws in, so that your house does not look empty when you are out or away)

    Cynthia Strong

    North Yorkshire Police Scrutiny Board - 16th November

    Do you have a question to ask the #NYPScrutiny Board?

    The next North Yorkshire Police Corporate Performance, Delivery and Scrutiny Board meeting will be held on Monday 23 November at 0930. The meeting will also be broadcast live. This monthly meeting is chaired by Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan and Chief Constable Dave Jones to monitor progress against the Police and Crime Plan – the document that sets out the priority areas of action, based on consultation with the public.

    At this meeting the Board will be reviewing how the police are progressing with the Police and Crime Plan priority to "Transform the organisation" and also review the financial and business plans for; the next six months, twelve months and five years.

    Questions received from the public that relate to the agenda, and are received before the meeting will be answered by the Board during a 15 minute period at the beginning of the meeting. Questions received via Twitter using #NYPscrutiny and that relate to the agenda, will be answered at the end of the meeting.

    To watch live, or to view more details about this meeting, including the agenda and papers, visit our website at:

    To ask the Board a question:
    • Send your question to before midday on Thursday 19 November, please include your name and address with your question.
    • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter, post your question on Twitter using #NYPscrutiny

    ALERT - Burglaries in Knaresborough Area - 1st November 2015

    Police are urging members of the public to be vigilant following a series of house burglaries in the Knaresborough and Boroughbridge area.

    On Thursday 29 October, four burglaries occurred in the area, three in Farnham and one in Kirk Deighton. The incidents happened during the day when the occupants were all out at work. The offenders gained entry by forcing windows and doors open.

    From the targeted property Shaw Lane Famham, an ipad and Playstation were stolen. A watch, rucksack and camera were stolen from a property in Sterling Chase, Famham, and cash was stolen from a property in Ashdale View, Kirk Deighton. Offenders gained entry to a property in Farnham Fields however the house alarm caused the offenders to make off before stealing anything.

    Anyone who has any information or who witnessed anything suspicious in the area yesterday, Thursday 29 October, is asked to contact the police. Dial 101, press 1 and pass information on to the force control room.

    Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    North Yorkshire Police encourage all homeowners to make sure their home security is a priority in these winter months. A dark empty house is a target for burglars – a few simple security steps such a leaving a light or a radio on when you are out will help you to make sure your home is as safe as it can be.

    For more information and advice about home security, visit

    ALERT - Cold Calls - 7th October 2015

    On Friday 2nd October 2015 a resident in Harrogate was contacted by a firm calling themselves the 'Harrogate Crime Prevention Team' stating they were aware of a rise in the number of burglaries on Harrogate Road and they wished to send a surveyor round to the property to look for "weak spots". The caller stated they were working in partnership with neighbourhood watch. The consumer agreed to a visit and the next day he was visited by a representative of a local double glazing company. The original call would appear to be from a cold calling firm designed to get appointments for the double glazing company.

    Please be aware of this type of call and report anything suspicious to Trading standards on 03454 04 05 06

    ALERT - Wanted: Jonathan Bennett - 7th September 2015

    Police are appealing for information as to the whereabouts of 23 year old Jonathan Bennett from Harrogate. Originally arrested in May 2015 for a Section 4 Public Order, Bennett absconded from court on 1 September. Bennett may be in Yeadon, North Leeds, or Harrogate areas. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Police. Dial 101, press 1 and pass information on to the force control room.

    Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    ALERT - Chimney Fire Safety Week - 4th September 2015

    With summer drawing to a close, Chimney Fire Safety Week (7 -13 September) provides a timely reminder to make sure that your chimney is ready for the winter months ahead. As part of the national Fire Kills campaign, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue are urging householders to ensure their chimney is safe and to have their chimney swept by a registered chimney sweep.
    Latest statistics show that there were 6,000 chimney fires England in 2013/14, but most are preventable.
    Open fires not only warm up a home, but also create a unique relaxing ambience. With the numbers of people using open fires growing, the Fire Kills campaign has provided some top tips for safer chimneys.
    • Always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers (even when you are in the room)
    • Make sure embers are properly put out before you go to bed
    • Keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained
    • Install and regularly check smoke alarms.
    A blocked or defective chimney can cause both chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisonings so it's very important to employ a professional qualified Chimney Sweep. Chimneys and flue-ways should be cleaned and checked to ensure they're free from debris and in full working order before the heating season and then maintained in line with the recommended guidelines:

    Smokeless coals - At least once a year
    Wood - Up to four times a year
    Bituminous coal - Twice a year
    Oil - Once a year
    Gas - Once a year

    ALERT - Death of cyclist 14 years ago - 21st August 2015

    Officers investigating the death of a Harrogate cyclist 14 years ago are appealing for information.

