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107Tiger,JDeath Hits the Jackpot1957
108  1957
109Anderton,RGem Hunter1957
110Fuller,WGoat Island1957
111Caminda,JMy Purpose Holds1957
112Carse,RThe Devil's Spawn1957
113Phillips,JAThe Deadly Mermaid1957
114Kyle,RA Tiger in the Night1957
115Kathigasu,SNo Dram of Mercy1957
116  1957
117  1957
118  1957
120  1957
121  1957
123Wyllie,JJohnny Purple1957
124Carnegio,SNoble Purpose1957
125Hamson,DWe Fell Among Greeks1957
126AnonA Woman in Berlin1957
127Billany,DThe Cage1957
128Trevor,EThe Passion and the Pity1957
129Lodwick,JThe Filibusters1957
130Divine,DThe Golden Pool1957
131Connell,CWhere Sleeps the Jagged Sword1957
132Moravia,AThe Fancy Dress Party1957
133Carew,TMarried Quarters1957
134Prebble,JThe Brute Streets1957
135Gehman,RA Murder in Paradise1957
136Berto,GThe Sky is Red1957
137  1957
138  1957
139  1957
140  1957
141  1957
142Lessing,DThe Grass is Singing1957
143Burns,JHThe Gallery1957
144  1957
145Household,GFellow Passengers1957
146  1957
147O'Rourke,FThe Last Chance1957
148Soubiran,AThe Doctors1957
149Brilhac,J The Road to Liberty1957
150Gilbert,EThe Squirrel Cage1957
152Keogh,TStreet Music1957
153Bartolini,LBicycle Thieves1957
154Adler,PA House is Not a Home1957
155Brinnin,JMDylan Thomas in America1957
156  1957
157  1957
158  1957
159Connell,VBachelors Anonymous1957
160Steinbeck,JIn Dubious Battle1957
161Lefebure,MEvidence for the Crown1957
162Gonzalez,VListen Comrades1957
163Frank,LCarl and Anna1957
164Sully,KCanal in Moonlight1957
165Baldwin,JGo Tell it on the Mountain1957
166  1957
167Petry,AThe Street1958
168Pratolini,VA Hero of Today1958
170Mallet-Joris,FInto the Labyrinth1958
171Kersh,GThe Dead Look On1958
172Maugham,RThe Rough and the Smooth1958
173Danielsson,BLove in the South Seas1958
174Schellenberg,WThe Schellenberg Memoirs1958
175Burns,JHA Cry of Children1958
176Bloomfield,ARussian Roulette1958
177Hanley,JNo Directions1958
178Gary,RThe Company of Men1958
180Renault,MPurposes of Love1958
181Soldati,MAffair in Capri1958
182Mailer,NBarbary Shore1958
183Moravia,AConjugal Love1958
184Lingens-Reiner,EPrisoners of Fear1958
185Pratolini,VThe Naked Streets1958
186Du Gard,RThe Postman1958
187Baum,VBerlin Hotel1958
188Kersh,GNight and the City1958
189Collier,RThe Lovely and the Damned1958
190Lawrence,DHLady Chatterley's Lover1958
191Brown,HA Walk in the Sun1958
192Calvino,IThe Path to the Nest of Spiders1958
193Soubiran,AThe Healing Oath1958
194Wakeman,FShore Leave1958
195Mann,PA Room in Paris1958
196Flaiano,EThe Short Cut1958
197Reynolds,QPolice Headquarters1958
198Petry,ACountry Place1958
199Bowles,PThe Sheltering Sky1958
200Forester,CSRandall and the River of Time1958
201Jacobson,DA Dance in the Sun1958
202Bates,HEThe Country of White Clover1958
203Hill,PFlaming Janet1958
204Sandstrom,FThe Midwife of Pont Clery1958
205Chevallier,GSainte Colline1958
206Gary,RThe Colours of the Day1958
207Cheyney,PFast Work1958
208Nagai,TWe of Nagasaki1958
209Cain,JMThe Moth1958
210Bates,HEFlying Officer X1958
211Durrell,LThe Dark Labyrinth1958
212Moorhead,AA Summer Night1958
213Courage,JThe Young Have Secrets1958
214Sneider,VA Pail of Oysters1958
216Hougron,JThe Fugitive1958
217Morton,FAsphalt and Desire1958
218Pottle,FABoswell's London Journal1958
219Pratolini,VA Tale of Poor Lovers1958
