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May 2014 - Tasting Notes - David Unsworth - Cartmel Wines

A selection of his personally sourced wines and a selection of Cumbrian cheeses (including St James, Sparkenhall Red Leicester, Knotts Cheddar, Hawes Wensleydale, Strathdon Blue Rothshire, Rebulshon, Damson Cheese). His set up in Cartmel is really special - wine shop, micro brewery and cheese shop. A splendid evening was enjoyed!

Toso Fiocco di Vite Prosecco

 Italy  10.5%

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve 2011

 England  Madeline Angevine + Phoenix - 11%

Chateau de Roquefort Grêle 2012

 France  Mixed blend - 13%

Telmo Rodriguez A1 Muvedre 2012

 Spain  Muvedre - 13.5%

Selection Grignon Monastier Shiraz 2013

 France  Syrah - 13%

Irvine Barossa Springhill Melot 2010

 Australia  Merlot - 14.5%