    47-year-old Stefan Forge died on 22 August 2001 after being hit by an unknown vehicle as he cycled with a friend along the A658 towards Buttersyke Bar near Harrogate. The vehicle that hit Stefan and his friend - at around 11.15pm - failed to stop at the scene. Tragically Stefan died from his injuries. His friend, who was severely traumatised by the incident, survived but suffered serious injuries.

    Police investigating the collision are now carrying out a review of the case and to coincide with the fourteenth anniversary of the collision, are appealing to anyone who has any information but has not contacted the police.

    Sergeant Ian Pope of the Major Collision Investigation Unit, who is carrying out the review, said: “14 years have passed since Stefan died and I am hoping that with the passage of time, someone is now in a position to come forward with information that can help our investigation.

    Stefan’s family have had to carry on with their lives, not knowing the full circumstances of his death or who was responsible. We are still working on behalf of them, and hope that someone with that vital piece of information that will lead us to the identity of the vehicle and its driver, is out there.

    It may be that back in 2001, they felt they could not come forward with that information, but perhaps circumstances have changed and they are now in a position to share that information. For the sake of Stefan and his family, I urge you to please get in touch and tell us what you know.

    Anyone with any information is asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2 and ask for Ian Pope, or email

    BE ALERT !! - 23rd July 2015

    Do not have anything to do with cold callers (they may not be who they say they are!)

    Do not give any information to anyone over the phone - however persuasive they are!

    Enjoy the summer, if you are away please let your neighbours know so as they can keep an eye on your property.

    Make sure you keep any sheds and out buildings locked ,not giving any would be thieves easy access.

    ALERT - Fraud Message - 9th July 2015

    Courier fraudsters have been identifying themselves to victims on the telephone as "Detective Constable Martin Benton of New Scotland Yard Fraud Department". The fraudsters will invent a story regarding fraudulent activity on your card and request your bank/card details.

    No such person exists at the Metropolitan Police. If you receive a call from someone purporting to be this individual, terminate the call immediately.

    Protect yourself against courier fraud:

    Your bank will never send a courier to your home, Your bank and the police will never collect your bank card, Your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN, If you receive one of these calls end it immediately

    Victim Advice: If you have handed over any details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately. If you want to call your bank, then do it from another telephone. If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.

    ALERT - Burglary - 14th May 2015

    Between 1030-1130am on the 12th May a property on Shaw Lane Farnham was broken into. Entry was gained through the rear door. The occupants of the property had only gone out for approximately half an hour so the possible offender would of been in the area prior to the burglary.

    If anyone remembers seeing or hearing anything suspicious, this includes vehicles, can they please call 101 with as much detail as possible, quoting ref 181 of the 12th May.

    ALERT - Milk Thefts - 9th May 2015

    Sadly it would appear that we have milk thefts still going on in the village.

    The milkman seems to think they are targeting Arkendale on a Monday in the early morning. If you see anything strange, please either report to me or if possible straight to the police (call 101) - they are aware of the incidents.

    Thank you

    Cynthia Strong (01423 340500)

    ALERT - Honesty Boxes - 29th April 2015

    Can I please ask all farmers, land owners, small businesses who use honesty boxes to sell farm produce or ask a small cost to use the land facilities such as fishing to check the security of these boxes. This is due to a couple of recent incidents where the boxes and goods have been targeted.

    I appreciate that not all boxes can be tamper proof but if regular checks were made and emptying of cash would deter any possible theft. If you require any further advice please contact Knaresborough police station or call 101 and at option 2 request 3537.

    ALERT - Burglar Alarm Cold Calls - 16th April 2015

    Police and Trading Standards have been made aware of residents of North Yorkshire being cold called on the telephone offering surveys for home burglar alarm systems. The company claims their alarms are linked to the police and fire service. This is false as police and fire services do not monitor home alarm systems.

