Arkendale Women's Institute

About Arkendale W.I.

Arkendale WI was formed on 15th October 1929. We meet on the first Wednesday in the month at the Arkendale Community Hall. Our WI is a member of the Boroughbridge Group and the North Yorkshire West Federation of Women's Institutes.

Arkendale WI presently has 20 members. Our members take part in a wide ranging field of activities, walking, swimming, pilates, yoga and zumba to name a few. Most of our members live within Arkendale and surrounding villages.

Arkendale WI is famous for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere and especially make new members welcome. We involve all members in the choice of subjects to be covered at our monthly meetings, thus ensuring that there is something of interest for everyone.

Recently we have had speakers on 'The Oldest Sweet Shop in the World', 'Travelling Through South Africa', 'Safety in the Home' and 'Birds in your Garden'. A dozen or so members meet every four or five weeks for lunch and several members get together for beading.

We also join in WI Federation activities organised by Alma House (Federation office in Ripon). We help at the WI catering pavilion at the Yorkshire Show and we always field a team at the annual quiz that we sometimes host in Arkendale.

At every meeting our ladies provide a light supper and tea acting as hostesses once a year by rota.

Why Not Sample One Of Our Meetings?

If you would like to come to a meeting you would be most welcome and under no obligation to come again (although most of our guests do!).

Please contact the secretary, Margaret Beal - tel: 01423 340628.

All meetings are held at Arkendale Community Hall, Moor Lane, Arkendale, HG5 0RF (disabled access available).

Click here for further details of the local Yorkshire Federation of Women's Institutes

Arkendale W.I. historical items

Past presidents of Arkendale Women's Institute

Mrs Knight1929-1936
Mrs Jameson1936-1938
Mrs Surr1938-1939
Mrs Atkinson1939-1951
Mrs Chater1951-1953
Mrs Worsley1953-1960
Mrs Jerrams1960-?
Mrs Stephenson? - 1966
Mrs Pickles1966-1968
Mrs Stephenson1968-1971
Mrs Gill1971-1973
Mrs Houseman1973-1976
Mrs Horne1976-1978
Mrs Houseman1978-1980
Mrs Pickles1980-1986
Mrs Horne1986-1987
Mrs Houseman1987-1988
Mrs Pickles1988-1990
Mrs Brown1990-1993
Mrs Houseman1993-1994
Mrs Hall1994-1997
Mrs Leaver1997-2000

Newspaper cutting from the 1990's

Contacts & Programme

President: Diane Horne - 01423 340440
Vice-President: Betty Morland - 01423 340286
Secretary: Margaret Beal - 01423 340628
Treasurer: Janet Grimes - 01423 340846

Programme 2023

Meetings in Arkendale Community Hall
  • January 4th - Pilates and More, 2.00pm
  • February 1st - Snails and Tales, 2.00pm
  • March 1st - Papercraft, 2.00pm
  • April 5th - Memory, 7.30pm
  • May 3rd - Patisserie and Chocolaterie, 7.30pm
  • June 7th - Annabel's Deliciously British, 7.30pm
  • July 5th - Social Evening in Jacqui's Garden, 2.00pm
  • August 2nd - Horticap, 7.30pm
  • September 6th - Film Night, 7.30pm
  • October 4th - Nidd Hall, 2.00pm
  • November 1st - Women's Refuge, 2.00pm
  • December 6th - Christmas Dinner