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April 2011

The meeting was held in the community hall on April 4. Various dates were noted: tickets can be obtained from Eileen for the Flower Demonstration by Bob Forbes on April 12 at 7.30pm in Ripley Town Hall. This event is in support of a long distance sponsored walk by Wendy Lill for the hospice. There will be a showing of The King's Speech on the big screen in the community hall on April 28, all very welcome. On May 19 at 7.30pm, a Beetle Drive will be held in the community hall. The previous one was a lot of fun. Cheese and wine would be served. The annual outing for our institute will take place on June 1 when a coach will leave Arkendale to Stockton. A trip down the river will follow with a roast lunch on board.
Our fund raising coffee morning will be in the community hall at 10.30am Thursday, June 16 with a cake stall, raffle or tombola. Everyone welcome to this event The meal at the Tiger Inn will be on July 6. The Aldborough Show will be on Sunday, July 29, this being an important event for the institutes in our group.
Jean will be our repsentative at the AGM in Liverpool and we voted unanimously against Megga Farms but there was some support for the resolution Maintain Support for Local Libraries.
Our speaker was Tony Frazier from the National Trust who gave an extremely informative talk about our coastline excluding Scotland which has its own National Trust. We heard about the Neptune Coastline Campaign, the idea being to protect for all time the coastline of the British Isles, He told how the National Trust was formed by Miss Octavio Hill, Cannon Rawnsley and Sir Robert Hunter in 1895 for the benefit of everyone, the first part of coastline being near Barmbuth, Wales. We enjoyed viewing his slides of our wonderful coastline including Ireland's Giant's Causeway. The distance of the coastline owned by the National Trust is about 3,000 miles, A few year's ago £40 would have been enough to buy and manage one foot of coastal land, but now it would probably be about £60. So far the Neptune Campaign had raised £40m. Jean gave the vote of thanks and supper was served by Marion and Vivienne. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 4 at 7.30pm when Pat Smith's talk will be "I'll Lend You £10". Further details on 01423 340173.
March 2011

The March meeting wag held in the Community Hall when 19 members were present. Birthday wishes were extended to three members. Various dates in the newsletter were noted together with information received regarding the Great Yorkshire Show.
Our speaker was Angela Henson who showed slides of the flowers that grow in the Yorkshire Dales. We were also shown maps and Angela indicated the different types of soil within those areas where some plants grew but others preferred another part of the dales. It was interesting to hear a bit about the geology. There are some plants found there that are relics from the end of the ice age. Cloudberry is an Arctic plant but it grows in the dales as does the early saxifrage. The juniper tree usually can be found amongst the heather on the moorland and that also is a relic from that age. This tree is becoming rare due to the burning of the heather and also from being eaten by sheep. Some junipers no longer look like trees as they are so low on the ground. Most of our wild flower meadows have been lost but there are still a few up near Gunnerside and the surrounding area. There are some plants which take years before they flower. A plant which is extremely rare, in fact there is just the one and that is growing in private woodland in Wharfedale where it is well guarded. The seeds are now being propagated at Kew Gardens.
The vote of thanks was given by Joan. The next meeting is on Wednesday April 6 at 7.30pm in the Community Hall when the speaker will be Terry Frazier (NT) with a talk entitled "Beside the Sea".
February 2011