220Wouk,HSlattery's Hurricane1958
221Moravia,AThe Time of Indifference1958
222Smith,BTomorrow Will Be Better1958
223Hayes,AAll Thy Conquests1958
225Keogh,TThe Fascinator1958
226Cheyney,PThe Sweetheart of the Razors1958
227Collier,RPay-off in Calcutta1958
228Connell,VThe Golden Sleep1958
229Koestler,AScum of the Earth1958
230Mallet-Joris,FThe Red Room1958
231Hachiya,MHiroshima Doctor1958
232Smith,LStrange Fruit1959
233Cain,JMMildred Pierce1959
234Mittelholzer,EChildren of Kaywana1959
235Salinger,JDFor Esme with Love and Squalor1959
236Kessel,JArmy of Shadows1959
237Cheyney,PHe Walked in Her Sleep1959
238Fitzgibbon,CThe Blitz1959
239Mirvish,RFA House of Her Own1959
240Thomas,CLeftover Life to Kill1959
241Curtis,J-LDark Streets of Paris1959
242Lawrence,DHWomen in Love1959
244Heppenstall,RThe Blaze of Noon1959
245Mergendahl,CRage of Desire1959
246Moravia,AA Ghost at Noon1959
247Chang,DThe Frontiers of Love1959
248Tomkinson,CLes Girls1959
250Glaskin,GMThe Mistress1959
252MacInnes,CCity of Spades1959
253Cain,JMJealous Woman1959
254Volpini,FThe Woman of Florence1959
255Berger-Hammerschlag,MJourney into a Fog1959
256Cossery,AA Room in Cairo1959
257Shirreffs,GDLast Train from Gun Hill1959
258Algren,NA Walk on the Wild Side1959
259Himes,CIf He Hollers, Let Him Go1959
260Cheyney,PDressed to Kill1959
261Schnitzler,ALa Ronde1959
262Holmes,JCThe Beat Boys1959
263McCarthy,MThe Company She Keeps1959
264Cela,CJThe Hive1959
265Vittorini,EThe Red Carnation1959
266Parise,GChildren of the City1959
269Wright,RBlack Boy1959
270Silone,IBread and Wine1959
271Mirvish,RFThe Eternal Voyagers1959
272Nimier,RThe Blue Hussar1959
274Shaplen,RThe Love-Making of Max-Robert1959
275Mergendahl,CThe Lonely Ones1959
276Glanville,BAlong The Arno1959
277Brebner,WLa Signora1959
278Ayme,MThe Grand Seduction1959
279Groussard,SA German Officer1959
280Sansom,JThe Man Who Could Cheat Death1959
281Patterson,HScottsboro' Boy1959
282Weil,JDelay En Route1959
283Keogh,TMy Name is Rose1959
284  1959
285Caulfield,MThe Black City1959
286Moore,PChocolate for Breakfast1959
287Merrick,GBetween Darkness and Day1959
288Curtis,JThey Drive By Night1959
289Von Zeitler,KThe Fatal Decision1959
290Mergendahl,CThis Spring of Love1959
291Fersen,NThe Hideout1959
292Howard,TThree Sinners in Paris1959
293Cheyney,PCalling Mr Callaghan1959
294Glemser,BA Gallery of Women1959
296Cain,JMThe Root of His Evil1959
297  1959
299Lawrence,DHThe Virgin and the Gypsy1959
300Moravia,AThe Conformist1959
301Weil,JNobody Dies in Paris1959
302Walker,BCosh Boy1959
303Vigevani,AThe Fiancee1959
304Scholmer,JSlave City1959
305Roueche,BThe Last Enemy1959
306Vallance,UA Girl Survives1959
307Johnston,HThe Doctor's Signature1959
308Chandler,RPick-up on Noon Street1959
310Wildeblood,PWest End People1960
312Tracy,DRound Trip1960
313Moorehead,AThe Rage of the Vulture1960
314Malaparte,CThe Skin1960
315Barren,CThe Seed of Evil1960
316Winston,CThe Closest Kin There Is1960
317Windham,DLet Me Alone1960
318Baldwin,JGiovanni's Room1960
319Wallenstein,MTuck's Girl1960
320Cheyney,PYou'd Be Surprised1960
321Lebherz,RAffair in Rome1960
322Mallet-Joris,FThe House of Lies1960
323Danielsson,BForgotten Islands of the South Seas1960
324Motley,WWe Fished All Night1960
325Williams,TThe Roman Spring of Mrs Stone1960
326Mittelholzer,EKaywana Blood1960
