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1Armstrong,TThe Crowthers Of Bankdam1953
2Williams,EThe Wooden Horse1953
3Collins,NLondon Belongs To Me1953
4Innes,HThe White South1953
5Geer,AThe Sea Chase1953
6Bryant,AEnglish Saga1953
7Christie,AA Murder Is Announced1953
8Cheyney,POne Of Those Things1953
9Spring,HFame Is The Spur1953
10Balchin,NThe Small Back Room1953
11Roberts,KNorthwest Passage 1953
12Stevenson,DE Miss Bun The Baker's Daughter1953
13Field,RAll This And Heaven Too1954
14Ullman,JRThe White Tower1954
15Christie,AThey Came To Baghdad1954
16Innes,HThe Blue Ice1954
17Holtby,WSouth Riding1954
18Ashton,HYeoman's Hospital1954
19Cheyney,PLady Behave!1954
20Marsh,NDeath At The Bar1954
21Caldwell,TThis Side Of Innocence1954
23Christie,AThe Seven Dials Mystery1954
24Siefert,EThe Doctor Dares1954
25Sharp,MBritannia Mews1954
26Blake,GThe Shipbuilders1954
27Cheyney,PLadies Won't Wait1954
29Turnbull,ASThe Rolling Years1954
30Farran,RWinged Dagger1954
31Christie,ALord Edgeware Dies1954
32Streatfield,NMothering Sunday1954
33Henriques,RThrough The Valley1954
34Balchin,NDarkness Falls From The Air1954
35Cheyney,PThis Man Is Dangerous1954
36Garve,AMurder In Moscow1954
38Bodkin,TThe Approach To Painting1954
39Derby,MMalayan Rose1954
40Spring,HShabby Tiger1954
41Christie,AMrs McGinty's Dead1955
42Stevenson,DE Young Mrs Savage1955
43Coxhead,EOne Green Bottle1955
44Cloete,STurning Wheels1955
45Cheyney,PThe Urgent Hangman1955
46Streatfield,NAunt Clara1955
49Lewis,CSThe Screwtape Letters1955
50Lewis,CSMere Christianity1955
51Davenport,MThe Valley Of Decision1955
52Verne,J20,000 Leagues Under The Sea1955
53Meynell,LThe Lady On Platform One1955
54Innes,HAir Bridge 1955
55Roberts,KThe Lively lady1955
56Howard,LBirds As Individuals1955
57Marsh,NFinal Curtain1955
58Ashton,HDoctor Serocold1955
59Spring,HMy Son, My Son1955
60Walmsley,LLove In The Sun1955
61Cheyney,PNever A Dull Moment1955
62Williams,EThe Tunnel1955
63Nordhoff,CMutiny On The Bounty1955
64Fergusson,BBeyond The Chindwin1955
65Siefert,EThe New Doctor1955
66Macdonald,PMurder Gone Mad1955
67Collins,NBlack Ivory1955
68Edwards,MCargo Of Horses1955
69Steen,MRose Tinson1955
70Christie,AThe Hollow1955
71Balchin,NA Way Through The Wood1955
72Symons,JBland Beginning1955
73Sharp,MCluny Brown1955
74Cheyney,PDark Hero1955
75Gaskin,CThis Other Eden1955
76Garve,AThe Cuckoo Line Affair1955
77LaMure,PMoulin Rouge1955
78Drummond,ADReturn Ticket1955
79Derby,MElement Of Risk1955
80Christie,AThey Do It With Mirrors1955
81Crompton,JLife Of The Spider1955
82Kielland,ALive Dangerously1955
84Innes,HWreckers Must Breathe1955
85Phillips,JBLetters To Young Churches1955
86Phillips,JBMaking Men Whole1955
87Howarth,DThe Shetland Bus1955
88Spring,HRachel Rosing1955
89Macdonald,PThe Noose1955
90Melville,HMoby Dick1955
91Stevenson,DE Music In The Hills1956
92Turnbull,ASThe Bishop's Mantle1956
93Marsh,NSwing Brother Swing1956
94Sharp,MThe Stone Of Chastity1956
95Bennett,KThe Devil's Current1956
96Cheyney,PDon't Get Me Wrong1956
97Bengtsson,FGThe Long Ships1956
98Seifert,EDr Bill1956
99Innes,HCampbell's Kingdom1956
100Saint AugustineThe Confessions of Saint Augustine1956
101Vann,GThe Divine Pity1956
102Meynell,LParty Of Eight1956
103Short,LPlay A Lone Hand1956
104MacArthur,TWThey Sailed For Senegal1956
105Richardson Fontana Bird Guide1956
106Crier,JTreasure Divining Holidays1956