The February meeting was held in The Community Hall when our speaker was James Shaw. He had once been a criminal lawyer and his talk was entitled "Briefly Speaking". As a member of the Magic Circle he was able to show us a few tricks whilst relating past experiences in the courts of law. Although it had been thirty years since he had represented clients, he remembered quite a few interesting cases. He included snippets concerning some of the antiquated laws both in our country and in America, some quite amusing. One law being that it is illegal to die in the House of Commons. Apparently the law is a very complicated and expensive business. One of our members was asked to help him with trick which would be revealed at the end of his talk. It was a very entertaining lighthearted talk, but one that was also quite informative. We are looking forward to seeing him next year on the new programme when we may learn more regarding magic. Margaret gave details of various activities and courses to be held within the Federation and also days out etc reported in the newsletter. Our planned monthly lunch was at The Tiger Inn but only a few members had managed to get there due to the heavy snowfall on the day. However, we are planning the next one details to be given at the next meeting.
The Group Meeting will be held at 7.30 p.m. in Coronation Hall, Boroughbridge on 15 February, the topic being From Prison to Palace. It was hoped that our institute would be well represented on the evening.
There will be a Coffee Morning on Wednesday 2 March at 10.30 a.m. in the Community Hall, proceeds for church funds, this will be open to anyone to go along and enjoy a good cup of coffee with homemade scones in the new hall. We enjoyed a tasty supper at the end of the evening and the raffle was drawn.
Our next meeting will be held in the, Cormmunity Hall at 7.30, p.m. on Wednesday 2 March When the topic will be Wild Flowers of the Yorkshire Dales, speaker Angela Henson. Visitors are always very welcome to attend our meetings with no obligation to join, so come along and enjoy an evening out with the friendly members of Arkendale W I.
November 2010

The Annual Meeting was held on 3 November in the Community Hall, Arkendale, when twenty-two members were present and two visitors. One of our visitors, Wendy, will be travelling to Peru next year in suppers of St Michael's Hospice, this being her second long distance journey. the first was the Great Wall of China, walking to raise funds for the Hospice.
Congratulations in gaining third place were extended, to the ladies, who had entered the pub quiz.
The treasurer gave her report foe the past year and the financial statement was approved. This was followed by the annual report of the secretary. During her address the president named and thanked the committee members for their help and also thanks were given to Averil who continued to be the representative on the Aldborough Show committee. Jean had been voted as president for another year and formally asked for the agreement of members. this being unanimous. There was one new member to the committee.
Arrangements were finalised for the Christmas Dinner at The Mitre on 1 December and members who so wished were invited to take along a gift to the value of £5. Those contributing to the basket would then be able to choose another gift. The Group Meeting to be held at Aldborough Village Hall on 17 November at 7.30 p.m., the evening taking the form of Musical Entertainment. The Federation Carol Service would be held at Pateley Bridge Methodist Church at 2.30 p.m. on 9 December 2010.
An invitation bad been received from Aldborough, Boroughbridge and Dunsforth Institute inviting two of our members to attend their Christmas Celebration to mark the end of their 90th year. Averil and Gina accepted. The luncheon group would be meeting on Friday 19 November at 12.30 p.m. at the Tiger Inn Coneythorpe.
Our speaker was Tony Brown, this time to tell us about his journey to Peru on the Inca Trail. He showed some wonderful slides of towering snowy mountains in a country which has 83 climatic zones. When he arrived the temperature was 80 degrees with a humidity of 90. During his time there altitude sickness was a problem, but they were given cocoa tea to drink, actually containing cocaine, which proved very beneficial. He spoke about the Inca empire with no history of a written language, non having ever been found. We saw pictures of the terraces and remains of buildings and walls built on precarious hillsides. It was hard to imagine just how the stones had been cut so perfectly to fit against each other in varying shapes and sizes with no gaps between, and then transported to the site, bearing in mind that the Inca tools would have been extremely primitive.
The vote of thanks was given by Diane, who had also travelled to the same place as Tony, but by a more comfortable means than the hard climbing and camping in the wild. A delicious supper wan served by Sue and Viv during which the raffle was drawn. Our next meeting will of course be the meal, but we will be meeting on Wednesday 5 January 2011 and look forward to the new year and also some new members who will be made most welcome. So please join us, as a visitor at first, with a view to joining Arkendale WI and making new friends in our institute. We welcome not only new members, but new ideas for our meetings and outings. Contact 340173 for further information.
July 2010