327Holliday,BLady Sings the Blues1960
328Vailland,RPlaying With Fire1960
329Capote,TOther Voices, Other Rooms1960
331Carew,JBlack Midas1960
332Hall,OMardios Beach1960
333McPartland,JNo Down Payment1960
334Keogh,TThe Tattooed Heart1960
335Urquhart,FTime Will Knit1960
336Kruger,RMy Name is Celia1960
337Del Castillo,MChild of Out Time1960
338Mankowitz,WExpresso Bongo1960
339Koestler,AThe Gladiators1960
340Wiles,JThe Asphalt Playground1960
341Simenon,GThe Trial of Bebe Donge1960
342Rhoads,GThe Lonely Women1960
344Lewisohn,LThe Tyranny of Sex1960
346MacInnes,CTo the Victors the Spoils1960
347Camp,WProspects of Love1960
348O'Connor,FWise Blood1960
349Brown,JAViolent Sunday1960
350Glanville,BThe Bankrupts1960
351Goodyear,RMrs Loveday1960
354Lawrence,DHSons and Lovers1960
355Lawrence,DHThe Rainbow1960
356Lawrence,DHThe Lost Girl1960
357Lawrence,DHThe Plumed Serpent1960
358Lawrence,DHAaron's Rod1960
359Lawrence,DHLove Among the Haystacks1960
360Lawrence,DHThe Ladybird1960
361Lawrence,DHThe Trespasser1960
363Arnothy,CThe Charlatan1960
364Torres,TThe Dangerous Game1960
365Marotta,GThe Gold of Naples1960
366Kastle,HDKeys to Seven Doors1960
368Mergendahl,CIt's Only Temporary1960
369Moore,BA Moment of Love1960
370Piovene,GConfession of a Novice1960
371Lowry,RJThe Violent Wedding1960
372Langdon,RIsland of Love1960
373Hall,OCorpus of Joe Bailey1960
374Lamming,GIn the Castle of My Skin1960
375Box,EDeath in the Fifth Position1960
376Box,EDeath Likes It Hot1960
377Box,EDeath Before Bedtime1960
378Finch,MDentist in the Chair1960
379Baker,DVMoods of Love1960
380Ayme,MAcross Paris1960
381Southern,TFlash and Filigree1960
382MacInnes,CJune in Her Spring1960
383Gibson,WThe Cobweb1960
384Buckner,RSigrid and the Sergeant1960
386Fremlin,CThe Hours Before Dawn1960
388Cheyney,PG-Man at the Yard1960
390Morris,WLove Among the Cannibals1960
391Jackson,CThe Fall of Valour1960
392Horbach,MThe Great Betrayal1960
393Simmons,HCorner Boy1960
394Maugham,RThe Intruder1960
395D'Eaubonne,FThe Cheats1960
396  1960
397Kannin,GThe Rat Race1960
398Vidal,GA Thirsty Evil1960
399Ryman,ETeddy Boy1960
400Murphy,DThe Sergeant1960
401Delman,DThe Hard Sell1960
402Powell,DA Cage for Lovers1960
403Malcolm,JEDiscourse With Shadows1960
404Webb,JThe Badge1960
405  1960
406  1960
407Markandaya,KSome Inner Fury1960
408Nemerov,HThe Homecoming Game1960
409Glanville,BMafia Country1960
410Hutton,JBFrogman Extraordinary1960
411Raven,SThe Feathers of Death1960
412Davenport,AThe Fire1960
413Little,LThe Dear Boys1960
414Algren,NThe Man With the Golden Arm1961
415Algren,NNever Come Morning1961
416Epton,NLove and the French1961
417Johnston,HThe Phantom Limb1961
418  1961
419Woolf,VBetween the Acts1961
420Lee,CYLover's Point1961
421Roth,PGoodbye Columbus1961
422Bradbury,RThe October Country1961
423Thomas,DAdventures in the Skin Trade1961
424Hlasko,MThe Eighth Day of the Week1961
425Braithwaite,ERTo Sir With Love1961
426Clad,NThe Savage1961
427Caillou,AThe Mindanao Pearl1961
428Carew,JThe Wild Coast1961
429Joyce,JStephen Hero1961
430McCarthy,MA Charmed Life1961
431Calitri,CStrike Heaven on the Face1961
432Ledig,GThe Brutal Years1961
433Maund,AThe Big Box Car1961
434Lawrence,DHThe Prussian Officer1961
435Lawrence,DHThe White Peacock1961
437White,JDThe Grass is Greener1961
