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The Society was formed early in 1974 as the result of a meeting of a small band of enthusiasts in Richmond, Surrey. The first Newsletter was published in May 1974, listing 38 members: the first were Tanya and Hans Schmoller. Currently there are over 400 members from around the world. The Society was memorably described by columnist Godfrey Smith (Sunday Times, 28 February 1982) as a 'club for the nicest kind of nutter'.

The Society's journal, The Penguin Collector, is published every six months, together with an annual "Miscellany" volume. Articles and communications in The Penguin Collector, and meetings between members discuss and illuminate the history of Penguin and other early paperback publishers, provide bibliographic and publication details of the series and volumes, and offer guidance to collectors in their search for and upkeep of their collections.

The official website for the Society is now online at

There is also some information on this page in the Penguin Books website.

Michael Fowle
31 Myddleton Square

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7278 8064
£16.00 (UK members)
£18.50 (Rest of Europe)
£21.00 (Rest of the World)

Members receive two issues of The Penguin Collector each year as well as a copy of each Miscellany on publication.

Penguin Collectors' Society Miscellaneous Publications

These are annual compilations which update material from past publications, investigate specific areas of Penguin history in detail or serve to celebrate an important anniversary in the best Penguin tradition.

1980 - The King Penguin Series
1983 - The Buildings of England
1986 - Miscellany 1 - Advertising in Penguins
1987 - Miscellany 2 - For the Forces
1988 - Miscellany 3 - Mock... Missing... Miscellaneous...
1989 - Miscellany 4 - American Penguins; Christmas Books
1990 - Miscellany 5 - Penguin Illustrated Classics
1991 - Miscellany 6 - Happy Birthday Puffin
1992 - Miscellany 7 - A Collectors' Companion (Part 1, A-L)
1993 - Miscellany 8 - A Collectors' Companion (Part 2, M-Z)
1994 - Miscellany 9 - The Penguin Classics
1995 - Miscellany 10 - Twenty One Years
1996 - Miscellany 11 - Penguins March On
1996 - Chadwick, Paxton - Life Histories (PP116)
1997 - Miscellany 12 - Pelican Books (A 60th Anniversary Celebration)
1998 - Miscellany 13 - Lost Causes (Projects that never saw publication)
1999 - Hare, Steve (ed) - Father and Son - A celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Penguin Collectors' Society
2001 - Cherry, Bridget & Bradley, Simon (eds) - The Buildings of England: a Celebration
2001 - Potter, Margaret & Alick - Mary Starts to Cook
2001 - Williams, Gertrude - W.E. Williams