The July meeting was held in the Community Hall, Arkendale. Final arrangements for the Aldborough Show were made when lots of baking would be needed as the WI refreshments are always in great demand. The next luncheon will be at Tom, Dick and Harry’s, Thorpe Arch, Wetherby.
Julie Griffiths stepped in when our programmed speaker was unable to attend. The company she worked for was Colour M Beautiful. Julie told members that everyone could be split into six categories according to eye and skin colouring. These were soft, deep, clear, cool, warm and light. She picked members to demonstrate the different types and the colours which suited each one. Also a personal shopper and wedding consultant, she was able to help not only the bride but the mother of the bride and anyone else in the close wedding group needing help for the big day.
Averil and Sharon provided a lovely supper and the meeting closed at 9.20pm.
The August meeting will be held in the garden of Diane where a savoury supper will be served after which we will stroll along to Margaret’s garden for our dessert, hoping for a fine evening. This will be on August 4 at 7.30pm; anyone wishing to join us should call 01423 340173.
On September 1, we will be meeting in the hall at Arkendale at 7.30pm to enjoy Ready Steady Cook!
April 2010

The meeting was held April 7 in Arkendale Community Hall when 19 members were present.

Everyone who had met for lunch at the Hare and Hounds in Burton Leonard agreed to continue to support the extra activities planned in the future, the next one being to see Oliver at Harrogate Theatre.

Jean Cox had completed the Food and Hygiene Course and was awaiting the result.

Anne Harrison, Chair Denman College, was planning another residential taster day at the college for 2011 and quite a few of our members expressed an interest.

The last one was extremely enjoyable travelling on the Sunday, visiting a National Trust property en-route and arriving at Denman to stay in a beautifully appointed en-suite room with dinner and a stroll in the lovely gardens. The following day was spent learning something new.

There is to be a Brides Re-visited weekend in Arkendale from May 28 to 31, tickets £3. Eileen would welcome donations of baking for the teas to be served during the weekend. There will be 40 gowns on view, some in the hall and some in the church.

Our speaker was Ann Thomson who certainly knew her subject, Florence Nightingale. Ann had trained as a nurse in Huddersfield and later became a tutor. She had various old photographs and books we were able to view together with slides, some taken at the hospital at Scutari, now a military establishment.

Florence was a great writer having written 14,000 letters during her lifetime. She had produced 16 volumes during 1861 which were published. She had been born into an extremely wealthy family and was a very intelligent girl. Florence never married but her sister did, and in later life her sister's husband being a member of parliament, was able to draw the attention of the government of the day to various acts written by Florence. Having spent 20 months caring for the soldiers during the Crimean war proved to be the beginning of the reforms that she was to achieve during her lifetime. As a result of her time there, she suffered from brucellosis.

Florence felt that she had had a calling to do God's work and eventually at 32, she left home to work in a small hospital for gentlewomen in Harley Street. She was such a good organiser and statistician that she was able to make great improvements. She was the only woman in Victorian times to be made a Fellow of the British Statisticians in London. However, she felt the need to go out to the war and within four days had gathered 39 women to travel with her. When they arrived the conditions were awful with infection rife and sanitation nil. Within days she had the women dressed in grey uniforms and kept them busy within rooms she had taken over until eventually they were asked to help in the wards. Using her own money, later reimbursed, she set about obtaining everything needed to make the soldiers more comfortable and lowering the risks of infection. The women had no medical experience but proved very able with guidance from Florence.

17 never returned to England having died from overwork and infections.

When she returned home at 34, she had become famous and was not at all happy about that. For a woman of her class at that time, it was remarkable what she had managed to achieve, and continued to achieve into old age. Florence died 100 years ago this year, 2010, and we were able to hear her voice from a recording made so long ago.

We all felt that we had learnt so much more about her from someone who really did know her, and Joan thanked Ann for telling us so much.

Pat and Maureen served a delicious supper. Our next meeting will be held on May 5 when the subject is Hand Bell Ringing, speaker Hannah Beck. The evening will begin at 7.30pm, please join us.

Gina Gates

March 2010

The at Arkendale Community Hall with 20 members present. The list for extra activities had been considered by the committee and two items decided upon for March and April. Pat had been asked to book seats at Harrogate Theatre on Friday, April 23 to see Oliver by Ripon Operatic Society. The lunch on March 19 would be at The Hare and Hounds, Burton Leonard and those who wished to go should meet there at noon for 12.30pm.

The Yorkshire Show is in July and helpers are needed. There would be an exhibition of knitted baby clothes which will be donated to the Special Care Baby Unit at Harrogate Hospital. Patterns for the tiny garments were available from Alma House and the secretary would collect them in time for our next meeting.

