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1Lewis,SElmer Gantry1941
2Fitzgerald,ERubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam1941
3Christie,AThe Big Four1941
4Hilton,JIll Wind1941
5Rhode,JDr Priestly Investigates1941
6Collins,WThe Haunted Hotel1941
7Carr,JDThe Plague Court Murders1941
8Walling,RAJThe Corpse In The Green Pajamas1941
9Crofts,FWWilling And Premeditated1941
10Freeman,RADr Thorndyke's Discovery1941
11Hecht,BCount Bruga1941
13Gregory,JMystery At Spanish Hacienda1942
14Thayer,TCall Her Savage1942
15Avon Book Of Modern Short Stories1942
16Walling,RAJMurder At Midnight1942
17Biggers,EDThe Agony Column1942
18Homes,GThe Man Who Murdered Himself1942
19Saroyan,W48 Saroyan Stories1942
20Stout,RThe League Of Frightened Men1942
21Rhode,JThe Avon Book Of Detective And Crime Stories1942
22Brush,KThe Redheaded Woman1942
23Sayers,DLSuspicious Characters1943
24Maugham,WSAshenden Or The British Agent1943
25Fowler,GTrumpet In The Dust1943
26Merritt,AASeven Footprints To Satan1943
27The Avon Book Of Puzzles1943
28Coward,NTonight At 8:301943
29Allingham,MThe Sabotage Murder Mystery1943
30Babcock,GVThe Gorgeous Ghoul Murder Case1943
31O'Hara,JDoctor's Son1943
32Daves,DStage Door Canteen1943
33Carr,JDThe Corpse In The Waxworks1943
34Charteris,LThe Saint Goes On1943
35Rhode,JPoison For One1943
36** Not Issued **1943
37Beeding,FCoffin For One1943
38Chandler,RThe Big Sleep1943
39Hilton,JRage In Heaven1943
40Sayers,DLIn The Teeth Of The Evidence1943
41Maugham,WSThe Narrow Corner1944
42Hilton,JThe Passionate Year1944
43Merritt,AABurn Witch Burn1944
44Charteris,LThe Saint In New York1944
45Vansittart,LGermany Past Present And Future1944
46Christie,ADeath On The Nile1944
47Fowler,GShoe The Wild Mare1944
48Spellman,FJThe Road To Victory1944
49Cheyney,PThe London Spy Murders1944
50Maugham,WSCakes And Ale1944
51Ferber,ENobody's In Town1944
52Bromfield,LThe Man Who Had Everything1944
53Tuttle,WCThe Mystery Of The Red Triangle1944
54Browne,LSee What I Mean1944
55Tarkington,BPresenting Lily Mars1944
57Wolfe,TThe Hills Beyond1944
58Hart,Winged Victory1944
59Wilder,THeaven's My Destination1945
60Cain,JMDouble Indemnity1945
61Christie,AMurder In Three Acts1945
62Stout,ROver My Dead Body1945
63Chandler,RFive Murderers1945
64Baum,VBack Stage1945
65Hershfield,HNow I'll Tell One1945
66Burnett,WRLittle Caesar1945
67Spellman,FJAction This Day1945
68Babcock,DVA Homicide For Hannah1945
69Smith,TThe Stray Lamb1945
70Christie,APoirot Loses A Client1945
71Charteris,LThe Saint Intervenes1945
72The Avon Story Teller1945
73Chase,MEA Goodly Heritage1945
74Lewis,SThe Ghost Patrol And Other Stories1945
75Christie,AThe Mysterious Affair At Styles1945
76Dietz,DAtomic Energy In The Coming Era1945
77Steinbeck,JThe Long Valley1945
78Coward,NTo Step Aside1946
79Hilton,JCatherine Herself1946
80Cheyney,PYou Can't Keep The Change1946
81Delmar,VBad Girl1946
82Stout,RThe Red Box1946
83Roberts,MSight Unseen And The Confession1946
84Sabatini,RMistress Wilding1946
85Christie,AThe Regatta Mystery1946
86Avon Mystery Story Teller1946
87DeMaupassant,GThe Private Affairs Of Bel Ami1946
88Chandler,RFive Sinister Characters1946
89Christie,ADeath In The Air1946
90Williams,HThe Avon Ghost Reader1946
91Gruber,FThe French Key Mystery1946
92Delmar,VLoose Ladies1946
93Cheyney,PThe Dark Street Murders1946
94O'Hara,JButterfield 81946
95Stout,RBlack Orchids1946
96Woolrich,CBlack Angel1946
97Brown,BWedding Ring1946
98Lawrence,DHThe Virgin And The Gypsy1946
99Cain,JMThe Embezzler1946
100Christie,ASecret Adversary1946

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