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Fashion Parades
Customers will recall these Fashion Parades with interest
- in October 1936;
Fashion Parades
- in May 1935;
Fashion Parades
- in October 1935.
Dress Materials
Part of the widely stocked Dress Materials Section
The Linen Department
Soft Furnishings
An attractive corner of the Soft Furnishings Department
At the Wallpaper and Furnishing Ironmongery counters
A suggestion of the extent of our Household Ironmongery Section
Fancy Hardware
In the Fancy Hardware Department
A splendid selection of Carpets and Linoleums are available in this part of the store at all times
Tea Room
A sunny corner of the Tea Room
The Furniture Showroom
The Cutlery and Electro-plate Department
The China and Cut Glass Section always proves of absorbing interest
There are bargains in the Basement

Plus - further views to be added: 5 workshops, 4 postcards, 8 general store views, press reports and adverts following the fire and bombing raid of November 1940.