Details of a conference for forward-thinking women entitled Food for the Future were given. This is at Askam Bryan College on Monday, March 29.

Our summer outing would be to the lavender farm near Terrington with lunch in Helmsley. The coach would be free and also entry to the farm free. Pat will obtain specimen menus before a decision is made as to where we will have lunch.

Our speaker was John Shackleton, well-known to many of our members. Since he first began his aid missions, he has equipped and taken 22 ambulances to eight countries. It all began when he attended a coffee morning for orphans in Romania and was persuaded by a doctor to take a truck over there. After seeing the terrible conditions he went on various courses that enabled him to carry out plumbing, electrical work etc whenever he visited an orphanage. John cannot undertake the long journeys by himself so various friends devote some weeks of their holidays to travel with him, usually he takes two others. They have installed new toilets etc and decorated, amongst other jobs. A large American ambulance was parked outside Arkendale Hall and we were told that it would be leaving in three weeks time for the borders of Maldova and Russia. When asked what made him carry on with the travelling and all that it entailed, John said that he was a Christian and his faith enabled him to carry on into some dangerous places in order to help those who needed help. We were shown slides of some of the places that they had been to and the work undertaken including the children and the appalling conditions.

Diane thanked John and members made donations. Supperwas served by Vivienne and Marian.

February 2010

The January meeting had been cancelled due to the bad weather. The snow fell again on the evening of our February meeting but most members were able to reach the Community Hall in Arkendale eager to catch up with WI news, and there was quite a lot happening according to the monthly newsletter. Everyone agreed that the Christmas meal at the Mitre, Knaresborough had been very good. Various invitations had been received. Goldsborough WI were having a soup and sweet lunch on February 16, there will be a folk evening on March 17 at Arkendale Community Hall, tickets £8 in advance, and an invitation to a thank you party for all WI presidents, treasurers and secretaries to be held at three different venues, ours being Bishop Monkton.

Our speaker was Pam Harcourt from Knaresborough. She had been a Tiller girl, joining the troupe in the 1950s. We heard how John Tiller had had the idea to train a troupe of girls with the help of his wife who kept an eye on the important details ie clean finger nails! Any girl who could claim to be Tiller trained could get a job in any theatre anywhere in the world. Pam began work first of all in pantomime, earning five pounds ten shillings a week. She had worked in various theatres up and down the country, staying in some very mixed accommodation. Famous names from the past were mentioned, for example Norman Evans, Charlie Chester and Eric Sykes, as she had played alongside quite a few celebrities during her career. Having performed for the BBC and being in the first show of Saturday Night at the London Palladium, Pam had enjoyed her chosen career very much, and later she had felt very honoured to perform in two Royal Variety Shows. We were able to see photographs of the troupe in their glittering costumes. When asked by a WI member if she could still do the high kicks, she demonstrated without hesitation, concluding with the words "once a Tiller girl, always a Tiller girl."

December 2009

The Christmas meal was held at the Mitre in Knaresborough. Upon arrival we were given a glass of fruit punch before the meal. Nineteen members enjoyed a three-course meal served by friendly helpful staff. Our choices had been made from a varied menu, and everyone agreed that the food had been delicious with ample portions. The box of gifts was passed along the table and then it was time to wish each other a Happy Christmas after a very enjoyable evening.

November 2009

We held our first meeting in the new community hall on Wednesday, November 4. It was the annual meeting and after singing Jerusalem and the usual business, the reports of the treasurer, secretary and president were given and adopted.
The committee was to remain with the exception of Averil, but she would continue to be our representative for the Aldborough Show.
It was noted that the Federation Carol Service would be held in Aysgarth this year and anyone who wished to attend should contact Jean in order to arrange transport.
The annual meeting of the Group will be in the village hall, Aldborough on Wednesday, November 18 at 7.30pm.
Anyone who wished to obtain the Food Hygiene Certificate would be able to attend a course at Alma House next March and the fee would be paid by the institute.
We enjoyed a slide show by Malcolm Horne showing when he and Diane had taken a trip to Morocco.
We saw the mountainous countryside as they journeyed along the edge of the desert by minibus, land rover, donkey and camel. The markets looked very colourful with lots of fruits, vegetables and spices. We wondered where the produce had been grown, as all the land around looked so brown, but we did see some oases now and then. The title of the talk was Oases and Mirages of Morocco. Thanks were expressed to Malcolm and we enjoyed a delicious supper served by Tina and Val.
Gina Gates