438Romains,JThe Body's Rapture1961
439Mittelholzer,EShadows Move Among Them1961
440Schilling,WThe Fear Makers1961
441Dayan,YNew Face in the Mirror1961
442Miller,WThe Cool World1961
443Singleton,BThe Salt of the Hide1961
444Du Maurier,DThe Lover1961
445Goodman,GA Time for Paris1961
446Fowler,GIllusion in Java1961
447Audouard,YLittle Pig Alley1961
448Fernandez-Florez,DLola a Dark Mirror1961
449Ham,RGFish Flying Through Air1961
450Longstreet,SMan of Montmartre1961
451Plagemann,BThe Steel Cocoon1961
452Strachan,WJModern Italian Stories1961
453Maugham,RThe Servant1961
454Salisbury,HThe Shook-up Generation1961
455Holmes,JCThe Horn1961
456Mahyere,EI Will Not Serve1961
457Renault,MThe King Must Die1961
459Nicole,COff White1961
460Heimler,ENight of the Mist1961
461McLaughlin,RThe Notion of Sin1961
462France,CChildren in Love1961
463De Stafani,LThe Vine of Dark Grapes1961
464Alpert,HThe Summer Lovers1961
465Piper,EBunny Lake is Missing1961
466Farris,JHarrison High1961
467Anderson,VBeware of Children1961
468Barr,GEpitaph for an Enemy1961
469Knowles,JA Separate Place1961
470  1961
472Shelton,JBrood of Fury1961
473Johnson,NThe World of Henry Orient1961
474Maugham,RBehind the Mirror1961
475Tutton,DThe Young Ones1961
476Danforth,HRThe D.A.'s Man1961
477Skou-Hansen,TThe Naked Trees1961
478Sholokov,MVirgin Soil Upturned1961
479Mayfield,JThe Hit1961
480  1961
481Bestic,AThe Girl Outside1961
482  1961
483Torres,TNot Yet1961
484Maugham,RCome to Dust1961
485Dos Passos,JThe Great Days1961
486Levi,AThe Good Wife1961
487Naughton,BLate Night on Watling Street1961
488MacInnes,CAbsolute Beginner1961
489Glaskin,GMA Change of Mind1961
490Schiff,PScollay Square1961
491Malamud,BThe Assistant1961
492Guerard,AJThe Bystander1961
493Dolci,DTo Feed the Hungry1961
494Petry,AThe Narrows1961
495Caute,DAt Fever Pitch1961
496  1961
497Roshwald,MLevel Seven1961
498Kale,SThe Fire Escape1961
499Curtis,JThere Ain't No Justice1961
501Goertz,AA Dream of Fuji1961
502  1961
503Maugham,RThe Man With Two Shadows1961
504  1961
506Baber,DGGod's Blind Eye1961
507O'Donovan,JThe Visited1961
509Keogh,TThe Fetish1961
510Gorham,COCarlotta McBride1961
511Stone,PANo Place to Run1961
512Sim,KBlack Rice1961
513Del Castillo,MThe Billsticker1961
514  1961
515  1961
516Mirabelli,EThe Burning Air1961
517Reymond,HThe Hellions1961
518  1961
519Tevis,WSThe Hustler1961
520Rochefort,CWarrior's Rest1961
521Bradbury,RThe Small Assassin1961
522Tuohy,FWarm Nights of January1962
523  1962
524  1962
525Rae,JThe Custard Boys1962
526  1962
527  1962
528Poli,FGentleman Convicts1962
529Livingstone,BBelle Out of Order1962
530Booton,KPlace of Shadows1962
531  1962
532Moretti,UA Street in Rome1962
533Holles,RCaptain Cat1962
534Kersh,GThe Ugly Face of Love1962
535Raven,SBrother Cain1962
536Piper,AEarly to Bed1962
537Longmore,LThe Dispossessed1962
538Malamud,BMagic Barrel1962
539Hardy,RLost Sentinel1962
540Murtagh,JMWho Live in Shadow1962
541  1962
542Nimier,RChildren of Circumstance1962
544  1962
545  1962
546  1962
547  1962
548Pearson,WFever in the Blood1962
549  1962
550Beck,BThe Priest1962
551Kubly,HVarieties of Love1962
552  1962
553Cameron,BThe Sins of Maria1962
554Kaye,TIt Had Been a Mild, Delicate Night1962
555Norman,JThe Nightwalkers1962
556Guimard,PThe Lottery1962

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