    Please remember that any quotes for this type of work must by law include a 14 day cooling off period explaining your right to cancel. If you have any concerns please contact the police on 101 or Trading Standards on 03454 04 05 06. Thank you

    ALERT - Man wanted in connection with theft and fraud - 16th April 2015

    North Yorkshire Police are asking for the public's help to find Simon Keith Wilson, 31, from York. Officers want to talk to Mr Wilson about a series of thefts and frauds committed in Whitby, York, Northallerton and Harrogate between December 2014 and February 2015. They believe he has important information that could help their investigations.

    Extensive police enquiries have been carried out to locate Mr Wilson and officers are now appealing to members of the public, including shop owners and bed and breakfast providers, to contact them if they have seen Mr Wilson or know where he is now.

    Anyone with any information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 1 and pass information to the Force Control Room. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Please quote reference number 12150027694 when passing on information.

    ALERT - Fake Police Calls - 31st March 2015

    North Yorkshire Police have received two separate incidents from elderly residents in the Knaresborough area, having received a telephone call from a male purporting to be a Police Officer from Regent Street Police Office in London. The residents are informed that two or three males have been arrested after using their bank card in London. The residents have then been asked to get their bank card. When challenged the caller has become abusive and hung up.

    Please never give your bank details to anyone who may call you on the phone. Banks will never do this. If you have any doubts, hang up and contact the police on 101 or Trading Standards on 03454 04 05 06

    ALERT - Report of a prowler - 20th February 2015

    There has been a recent report of a prowler in the village. Although nothing came of the incident, please be vigilant and ensure that all door and windows are kept locked. Please contact the police on 101 to report any suspicious activity.

    Scam phone calls - 26th June 2014

    An Arkendale resident has received a scam phone call from someone claiming to be from a company called Call Protection Services. They are selling a device they claim prevents scam and nuisance calls and then ask for bank details and pass words etc. We highly recommend you only deal with calls from known contacts and reputable companies.


    Cold callers can be very convincing, but you must say NO.

    Tour de France alert - 25th June 2014

    With thousands of visitors flocking to our area over the Tour de France weekend, the police are urging people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

    Please see this Special Newsletter for further information and advice on how to keep you premises and possessions safe.

    ALERT - Suspect Vehicle - 6th September 2013

    A Mitshibushi, registration R 991 WSD, has been seen in the area of Kirkby Overblow. It is believed that this vehicle is linked to possible poachers and out of area criminals. If this vehicle is seen please report it to the police on 101 with as much detail as possible.

    ALERT - Thefts

    Overnight on the 4th August 5 lambs were taken from a farm in Lower Dunsforth. It is believed that the lambs were removed by man handling them. If anyone has any information can they contact NYP on 101 quoting ref 94 of the 5th August.

    Can I please request that if the following vehicles are seen can you please contact NYP as a matter of urgency. Vehicle 1 is a Vauxhall Insignia YH61NWF and vehicle 2 is a Toyota Yaris Y784SVR. These vehicles were stolen as a result of a burglary.

    OPERATION HAWK - 1st August 2013

    North Yorkshire Police has launched a major operation to combat rural and cross-border crime. Operation Hawk will relentlessly pursue and disrupt travelling criminals who intend to prey on our rural communities.

    Maximising the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology and sharing information with colleagues from neighbouring policing areas, teams of officers will be ready and waiting to pounce on those suspected of targeting farms, rural businesses, outbuildings and vehicles.

    Action will also be co-ordinated alongside volunteers from the various Rural watch schemes, as well as support from key countryside partners such as the National Parks and the National Farmers Union to help spread crime prevention advice.

    Residents can also play their part by reporting any suspicious activity to North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 1, and speak to the Force Control Room. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, details can be passed to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. If an emergency response is required, always dial 999.

    For the latest information about Operation Hawk, please go to the North Yorkshire Police website:

    A police video has also been posted on YouTube to explain the aims of the operation:

    ALERT - Bogus Callers - 26th July 2013

    There is an increase in bogus callers at the moment. Someone portraying to be from the Royal British Legion selling raffle tickets and also trying to get people to donate via direct debit, has been in the Boroughbridge area. He appears to be smartly dressed in uniform and is polite. Can i please ask that if this male knocks on your door please ask for official ID, and if they try to sell you a product ask for the infomation to be left and you will contact them later if you feel that it is official. The Knaresborough area does have an official British Legion member collecting on the door step and all ID will be displayed. If you are in any doubt either refuse or contact the police on 101 with as much detail as possible.