October 2009

Some pictures from the 80th Anniversary Party

Larger versions of these pictures are available in the Arkendale Galleries

Members and guests celebrated the 80th birthday of Arkendale WI in the magnificent new village hall. Our president Jean Stokes welcomed everyone including our Federation Chairman Susan Riley. Business was kept to a minimum with only two items, one being the venue for the Christmas Dinner on 2nd December. This will be held at The Mitre in Knaresborough.

Ladies were dressed in the 1920's fashion, which was the flapper era, and there were some wonderful, creations with feathers in abundance! The tables looked very colourful with decorations, and a quiz had been set out to fill in the time between the first course and the dessert. Photographs of mothers from the year were displayed for members to have a go at guessing which member belonged to which mother. Malcolm Horne was the official photographer for the evening as we all posed for the institute photograph.

Toasts were given before the meal to the Queen, who is of course a member of the WI and to Arkendale WI past, present, and future. Members had all contributed to the meal with lots of choices both in the first and the second courses. There was a beautifully decorated birthday cake which had been made by Eileen Houseman and iced by Betty Morland. The decorations had been made by members. The cake was cut by Eileen who was the longest serving member of Arkendale WI, she had joined in 1963. She said that the institute was founded by Miss Faircliff, the village school teacher in 1929, and meetings had been held in the school. Various classes were run at the meetings, namely basket making, glove making, quilting and the curing of rabbit skins! When she had looked through the institute scrapbook memories came flooding back of past outings taken by the members to Holland, Margate and Paris. Eileen concluded her speech with the words "the best part of being a Wl member is that of being part of a national organisation and the friendship of our very own WI in Arkendale, long may it continue."

Judith Howe along with. Kathryn, Abi and Sam, provided the musical entertainment. Judith sang songs from the year and the dancers tempted our feet to tap along with them. So much so, that when volunteers were needed, four ladies rushed on to the floor. Wondering why they had been so keen when the young dancers proceeded to demonstrate the steps of the Charlston! The dance proved not too difficult after all as the pace was a little slower than anticipated!

All the ladies were given a piece of the cake and a rose to take home with them. Susan. Riley thanked the president and members, and guests expressed their enjoyment of the evening. The 80th birthday party had been celebrated in style with fun and laughter abounding, but most of all with friends, in a new building where the WI will meet for many more years in the future.

The next monthly meeting will be held in Arkendale Village Hall at 7.30 pm on. Wednesday 4th November when Malcolm Horne will be our speaker on Oases and Mirages of Morocco. This will be the Annual Meeting.

September 2009

The meeting was held on 2nd September 2009 and Jean welcomed seventeen members. Unfortunately the group meeting could not be held in the new village hall due to unfinished work by the builders, but Staveley village hall had been booked for 15th September. Adam Tomlinson of Radio York was the speaker and supper was provided by Arkendale W.I.

Two teams of four will represent our institute at the pub quiz to be held at Bilton Cricket Club.

Our next meeting on 7th October will be the 80th anniversary party when the committee will be organising the supper and the setting out of the hall for the evening. Quite a number of visitors would be attending this event. Members were asked to take along a photograph of a mother circa 1930.

L We spent an enjoyable time making decorations for our anniversary cake under the guidance of a very talented lady. It was quite time consuming making the tiny flowers and berries but very enjoyable, especially seeing the end results which would go towards the decoration of the cake. The cake had been made by Eileen and Betty had iced it.

Mary and Joan served a lovely supper and the raffle was drawn. The meeting closed at approximately 9.30 p.m.

August 2009

The August meeting was held at Minskip Village Hall.

