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1Ketchum,PDeath In The Library19xx
2Wentworth,PDead Or Alive19xx
3Jones,JMurder On Hudson19xx
4Queen,EThe American Gun Mystery19xx
5Coxe,GHFour Frightened Women19xx
6Ford,LIll Met By Moonlight19xx
7Blochman,LGSee You At The Morgue19xx
8Christie,AThe Tuesday Club Murders19xx
9Stout,RDouble For Death19xx
10Vance,LJThe Lone Wolf19xx
11Ransome,SHearses Don't Hurry19xx
12Baldwin,FWife vs. Secretary19xx
13Popkin,ZDeath Wears A White Gardenia19xx
14Homes,GThe Doctor Died At Dusk19xx
15Disney,DC The Golden Swan Murders19xx
16Dickson,CThe Unicorn Murders19xx
17Reilly,HThe Dead Can Tell19xx
18Palmer,SThe Puzzle Of The Silver Persian19xx
19Bonnell,JFDeath Over Sunday19xx
20Adams,SHTambay Gold19xx
21Leske,GI Was A Nazi Flyer19xx
22King,RHomicide Holiday19xx
23Halliday,BThe Private Practice Of Michael Shayne19xx
24Leroux,GThe Phantom Of The Opera19xx
25Eberhart,MGSpeak No Evil19xx
26Trumbull,RThe Raft19xx
27Coxe,GHThe Camera Clue19xx
28Stout,RThe Mountain Cat Murders19xx
29Polsky,TCurtains For The Copper19xx
30Brennan,FHMemo To A Firing Squad19xx
31Hughes,DBThe Fallen Sparrow19xx
32MacCormac,JThis Time For Keeps19xx
33McCloy,HDance Of Death19xx
34Scott,MSCrime Hound19xx
35Olsen,DBThe Cat Saw Murder19xx
36Frome,DThe Hammersmith Murders19xx
37Johnston,SQueen Of The Flat-tops19xx
38Cavanah,FLiberty Laughs19xx
39King,RMurder Challenges Valcour19xx
40Rinehart,MRThe Case Of Jennie Brice19xx
41Homes,GThe Man Who Didn't Exist19xx
42Hunt,PMurder At Scandal House19xx
43Blochman,LGMidnight Sailing19xx
44Heard,HFReply Paid19xx
45Stout,RToo Many Crooks19xx
46Christie,AThe Boomerang Clue19xx
47Biggers,EDKeeper Of The Keys19xx
48Hughes,DBThe Cross-eyed Bear Murders19xx
49Wallace,EThe Feathered Serpent19xx
50Kendrick,BThe Iron Spiders19xx
51Gaines,AWhile The Wind Howled19xx
52Yates,GWThe Body That Wasn't Uncle19xx
53Hammett,DBlood Money19xx
54Fuller,THarvard Has A Homicide19xx
55Petersen,HThe D.A.'s Daughter19xx
56Roos,KThe Frightened Stiff19xx
57Rinehart,MRMurder At The White Cat19xx
58Coxe,GHMurder For The Asking19xx
59Fair,AATurn On The Heat19xx
60Christie,AThirteen At Dinner19xx
61Ford,LThe Clue Of The Judas Tree19xx
62Disney,DC The Strawstack Murders19xx
63Reilly,HMourned On Sunday19xx
64Halliday,BBlood On The Black Market19xx
65Dickson,CScotland Yard Dept. Of Queer Complaints19xx
66Wells,AMA Talent For Murder19xx
67Water,FFVHidden Ways19xx
68Lewis,LJuliet Dies Twice19xx
69Rawson,CDeath From A Top Hat19xx
70Stout,RThe Red Bull19xx
71Popkin,ZMurder In The Mist19xx
72McCloy,HThe Man In The Moonlight19xx
73Baldwin,FWeek-end Marriage19xx
74Foomer,HThe Murder That Had Everything19xx
75Knight,CThe Affair Of The Scarlet Crab19xx
76Disney,DC Death In The Back Seat19xx
77Neilsen,LG.I. Jokes19xx
78Halliday,BMurder Wears A Mummer's Mask19xx
79Fischer,BThe Hornet's Nest19xx
80Lees,HPrescription For Murder19xx
81Coxe,GHThe Glass Triangle19xx
82Polsky,TCurtains For The Editor19xx
83Eberhart,MGWith This Ring19xx
84Fair,AAGold Comes In Bricks19xx
85Wylie,PThe Savage Gentleman19xx
86Homes,GThe Man Who Murdered Goliath19xx
87Cores,LPainted For The Kill19xx
88Abbot,AThe Creeps19xx
89Cavanah,FDell Book Of Jokes19xx
90Hammett,DA Man Called Spade19xx
91Carr,JDCase Of The Constant Suicides19xx
92Hitchcock,ASuspense Stories19xx
93Abbey,KBeyond The Dark19xx
94Popkin,ZNo Crime For A Lady19xx
95Kendrick,BThe Last Express19xx
96Offord,LGSkeleton Key19xx
97Wire,HCTrail Boss Of Indian Beef19xx
98Taylor,PASpring Harrowing19xx
99Prouty,OH Now Voyager19xx
100Hughes,DBThe So Blue Marble19xx

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