    ALERT - Suspect vehicle - 22nd July 2013

    There has been a grey van vrm V427 EEY in the Knaresborough area. The occupants of this vehicle are paying attention to peoples driveways. Please do not leave items of value in the driveway and ensure windows, doors and garages are secure. If this vehicle is seen please contact 101 with as much detail as possible.

    ALERT - Burglary - 4th May 2013

    At 1.30am today a property in Arkendale was broken into. Residents were present throughout the burlary and not harmed. Possibly 3 persons were involved who had left on foot but possibly had a vehicle close by. A handbag containing a large amount of cash taken. Entry was via a downstairs rear window. If anyone heard or saw anything suspicious can they call NYP on 101 qouting ref 42 of the 4th.

    ALERT - 12th April 2013

    There has been a report of a group of Eastern European males using a silver Vauxhall vehicle. These males walked into a workshop complex where agriculturial equipment and deisel stored. If these males or others attend any farm or small holdings and appear to be casing the premises can you please call NYP on 101 with as much detail as possible.

    ALERT - 9th April 2013

    There is a scam going on at the moment in North Yorkshire where people are phoning saying they are from a bank, asking for your details!

    No bank will ever contact you in this way. Please hang up and either contact your bank, report it to the police or inform Cynthia Strong (340500) so that she can report it.

    ALERT - 8th April 2013

    In light of recent burglaries in Copgrove, Marton and Staveley, it would be helpful for us all to keep an extra look-out for strangers in the village. Hopefully there will be no problem, but if you do see someone whose behaviour causes you to be concerned please ring the Neighbourhood Watch representative, Cynthia Strong, on 340500.

    Crime Prevention Advice - March 2013

    Please find attached a new venture for North Yorkshire Police - we are working with CASAC who are a crime prevention charity from West Yorkshire who will come out and do a home security survey for you.

    You do not have to take them up on their recommendations .

    They are a charity so will make a charge for their security upgrades if you request them to but it is means tested and any money they do make goes back into the charity.

    They have been working with West Yorkshire for 11 years now and have decided to work with North Yorkshire as we are right next door.

    The leaflets will be incorporated into the burglary packs issued to victims and neighbours of burglaries in the near future and eventually the Charity will be involved in target hardening of areas which are suffering from burglaries etc.

    Click here for the leaflet, and see also:

    ALERT - 28th February 2013

    Between 0900 and 2230 hrs on Wednesday 27th February 2013, a burglary occurred at a house in Marton-Cum-Grafton. Entry was gained by forcing open a rear bedroom window, and is thought that the offender(s) may have entered the grounds of the house from the adjacent public footpath.

    Please be vigilant about your own home security, ensure doors and windows are shut and locked, set your alarm if you have one and keep valuable items out of sight.

    If you have any information about this crime, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.

    ALERT - 20th February 2013

    Please report any sightings of a blue Citroen C5 reg. no. RV04 JUU to police, especially if seen in vicinity of religious establishments. Thank you.

    ALERT - 10th December 2012

    With Christmas approaching you should make sure that all gifts etc are hidden from view as thieves maybe active over the festive period.

    Anything of a suspicious nature should be reported to the police

    ALERT - 25th November 2012

    Beware of hoax phone calls where the caller asks you to press 5 or any other number. Best advise is not to do anything if it is not a call you recognise, and beware the calls offering prizes or insurance claims etc.

    Anything of a suspicious nature should be reported to the police

    ALERT - 5th November 2012

    If you receive an automated phone call with a request to press 9 to cancel can we advise you not to and just hang up. It may be that this then redirects you to an expensive call rate.

    To register to stop receiving sales calls, search for WWW.TPSONLINE.ORG.UK

    ALERT - 3rd June 2012

    Just to make you aware that Travellers have set up on St James Retail Park and are staying 7-10 days. Unfortunately, it's a bank holiday so they will certainly be there until Wednesday. They will be en route to Appleby Horse Fair which begins on the 6th June ending on the 13th June.

    Please ensure everything is as secure as it can be and as difficult as possible to get into/break into/steal.

    Regards, Sue Brookes, PC1300
    Knaresborough Police Station
    Claro/Scriven Park/Marston Moor Beat Manager

    ALERT - 2nd May 2012

    Overnight Monday 30th April to Tuesday 1st May 2012 burglaries have occurred at The Ship Inn, Aldborough and The Punch Bowl, Marton-cum-Grafton also a theft from Russells, Milby. Please report any information which may assist the police to PC 82 Wilson, Boroughbridge Police Station on Tel. 101.