Jean welcomed members and visitors to the meeting and a special welcome to Diane Whelan and her granddaughter, Isy. We were familiar with the beautiful floral displays done by Diane, especially in Ripon Cathedral. She began her demonstration with a pedestal arrangement that could be used for a wedding ceremony. All the greenery used for the framework of the displays had been sourced from her garden with various wild herbs .

Isy proved an efficient assistant, and as Diane worked on each display, Isy told us about the various uses of the herbs in medieval times. Sorrel was a most prized vegetable and often appeared on Henry VIII's table. The history of the wedding cake was also very interesting. Gladioli and lilies were used in the pedestal display and tips were passed about the removal of pollen stains. Diane used some lovely silk orchids. These were white edged with a deep pink and had been used in one of the displays at her daughter's wedding. The wedding dress was on view as were the various accessories and some photographs, along with wedding photographs from the 1930s. All the completed displays were really lovely and some ladies had the lucky raffle tickets for them.

The vote of thanks was given by Katie, after which the business was kept to a minimum. It was noted that our September meeting will be held in Minskip Village Hall and not the new one at Arkendale.

This will be on September 2. However, the Group meeting will be held in the new hall at Arkendale on September 15 and members will be hostesses for the evening.

A letter regarding Aldborough Show had been received, thanking everyone for their help, and a profit of £780 had been made.

Our 80th celebrations will take place on October 7 and we were asked to take along a photograph of mothers circa 1930. An invitation had been received from Aldborough, Boroughbridge and Dunsforth WI to their meeting on September 9 when Nigel Harrison, BBC Radio York's gardening guru, will speak on the magical gardens of Japan.

Roecliffe WI are having a coach trip to Manchester on November 28 to see White Christmas with Aled Jones; cost, including travel and ticket, £43.75.

20th June 2009

On Wednesday 3rd June 2009 fourteen members travelled by coach to Sewerby. They arrived with time to spare before lunch, so were able to enjoy a breath of sea air before relaxing on the terrace at Sewerby Grange Country Hotel. Lunch was taken in an elegant dining room and served by efficient staff. The choice on the menu was excellent and everyone remarked on the quality and presentation of the various choices enjoyed by each member.

After lunch we were met at Sewerby Hall by a very helpful gentleman who escorted us into the courtyard and told us how to find our way to various places within the grounds. There are fifty acres altogether but we only covered the lovely walled gardens and the small zoo. The roses were just beginning to bloom, some delicately perfumed. Later we toured the hall where there were lots of interesting items, photographs, etc relating to the history of Bridlington and the surrounding Yorkshire Wolds area. Refreshments were taken in the clock tower cafe before our departure at five o'clock. It had been a very enjoyable day out, arid Pat was thanked for making all the arrangements and ensuring that everything had gone according to plan.

On the way home ideas for more outings were discussed ensuring that our institute was not just a once a month meeting, but open to ideas to promote friendship and other activities including crafts etc amongst our members. As we left the coach we were able to see that the new hall at Arkendale was making good progress, but it would be a little while yet before we can meet there so our next meeting will still be at Minskip Village Hall on Wednesday Ist July 2009 at 7.30 pm.

11th May 2009

Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Our outing will leave the Bluebell Arkendale at 9.45am on June 3 and lunch will be taken at Sewerby Grange before a tour of Sewerby Hall and gardens in the afternoon.

The resolution to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting this year concerns the decline in the numbers of honey bees. This is due to a mite which originated in Asia and now infects the bees in our country. The resolution urges the Governement to increase funding for research into the health of bees as bees are essential in many ways relating to our food. The members voted in favour for the resolution and the result would be passed to the institute sending a representative to the meeting.

The Spring Council Meeting in Richmond had been attended by Averil and on behalf of our institute she had accepted the certificate commemorating eighty years of Arkendale WI. This will be displayed in the new village hall when it is completed.

Invitations had been received from Roecliffe WI to a Fabulous Fifties evening in Cornonation Hall on May 30 and also one from Marton-cum-Grafton to an evening with Nigel Harrison of Radio York. This would be in the village hall on May 14 at 7.30pm cost £3.

