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D1Samuel W. TaylorThe Grinning Gismo
Keith ViningToo Hot for Hell
D2W. Colt MacDonaldBad Man's Return
J. Edward LeitheadBloody Hoofs
D3Kate ClugstonTwist the Knife Slowly
Mel CoultonThe Big Fix
D4Walter A. TompkinsRimrock Rider
L.B. PattenMassacre at White River
D5Harry WhittingtonDrawn to Evil
Eaton K. GoldthwaiteThe Scarlet Spade
D6William E. VanceThe Branded Lawman
Nelson NyePlunder Valley
D7Harry WhittingtonSo Dead My Love
Stephen RansomeI, The Executioner
D8Alan K. EchoisTerror Rides the Range
Tom WestGunsmoke Gold
D9Michael MorganDecay
Sherwood KingIf I Die Before I Wake
D10Leslie ScottThe Brazos Firebrand
Gordon YoungHell on Hoofs
D11Day KeeneMrs. Homicide
William L. StuartDead Ahead
D12Dean QwenThe Man From Boot Hill
Dan J. StevensWild Horse Range
D13Leslie EdgleyThe Judas Goat
Theodore S. DrachmanCry Plague!
D14George KilrainMaverick With a Star
Paul Evan LehmanVultures on Horseback
D15William Lee (William Burroughs)Junkie
Maurice HelbrantNarcotic Agent
D16Jules & Edmund de GoncourtGerminie
Paul BourgetCrime d' Amour
D17Roney ScottShakedown
Walter EricsonThe Darkness Within
D18J. Edward LeitheadThe Lead Slingers
Brad WardThe Hanging Hills
D19Leslie EdgleyFear No More
Mel ColtonNever Kill a Cop
D20Roy ManningThe Desperate Code
Alan K. EcholsDouble Cross Brand
D21John N. MakrisNightshade
Lester DentHigh Stakes
D22Leslie ScottBadlands Masquerader
Bliss LomaxMavericks of the Plains
D23Stuart BrockBring Back Her Body
Richard SalePassing Strange
D24Tom WestVulture Valley
John CallahanThe Sidewinders
D25P. G. WodehouseThe Code of the Wooster
P. G. WodehouseQuick Service
D26Charles PettitThe Impotent General
Harold Acton & Lee Yi-HsiehLove In a Junk & Other Exotic Tales
D27Bruno FischerThe Fingered Man
Mel ColtonDouble Take
D28Paul EvanGunsmoke Kingdom
William E. VanceAvenger from Nowhere
D29J F. HuttonDead Man Friday
Ross LaurenceThe Fast Buck
D30Brad WardJohnny Sundance
George KilrainSouth to Santa Fe
D31A. E. Van VogtUniverse Maker
A. E. Van VogtThe World of Null
D32Dorothy MaloneCookbook for Beginners
D33Carl G. HodgesMurder by the Pack
Frank KaneAbout Face
D34Ken MurrayHellion's Hole
Ken MurrayFeud in Piney Plato
D35Jack HoustonOpen All Night
Rae LoomisThe Marina Street Girls
D36Robert O. HowardConan the Conqueror
Leigh BrackettThe Sword of Rhiannon
D37Marvin ClaireThe Drowning Wire
Will OursierDeparture Delayed
D38Jim MayoShowdown at Yellow Butte
Bliss LomasOutlaw River
D39Frank GruberQuantrill's Raiders
Frank GruberRebel Road
D40William IrishWaltz Into Darkness
Malden Grange BishopScylla
D41Thomas B DeweyMourning After
Day KeeneDeath House Doll
D42Walker A. TompkinsOne Against a Bullet Horde
Charles M (Chuck) MartinLaw for Tombstone
D43George S Viereck & Paul EldridgeSalome, My First 2,000 Years of Love
D44Eric Frank RussellSentinels of Space
Don WollheimThe Ultimate Invader
D45Martin L. WeissDeath Hitches a Ride
Leslie Edgley.Tracked Down
D46Roy ManningVengeance Valley
Chuck MartinLaw From Back Beyond
D47Joe BarryKiss and Kill
Richard PowellOn the Hook
D48Jim MayoUtah Blame
Brad WardDesert Showdown
D49Charles GraysonThe Golden Temptress
Dan CushmanTongking!
D50Wilene ShawThe Mating Call
Doro GrantBan 'un
D51Lawrence TreatOver the Edge
Emmett McDowellSwitcheroo
D52Louis L'amourCrossfire Trail
William Coil MacDonaldBoomtown Buccaneers
D53Murray LeinsterGateway to Elsewhere
A E. Van VogtThe Weapon Shops of Isher
D54Carl OffordThe Naked Fear
D55Michael StarkKill-box
Robert TurnerThe Tobacco Auction Murders
D56Bliss LomaxAmbush at Coffin Canyon
Clement HardinHellbent for a Hangrope
D57Charles L LeonardTreachery in Trieste
A S. FleischmanCounterspy Express
D58Joachim JoestenVice, Inc
D59Robert BlochSpiderweb
David AlexanderThe Corpse in My Bed

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