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101Horton,RJThe Crow Flies West
102Macdonald,WCKing Of Crazy River
103Robertson,TFreewater Range
104Sanders,CWHell And High Water
105Tuttle,WCThe Santa Dolores Stage
106LeMay,AThunder In The Dust
107Bennet,RAThe Two-Gun Girl
108Horton,RJThe Forgotten Hills
109LeMay,AThe Cattle Kingdom
110Macdonald,WCThe Man From The Desert
111Sanders,CWTimber Trail
112Tuttle,WCHashknife Of Canyon Trail
113Pendexter,HThe Flaming Frontier
114Sanders,CWThe Man From Michigan
115Tuttle,WCHidden Blood
117Macdonald,WCRestless Guns
118Horton,RJThe Trail Of The Buzzard
119Sanders,CWSix-Gun Justice
120Tuttle,WCThe Keeper Of Red Horse Pass
121Bennet,RAThe Girl Of Diamond A
122Robertson,TThe Man Branders
123Tuttle,WCThe Loot Of The Lazy F
124Sanders,CWCavalier Of The West
125Tuttle,WCThe Silver Bar Mystery
126Sanders,CWBlack Blood
127Horton,RJThe Wellwisher
128Pendexter,HThe Dark Road
129Robertson,TBandits Of The Barrens
130Macdonald,WCGun Country
131Sanders,CWCrooked Trails
132Tuttle,WCRifled Gold
134Bennet,RAThe Rough Rider
135Horton,RJThe Six Shooter Kid
136Macdonald,WCRoamin' Holiday
137Macdonald,WCRoarin' Lead
138Robertson,TThe Fight For River Range
139Sanders,CWWinged Bullets
140Tuttle,WCRustler's Roost
141Tuttle,WCSpooky Riders
142Ward,DHair Triggers
143Horton,RJLennister Of Blue Dome
144Horton,RJBannister Of Marble Range
145Macdonald,WCGhost Town Gold
146Robertson,TRound Up Trail
147Tuttle,WCHorse Shoe Luck
148Sanders,CWHardboiled Sperling
149Ward,DRestless Riders
150Macdonald,WCRed Riders Of Smoky Range
151Bennet,RADawn Riders
152Tuttle,WCRocky Rhodes
153Horton,RJForgotten Hills
154Sanders,CWVengeance Trail
155Curran,TThe Last Bullet
156Curran,TRidin' Fool
157Macdonald,WCDeputy Of Carabina
160Tuttle,WCThe Turquoise Trail
166Tuttle,WCShotgun Gold
167Robertson,TKingdom For A Horse
168Short,LGauntlet Of Fire
169Dawson,PTrail Boss
170Ermine,WBrave In The Saddle
172LeMay,AUseless Cowboy
173Tuttle,WCValley Of Vanishing Herds
174Robertson,TKingdom For A Horse
175Macrae,MThe Doctor Of Painted Springs
176Lee,RRed Shirt
177Tuttle,WCTin God Of Twisted River
178Robertson,TRustlers On The Loose
179Lee,RThe Silver Train
180Robertson,TGetley's Gold
181Marshall,GDesperadoes Of Diablo
182Dawson,PStagline Feud
183SmithThe Red Steer
184Short,LBought With A Gun
185Robertson,TThe Roaring Sixties
186Lee,ROutlaws Of Pophir Creek
187Marshall,GRed Mesas
188Robertson,TThe Noose Hangs High
189Tuttle,WCValley Of Vanishing Herds
190Short,LRide The Man Down
191Dawson,PTime To Ride
192wMacrae,MThe Scarlet Saddle
193wLee,RTangled Brands
194wDawson,PTrail Boss
195wFox,NASilent In The Saddle
196wGregory,JBorder Line
197wRobertson,FCRound-up In The River
198wShort,LAnd The Wind Blows Free
199wTuttle,WCWolf Creek Valley
200wFox,NADead End Trail
201wRobertson,THoofbeats In The Night
202wFox,NAThe Rider From Yonder
203wDawson,PLong Ride
204wFox,NAThe Thirsty Land
206wDawson,PHigh Lonesome
207wFox,NAThe Phantom Spur
208wMarshall,GBuffalo Valley
209wDawson,PThe Stirrup Boss
210wFox,NAShadow On The Range
211wMarshall,GOld Panther Foot
212wRobertson,TThe Sheriff Of Crow Country
213wShort,LSaddle By Starlight
214wFox,NThe Thirsty Land
215wDawson,PBattle Royal
216wMarshall,GHair Trigger
217wRobertson,TQuicker On The Draw
218wFox,NAGhostly Hoofbeats
219wDawson,PHigh Lonesome
220wShort,LCoroner Creek
221wRobertson,TThe Road To Paint Rock
222wRobertson,TIdaho Range
223wMarshall,GDown Mexico Way

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