    ALERT - 1st March 2011

    There have been several breakins recently similar to the one below in villages in North Yorkshire. Everyone should be extra vigilant in making sure all doors and windows are locked at all times even when you are at home. Also make sure that any valuables are not on view through windows etc. Finally any suspicious activities should be reported to the police.

    Between 21:15 and 22:00 on the evening of Saturday 26th Feb 2011, A property on Hollins Close, Hampsthwaite was burgled. Entry was gained via the side door of a semi detached bungalow into the rear kitchen whilst the occupants were present in the living room. A handbag containing a black purse and bank cards were stolen along with a mobile phone. Information is sought that may assist with the investigation of this burglary. Police are particularly interested in sightings of persons or vehicles seen acting suspiciously in the Hampsthwaite area around those times. Any information please contact North Yorkshire Police on 0845 6060247.

    ALERT - 24th November 2010

    Various messages are being distributed about postal and phone scams lately. Please be very careful when answering any of these requests to return phone calls or give information.

    Please think before responding to any requests - are you expecting any deliveries etc.

    Please check the following websites before forwarding these messages to your friends


    This is also a reminder to check with your bank before you give any information regarding bank details over the internet.

    ALERT - 9th October 2010

    On the afternoon of the 1st October two, possible three suspect males were reported to be knocking on residents doors in the Arkendale area to see if they wanted to buy wall coverings. They were unsuccessfull in their efforts and left the area in a black vehicle.

    Please be extra vigilant when answering your door to strangers and always use spy holes and chains where possible.

    ALERT - 28th June 2010

    On Friday 25th June 2010 a sneak in burglary occurred at a house on Moor Lane in Arkendale. Someone entered the house about 2pm through an unlocked back door while the householder was in the garden.

    A black handbag was taken from the kitchen table. Anyone who has any information in connection with this incident is asked to contact PC820 Hickson on 0845 6060247 or

    In particular any information about any strangers seen visiting houses in Arkendale on 25th June.

    House holders are reminded to be mindful of the potential for criminals taking advantage of open doors and windows during the hot weather and to take sensible precautions.

    ALERT - 25th June 2010

    This is a message from North Yorkshire Police.

    A white Mercedes Benz van registration similar to YD54 VCF has been seen in suspicious circumstances in and around the Great Ouseburn area.

    Any sightings of this vehicle should be reported to North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 247

    ALERT - 21st June 2010

    This is a message from North Yorkshire Police.

    Observations requested for white Ford Transit pickup with logo "Beechwood Tree Services" on the side.

    If seen please contact North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 247 as trading standards have an interest in this vehicle.

    ALERT - 19th May 2010

    This is a message from North Yorkshire Police.

    We are beginning to see an increase in travellers arriving across the district as they migrate towards the Appleby Fair. We will as a result experience problems with some travellers who camp inappropriately and those who carry out doorstep business such as tree cutting, driveways or scrap collecting.

    If you do not wish to experience travellers camping on your land or land near you now is the time to ensure you take action. Ensure all gates are locked and if possible blocked. Using loose material such as soil or chippings are more effective that blocks or large obstacles. Muck spreading on vulnerable land is also effective.

    If however you would like to offer land to travellers passing through the area please let us know and we will pass this onto the liaison officer.

    Lastly please do not accept business on your doorstep whether this is new driveways, roofing work or tree cutting. Trading Standards would be willing to help anyone having difficulty with tradesmen of this type and you can call them on Consumer Direct number 08454 040506 and they will come out to you whilst the tradesmen are present.

    ALERT - 8 April 2010

    This is a message from North Yorkshire Police.

    There have been recent reports of a foreign sounding male phoning and saying he was from a company called 'Claims UK' who said he could claim back bank charges, then asking for bank account details saying he already knew part of the bank account number. You are advised not give out personal details to cold callers.

    ALERT - 20 February 2010

    This is a message from North Yorkshire Police.

    There has recently been an increase in bicycle theft in the Harrogate area. We urge all residents to keep bikes out of sight and safely secured. Remember that the security of any shed or outbuilding must reflect the value of its contents. Please keep your bicycles safe. If you have valuable items stored in a shed it is advisable to update your security.

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