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2Wren,PCMysterious Waye1937
3Bennett,ACity Of Pleasure1937
4Brandon,JGThe Snatch Game1937
5Wallace,ERoom 131937
6Sabatini,RThe Sea Hawk1937
7Horler,SBreed Of The Beverleys1937
8Brandon,JGThe Dragnet1937
9Stacpoole,HVMurder On The Fell1937
10Bloom,UMarriage Of Pierrot1937
11Graeme,BReturn Of Blackshirt1937
12Baldwin,FHonour Bound1937
13Horler,SLegend Of The League1937
14Thorndike,RDr Syn1938
15Yeats-Brown,FGreat Escapes I1938
16Wallace,EBig Foot1938
17Brandon,JGDeath Tolls The Gong1938
18Wallace,ECaptains Of Souls1938
19Foster,C1700 Miles In Open Boats1938
21Yeats-Brown,FGreat Escapes II1938
22Gerard,FFatal Friday1938
23Brandon,JGMcCarthy C.I.D.1938
24Houston ExpeditionThe First Over Everest1938
25Wallace,EFace In The Night1938
26Gerard,FNumber 1-2-31938
27Dilnot,GBlack Ace1938
28Wallace,EThe Twister1938
29Wallace,EThe Mixer1938
30Thorndike,RDr Syn Returns1938
32Gerard,FThe Black Emperor1938
33Wallace,EThe Man From Morocco1938
34Dilnot,GThe Crook's Game1938
35Hardy,JLI Escape1938
36Gerard,FThe Dictatorship Of The Dove1938
37Brandon,JGThe Mail-Van Mystery1938
38Wallace,EA King By Night1939
39Cobb,BNo Alibi1939
40Lambourne,JThe Kingdom That Was1939
41Gerard,FRed Rope1939
42Ronald,JHanging's Too Good1939
43Gielgud,VDeath At Broadcasting House1939
44Brandon,JGThe Bond Street Murders1939
45Gerard,FThe Secret Sceptre1939
46Ronald,JThey Can't Hang Me1939
47Rushton,CThe Murder Market1939
48Wallace,EThe Missing Million1939
49Fowler,SThe Secret Of The Screen1939
50Brandon,JGThe Case Of The Withered Hand1939
51Ronald,JMurder In The Family1939
52Beach,RSons Of The Gods1939
53Brandon,JGMurder At "The Yard"1939
54Ronald,JDeath Croons The Blues1939
55Meynell,LMDeath's Eye1939
56MacLeod,AGThe Case Of Matthew Crake1939
57Spenser,JFive Mutineers1939
58Gribble,LRSecret Of Tangles1939
59Marvell,HDeath As An Extra1939
61McCabe,CFace On The Cutting Room Floor1940
62Beeding,FHouse Of Dr Edwardes1940
63Weymouth,AFrozen Death1940
64Horn,HThe Purple Claw1940
65Hodson,JLSomewhere In France1940
66Newman,BThe Cavalry Goes Through1940
67Woodward,EHouse Of Terror1940
68Brandon,JG50 Pound Marriage Case1940
69Wright,FSIsland Of Captain Sparrow 1940
70Brock,AFurther Evidence1940
71Sunday TimesThe First Six Months1940
72Dove,PI Was Graf Spee's Prisoner1940
73Brandon,JGMurder In Soho1940
74Gerard,FGolden Guilt1940
76Wren,PCMysterious Waye1940
77Wallace,ERoom 131940
78Webb,GEpics Of The RAF1940
79Tevnan,JNorway Invaded1940
80Thorndike,RDr Syn On The High Seas1940
81Stacpoole,HMurder On The Fell1940
82Graeme,BThe Return Of Blackshirt1940
83Brandon,JGMcCarthy C.I.D.1940
84Mosley,LParachutes Over Holland1940
85Brandon,JGThe Hand Of Seeta1940
86Gerard,FThe Prince Of Paradise1940
87Baxter,GDeath Strikes At 6 Bells1940
88Wallace,EBig Foot1940
89Thorndike,RDr Syn1940
90Thorndike,RDr Syn Returns1940
91Wallace,ECaptains Of Souls1940
92  1940
93Roche,ASThe Case Against Mrs Ames1940
94Woodward,ERace Gang1940
95Gerard,FEmerald Embassy1940
96Hodson,JLGentlemen Of Dunkirk1940
97Yeats-Brown,FGreat Escapes I1940
98Dilnot,GThe Black Ace1940
99Wallace,EFace in The Night1940
100Sunday TimesThe Second Six Months1940
101Gribble,LRTragedy In E Flat1940
102Roche,ASThe Star Of Midnight1940
103Gerard,FThe Black Emperor1940
104Brandon,JGDeath Tolls The Gong1940
105Sabatini,RThe Sea Hawk1940
106Fowler,SThe Hanging Of Constance Hillier1940
107Rushton,CTerror Tower 1940
108Woodward,EThe Sky's The Limit1940
109Wilmot,JRDeath In The Stalls1940
110Ronald,JThis Way Out1940
111Roche,ASHard To Get1940
112Meriton,PThree Die At Midnight1940
113Adams,HThe Queen's Gate Mystery1940
