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500Spring,HShabby Tiger
501Macaulay,RGoing Abroad
502Walmsley,LSally Lunn
503BerkeleyNurse Edith Cavell
504Ware,JThe Lion Has Wings
505Bell,NThe Gas War Of 1940
506Macaulay,RI Would Be Private
507Wallace,DLatter Howe
508Houghton,CThe Riddle Of Helena
510Bell,NThe Truth About My Father
511Collodi,CThe Adventures Of Pinnochio
512Swift,JGulliver's Travels
513Farrell,MJThe Rising Tide
514Morrison,NABThe Gowk Storm
515Bell,NPinkney's Garden
516Wallace,DThe Faithful Compass
517Sharp,MThe Nutmeg Tree
519Brophy,JThe Ridiculous Hat
520Drawbell,JWFilm Lady
521Bell,NDeath Rocks The Cradle
522Houghton,CHudson Rejoins The Herd

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