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Fitt,M - Three Sisters Flew Home
Casey,RJ - Hot Ice
Spenser,J - Crime Against Society
Wallace,D - The Gentle Heart
Palmer,S - The Puzzle Of The Pepper Tree
Eton,R - The Journey
Allen,AB - At The Sign Of The Griffon
Fletcher,HLV - Miss Agatha
Hall,W - Method Of Murder
Metcalfe,TW - Captain Viaud And Madame La Couture
Opie,P - The Case Of Being A Young Man
Sadleir,M - Desolate Splendour
Symonds,FA - Murder Of Me
Turner,JV - Death Must Have Laughed

Crime and Detection Titles
Jerome,OF - The Corpse Awaits
Reynolds,AL - The Triple Cross Murders
Wake,E - Death And Mrs Lovely
Young,GHR - The Talking Skull
Barry,J - The Fall Guy
Barry,J - The Triple Cross
Blocklinger,B - Murder Ta Lover's Lane
Boyd,EM - Murder Wears Mukluks
Boyd,EM - Murder Breaks Trail
Bruce,L - Case With Ropes And Rings
Craig,G - Four In Paradise
Fenwick,EP - Two Names For Death
Laing,P - Stone Dead
Lane,J - Jigger Moran
Lane,J - Kill Him Tonight
Mace,M - Blondes Don't Cry
Matschat,CH - Murder In Okefenokee
Mills,A - White Negro
Odlum,J - The Mirabilis Diamond
Roeburt,J - There Are Dead Men In Manhattan
Trimble,L - Murder Trouble
Fitt,M - Death At Dancing Stones

Romance Titles
Baily,FE - African Nymph
Bangert,EC - Rosemary And Rue
Brewster,E - Plenty Of Love
Blocklinger,B - Glamour Incorporated
Caddis,P - Cadet Nurse
Carew,J - First Girl
Craig,G - Flight Nurse
Diehl-Old,H - Jill, Movie Make
Humphries,A - Ann Star Staff Nurse
Le Vane,E - I'll Never Smile Again
Lindsay,P - Unashamed
Mills,A - Gentlemen Of Rio
Newcomb,N - Small Town Girl
Noble,E - Love And Learn
Sterling,S - Fireweed
Woodford,J - Her First Sin

Chosen Westerns
Cody,A - Beyond Deadline
Cole,J - Riders Of The Rimrock Trail
Fawcett,G - Doomsday Trail
Fawcett,G - Gun Fighter
Grinstead,JE - Hell's Acres
Grinstead,JE - Killers Of Green's Cove
Grinstead,JE - King Of Hualpi Valley
Holt,T - California Ranger
Holt,T - Outlaw's Trap
Holt,T - Trail Of Lost Men
Martin,C - Texas Law
Milne,CP - Utah Sims
Phillips,K - Smoke On The Range
Stanley,C - The Shorthorn Trail
Stanley,C - Showdown Guns
Stoddard,C - Killer Of Sheep River
Stoddard,C - Timber Beasts
Westland,L - Prairie Pioneers
Ferguson,W - Slash Hicks Deputy
Merrion,H - Rustlers Of Yellow Dust Valley
Stoddard,C - Tundra Trail
Martin,C - Rodeo Cowboy

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