114Wright,SFBeyond The Rim1940
115Weymouth,AThe Doctors Are Doubtful1941
116Hamilton,EMurder In The Fox1941
117Holt,HGallows Grange1941
118Wallace,FLittle Hercules1941
119Weymouth,AHard Liver1941
120Woodward,EThe Gamblers1941
121Carey,BThe Dangerous Isles1941
122Ashton,CMurder In Make-Up1941
123Newman,BSecrets Of German Espionage1941
124Guise,SThe Falcon Mystery1941
125Sonin,RThe Dance Band Mystery1941
126Kingston,CThe Guilty House1941
127Gribble,LRThe Case Of The Marsden Rubies1941
128Ashton,CCalamity Comes To Flenton1941
129Walsh,JMThe Black Cross1941
130Sunday TimesThe Third Six Months1941
131Ashton,CDeath Greets A Guest1941
132Grey,LThe Signet Of Death1941
133King,SDeath Carries A Cane1941
134Woodward,EDr Greenfingers1941
135Walsh,JMThe Hairpin Mystery1941
136Brandon,JGThe Mark of the Tong1941
137Roche,ASHonest Crook1941
138Robertson,CThe Yellow Strangler1941
139Walsh,JMThe Silver Greyhound1941
140Gribble,LRThe Stolen Home Secretary1941
141Rice,CDeath At Three1941
142Millward,EJThe House of Wraith1941
143Fletcher,JSMurder In Four Degrees1941
144Keyes,MThe Murder Cruise1941
145Vaizey,GGuile Wears a Coronet1941
146Hunter,JThe Three Crows1941
147Brandon,JGThe Night Club Murder1941
148Gribble,LRThe Yellow Bungalow Mystery1941
149Sunday TimesThe Fourth Six Months1941
150O'Hanlon,JAs Good As Murder1941
151Tevnan,JNorway Invaded1941
152Wood,ACastle Dangerous1941
153Fowler,SThe Jordans Murder1942
154Hunter,JThe Man Behind1942
155Plain,JSecret Of the Sandbank1942
156Sprigg,CSThe Perfect Alibi1942
157Cobb,BLike A Guilty Thing1942
158Woodward,EPanther Face1942
159Taylor,PA The Mystery Of The Cape Cod Tavern1942
160Seifert,SDeeds Ill Done1942
161Brandon,JGThe Frame Up1942
162Fletcher,JSWho Killed Alfred Snowe1942
163Sprigg,CCrime in Kensington1942
164Sunday TimesThe Fifth Six Months1942
165Wood,AThe Man Who Came Back1942
166Barker,HThe Man They Could Not Kill1942
167Edmonds,HThe East Coast Mystery1942
168Roche,ASDeath Has A Wedding Guest1942
169Knight,KMThe Tainted Token1942
170Knight,KMSeven Were Suspect1942
171Rushton,CThe Doctor From Devil's Island1942
172Sunday TimesThe Sixth Six Months1942
173Knight,KMBells for the Dead1943
174Flynn,BThe Case of the Black Twenty-Two1943
175Horler,SThe Grim Game1943
176Knight,KMExit A Star1943
177Hunter,JDead Man's Gate1943
178Hamilton,ESome Unknown Hand1943
179Knight,KMTerror By Twilight1943
180Sunday TimesThe Seventh Six Months1943
181Adams,HThe Scarlet Feather1943
182Fox,JMJourney Into Danger1943
183Wells,SDeath Is My Name1943
184West,GMurder In Mayfair1943
185West,GMurder for Charity1943
186Sunday TimesThe Eighth Six Months1943
187Barker,CHDark Road Of Danger1943
188Homes,GSeven Died1943
189Hunter,JWhen The Gunmen Came1944
190Davis,NRendevous With Fear1944
191Ashton,CFate Strikes Twice1944
192Sunday TimesThe Ninth Six Months1944
193Wood,ASerenade For Murder1944
194Walsh,JMThe Mystery Of The Green Caterpillars1944
195Woodward,ETiger Tooth1944
196Sunday TimesCrossword Book1944
197Montgomery,IDeath Won the Prize1944
198Sunday TimesThe Tenth Six Months1944
199Barker,CHThe Hallam Moor Mystery1944
200Gribble,LRThe Grand Modena Murder1944
201Wood,SASinister Island1945
202Adams,HFate Laughs1945
203Sunday TimesThe Eleventh Six Months1945
204Homes,GThen There Were Three1945
205Gribble,LRMystery At Tudor Arches1945
206Grey,LMurder in the Sanctuary1945
207Collins,GHorror Comes To Thripplands1945
208Rimel,DWMotive For Murder1945
209Sunday TimesThe Twelfth Six Months1945
210Bush,CDead Man's Music1945
211Holt,HThe Necklace of Death1945
212Baxter,GMurder Could Not Kill1945
213Leitfred,RHThe Corpse That Spoke1945
214Quick,DPeril At Dune's Edge1945