107Cheyney,PThe Stars Are Dark1956
108Nordhoff & HallMen Against The Sea1956
109Cloete,SWatch For The Dawn1956
110Christie,AAfter The Funeral1956
111Ashton,HPeople In Cages1956
112De Madariaga,SThe Heart Of Jade1956
113Fox,NFeathered Sombrero1956
114Christie,AWhy Didn't They Ask Evans1956
115Derby,MTrail Of Treason1956
116Lanham,PBlanket Boy's Moon1956
117  1956
118Verne,JRound The World In 80 Days1956
120Farrer,AA Short Bible1956
121Herzog,MAnnapurna 1956
122Motley,WKnock On Any Door1956
123Cheyney,PThe Dark Street1956
124Balchin,NA Sort Of Traitors1956
125Neil,WThe Plain Man Looks At The Bible1956
126Denman,EAlone To Everest1956
127Walker,DStorm And The Silence1956
128Garve,AA Press Of Suspects1956
130Wren,PCBeau Geste1956
131Spring,HHard Facts1956
132Fergusson,BThe Wild Green Earth1956
133PontThe British Character1956
134Blake,NThere's Trouble Brewing1956
135Macdonald,PThe Rasp1956
136Williams,EThe Escapers1956
137Symons,JThe Narrowing Circle1956
138Davy,CBrown Paper Twice1956
139Ullman,JRWindom's Way1956
140Benson,BGirl In The Cage1956
141Needham,VThe Black Riders1956
142Hammond,RCocos Gold1956
143Fitzroy,OOrders To Poach1956
144Pullein-Thompson,DI Wanted A Pony1956
146Lewis,CSThe Problem of Pain1956
147Bernanos,GThe Diary of a Country Priest1956
148Schweitzer,AOn The Edge Of The Primeval Forest1956
149Barke,JThe Wind That Shakes the Barley1956
150Stout,RThe Silent Speaker1956
151Boulle,PBridge Over The River Kwai1956
152LeMay,AThe Searchers1956
153Cleary,JClimate Of Courage1956
154Hollis,CDeath Of A Gentleman1957
155Christie,AMurder Of Roger Ackroyd1957
156Cost,MThe Hour Awaits1957
157Earl,LCrocodile Hunt1957
158Brickhill,PReach For The Sky1957
159Stevenson,DEVittoria Cottage1957
160Wilson,EThe Scrolls From The Dead Sea1957
161Cheyney,PYou Can't Keep The Change1957
162Butterfield,HChristianity and History1957
163Seifert,ETake Three Doctors1957
164Balchin,NSundry Creditors1957
165Macdonald,PThe Crime Conductor1957
166Christie,ACards On The Table1957
167Stanley,LTFontana Golf Book1957
168Rutherford,DGrand Prix Murder1957
169Cheyney,PYou Can Call It A Day1957
170Fitter,RSRFontana Wild Flower Guide1957
171Huddleston,TNaught For Your Comfort1957
172Nordhoff,CBPitcairn's Island1957
173Robles,EDawn On Our Darkness1957
174McGivern,WRogue Cop1957
175Christie,AHercule Poirot's Christmas1957
176McInnes,HPray For A Brave Heart1957
177Benson,BTarget In Taffeta1957
178Phillips,JBThe Gospels in Modern English1957
179Cheyney,PYou're Dead My Lovely1957
180Spring,HA Sunset Touch1957
181Cloete,SThe Curve and the Tusk1957
182Derby,MOut of Asia Alive1957
183Gorham,CThe Gold of Their Bodies1957
184Christie,AThree Act Tragedy1957
185Turnbull,ASThe Day Must Dawn1957
186Garve,ARiddle Of Samson1957
187Farran,RJungle Chase1957
188Cheyney,PThey Never Say When1957
189Brick,JThe King's Rangers1957
190Steen,MAnna Fitzalan1957
191Neville,MMurder in Rockwater1957
192Patchett,MWild Brother1957
193Carmichael,HMoney for Murder1957
194Meynell,LThe Frightened Man1957
195Christie,ADeath in the Clouds1957
196Caldwell,TNever Victorious, Never Defeated1957
197Carr,GDeath Under Snowdon1957
198Seifert,EDoctor of Mercy1957
199Whale,JSChristian Doctrine1957
200Howarth,DGroup Flashing Two1957
201Howard,HBowman on Broadway1957
202Short,LSilver Rock1957
203McGivern,WThe Darkest Hour1957
204Stephen,DString Lug the Fox1957
205Fitzgerald,NMidsummer Malice1957
206Innes,HThe Lonely Skier1957