Our group meeting will be held on May 19 at Coronation Hall when a good attendance was hoped for to hear a talk by a representative from Billinghams Sugar. Guests welcome to this meeting.

The Aldborough Show will be held on Sunday, July 19 and helpers were needed for the refreshments.

Helen Chapman as the speaker for the evening. She had begun her working life in a bail hostel in West Yorkshire later moving to Harrogate where she found that North Yorkshire had one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Her job was Bail Information Officer. Eventually when the government decided to allow more funding for the training for more probation officers, Helen was able to train for work that she really wanted to do. The training was quite intense but she completed this and started work as a probation officer.

At the present time Helen is working the with the Youth Justice System which is made up of different officers from other services including the police, the health service etc.

They focus on trying to identify problems early in a young offender’s life in order to make a positive difference so that hopefully the person won’t continue into adulthood.

We gained a lot of information from the talk and various questions were put to Helen. She was thanked by Sarah and Audrey and Maragaret served an delicious supper.

Our next meeting will be our outing, but in July we will be learning Tai Chi with Lisa Raper. Do come along on July 1 at 7.30pm and see what Tai Chi can do for you. Contact Tel: 01423 340173

1st April 2009

The last meeting of Arkendale W.I. was held at Minskip Village Hall on Wednesday 1 April 2009. Jean welcomed everyone to the meeting on a lovely spring evening. We were given an update of our outing on 3 June to Sewerby and this would be discussed further at the committee meeting. Various leaflets regarding the AGM and the resolution on Honey Bees were available, and there would be a meeting at Alma House on 22 April at 7.00pm to discuss this resolution in full. There was to be a day entitled Bees at Bedale on 5 May and four members would attend. Various other items were noted from the newsletter and the date for the Aldborough Show would be on 26 July 2009.

Jean introduced Mrs Jean Welch from Fairtrade who gave a very informative talk which began with a story about orphans in Kenya, and how people in the third world could be lifted out of poverty if everyone in our country gave just £1 a week. Many millions have been lifted from poverty since Fairtrade was started. Danielle, Mrs Welch's granddaughter who had come along to help, was eager for us to know that the more we send out the message that we are buying Fairtrade products, then the large multi-nationals will get the message to sell those products because people prefer to buy them. We can be sure that the money always goes where it should if we purchase goods with the recognised logo of Fairtrade. It was explained to us how the producers of the goods meet a buyer and how a fair price is agreed so that everyone concerned is happy with the outcome. Mrs Welch had supported Fairtrade for ten years and had watched it grow. She had also visited some of the plantations, and was obviously dedicated to her work of promoting all the various goods that can be purchased with the Fairtrade logo.

Margaret Beal thanked Mrs Welch and Danielle. Supper was served by Sarah and Mary and the raffle was drawn.

20th June 2008

A FINE programme of activities is planned for Arkenale WI over the coming summer months so take out your diaries ladies!

At Minskip Village Hall on Wednesday, July 2, Eunice Cransfield is to tell us about "Science in a Shopping Basket."

Later in the month on Sunday, July 20, it is the annual Aldborough and Boroughbridge Show. As always this promises to be a great day out for all the family with the usual WI marquee for tea, coffee and cakes.

On August 6, there is to be a Garden Party at Rowangarth, Arkendale Road, Ferrensby.

All are welcome, just bring along your favourite savoury, salad or sweet dish for a Pot Luck Supper. The time is half an hour earlier than usual, 7pm to take advantage of the evening sunlight. Arrangements are in hand to hold the supper indoors in the unusual event of the weather being inclement.

Andy Barton is making a return visit to the WI on Wednesday, September 3, in order to demonstrate the Making of Willow Lanterns. Do join us and have a try for yourself.

Anyone wishing to join the WI for the remainder of 2008 can pay the subscription for 2009 immediately and thus enjoy the benefits of 15 months subscription for the price of 12 months. Good to see a bargain in these days of rising prices.

If you would like further information about any of the above activities then please call our President, Jean Stokes on 01423 340517.

The committee hope you all have a lovely summer with no flooding this year. Vivienne Glover.

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