215Armstrong,CDeath Filled The Glass1945
216Gribble,LThe Carlent Manor Crime1946
217  1946
218Curry,MS Come Sweet Death1946
219Forrest,NDeath Took A Greek God1946
220Knight,KMDeath Came Dancing1946
221Collins,GThe Haven Of Unrest1946
222Bush,CDead Man Twice1946
223Wood,AStreet Paved With Water1946
224Forrest,NDeath Took a Publisher1946
225Gribble,LRTransatlantic Trouble1946
226Punshon,ERThe Blue John Diamond1946
227Robertson,CThe Marble Tomb Mystery1946
228Ronald,JDeath Croons The Blues1946
229Homes,GSix Silver Handles1946
230  1946
231Bruce,LCase Without A Corpse1946
232Rimel,DWThe Jury Is Out1947
233Sunday TimesCrossword Book1947
234Ronald,JSix Were To Die1947
235Gluck,SDeath Comes to Dinner1947
236  1947
237Ashton,CHere's Murder Done1947
238Ledbrooke,AWThe Springboks Here Again1947
239Carnac,CDeath in the Diving Pool1947
240Ronald,JMurder For Cash1947
241Whitelaw,DThe Master Of Merlains1947
242Clevely,HThree Wooden Overcoats1947
243Clark,DPThe Woman In Shadow1947
244Duncan,FDangerous Mr X1947
245Page,MSuspects All1948
246Keverne,ROpen Verdict1948
247Muir,AThe Man Who Stole The Crown Jewels1948
248Marlett,MWitness in Peril1948
249  1948
250Cobb,BDouble Detection1948
251Mason,AEWThe Sapphire1948
252  1948
253Grierson,FThe Mad Hatter Murder1948
254Schofield,WGPayoff In Black1948
255  1948
256Chance,JNDeath Of An Innocent1948
257Gribble,LWho Killed Oliver Cromwell1948
258Bunyan,JPilgrim's Progress1949
259Muir,AThe House Of Lies1949
260Thomas,CProminent Among The Mourners1949
261Tanner,MCut And Run1949
262Bush,CThe Case Of The Corporal's Leave1949
263Foley,RNo Tears For The Dead1949
264Adams,HThe Knife1949
265Chance,JNMurder In Oils1949
266  1949
267Sanders,BDeadly Jade1949
268Bude,JThe Cheltenham Square Murder1949
269  1949
270Heberden,VThe Case Of The Eighth Brother1949
271Wood,AThe River Will Hide Me1949
272Weymouth,ACornish Crime1949
273Rice,CThe Corpse Steps Out1949
274Woodward,EDead Man's Plaything1950
275Sanders,BBlonde Blackmail1950
276  1950
277Bude,JThe Sussex Downs Murder1950
278Cobb,BInspector Burman's Busiest Day1950
279Quick,DThe Cry In The Night1950
280  1950
281Dalton,MThe Art School Murders1950
282Russell,CMHand Me A Crime1950
283Trevor,ACDeath Haunts the Lounge1951
285Stacpoole,HMurder On The Fell1951
286Shaw,FHParadise Island 1951
287Wren,PCBeau Ideal1951
288McCabe,CThe Face On The Cutting Room Floor1951
289Wren,PCUniform Of Glory1951
290Sonin,RThe Dance Band Mystery1951
291Gruber,FThe Scarlet Feather1951
292Wren,PCThe Man Of A Ghost1952
293Gruber,FThe Silver Jackass1952
294Maybury,AThe Secret Of The Rose1952
295Hardy,RRustler King1952
296Quentin,PPuzzle For Wantons1952
297Maybury,AThe Music Of Our House1952
298Halleran,EEOutlaw Guns1952
299Hardy,RSilver Hills1952
300Campbell,RDeath In Tiger Valley1952
301Quentin,PPuzzle For Players1952
302Harrison,MThe House In Fishergate1952
303Halleran,EERustler's Canyon1952
304Shaw,FHAtlantic Gold1953
305Wood,AThe Prom Concert Murders1953
306Bloom,UAdam's Daughter1953
307Friend,OJThe Bullet Eater1953
308Hardy,RThe Saga Of Gary Gold1953
309Hardy,RSycamore Canyon 1953
310Rice,CThe Wrong Murder1953
311Shaw,FHSea Witch1953
Cherry Tree Fantasy Books
400Long,FBJohn Carstairs Space Detective1951
401Friend,OJThe Kid From Mars1951
402Coblentz,SAThe Sunken World1951
403Wollheim,DAFlight Into Space1951
404Leinster,MThe Last Space Ship1952
405Tweed,TFGabriel Over The Whitehouse1952
407Russell,EFSinister Barrier1952
408Campbell,JWThe Thing1952
409Hubbard,LRTypewriter In The Sky1952
410Walsh,JMVanguard To Neptune1952
411Dubois,TSolution T-251952

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