207Fox,NBroken Wagon1957
208Stevenson,DEWinter and Rough Weather1957
209Cheyney,PDangerous Curves1957
210Barke,JThe Song in the Green Thorn Tree1957
211Bennett,KDangerous Knowledge1957
212Christie,AEvil Under the Sun1957
213Innes,HThe Angry Mountain1957
214Ross,NWThe Left Hand is the Dreamer1957
215Hugo,VThe Hunchback of Notre Dame1957
216Christie,AA Pocket Full of Rye1958
217Howarth,DEscape Alone1958
218Seifert,EDr Woodward's Ambition1958
220McGivern,WMargin of Terror1958
221Schweitzer,AMore From the Primeval Forest1958
222Cheyney,PYou Can't Hit A Woman1958
223Gaskin,CSara Dane1958
224Marsh,NScales of Justice1958
225Derby,MThe Sunlit Ambush1958
226Dodd,CHThe Meaning of Paul for Today1958
227Fox,NThe Phantom Spur1958
228Christie,ADestination Unknown1958
229Stevenson,DERochester's Wife1958
230Benson,BThe Burning Fuse1958
231Shapiro,LThe Sixth of June1958
232Cheyney,PI'll Say She Does1958
233Fergusson,BThe Rare Adventure1958
234Macdonald,PThe Nursemaid Who Disappeared1958
235Innes,HDead and Alive1958
236Arnothy,CI Am Fifteen and I Do Not Want to Die1958
237Christie,AHickory Dickory Dock1958
238Balchin,NThe Fall of the Sparrow1958
239Benson,BThe Silver Cobweb1958
240Garve,AThe End of the Track1958
241Siefert,ESurgeon in Charge1958
242Bachmann,LThe Phoenix1958
243Bainton,RHSex, Love and Marriage1958
244Cheyney,PCan Ladies Kill?1958
245Symons,JThe Paper Chase1958
246Sharp,MThe Nutmeg Tree1958
247Cheyney,PUneasy Terms1958
248Crawley,AEscape from Germany1958
250Christie,ADumb Witness1958
251Rutherford,DThe Perilous Sky1958
252Carmichael,HThe Dead of the Night1958
253Maclean,AH.M.S. Ulysses1958
254Ullman,JRBanner in the Sky1958
255Stout,RMore Deaths Than One1958
256Macdonald,PThe White Crow1958
257La Mure,PBeyond Desire1958
258Christie,AMystery Of The Blue Train1958
259Marsh,NDeath And The Dancing Footman1958
260Coulson,CAScience and Christian Belief1958
261Rayner,DAThe Enemy Below1958
262Ertz,SCharmed Circle1958
263Christie,APartners in Crime1958
264Meynell,LThe Bright Face of Danger1958
265Ferrars,EHunt The Tortoise1958
266Baron,AThe Golden Princess1958
267Fox,NNight Passage1958
268Howes,FFontana Guide to Orchestral Music1958
269Sharp,MThe Flowering Thorn1958
270Blake,NA Tangled Web1958
271Werfel,FThe Song of Bernadette1958
272Short,LAnd the Wind Blows Free1958
273Huxley,AThe Perennial Philosophy1958
274Short,LRide the Man Down1958
275Arley,CWoman Of Straw1958
276Lisieux,TAutobiography of a Saint1958
277Stevenson,DECharlotte Fairlie1958
278Cleary,JThe Sundowners1958
279KierkegaardThe Journals1958
280Waddell,HPeter Abelard1958
281Kuhn,RCDying We Live1958
282Christie,AWitness for the Prosecution1958
283Mason,RThe Passionate Summer1958
284Howard,HBowman at a Venture1958
285Bawden,NThe Solitary Child1958
286Carmichael,HPut Out That Star1958
287Blake,NEnd Of Chapter1959
288Howard,HThe Long Night1959
289Garve,AThe Narrow Search1959
290Fitzgerald,NThe Rosy Pastor1959
291Rutherford,DThe Long Echo1959
292McGivern,WThe Seven File1959
293Turnbull,ASThe Gown of Glory1959
294Meynell,LThe Man No One Knew1959
295Balchin,NMine Own Executioner1959
296Mercer,CRachel Cade1959
297Innes,HThe Mary Deare1959
298Lindop,AEThe Singer Not The Song1959
299Christie,AMurder on the Orient Express1959
300Gaskin,CAll Else Is Folly1959
301Short,LThe Gold Rustlers1959
302Mason,RThe World of Suzie Wong1959
303Wilmot,CThe Struggle for Europe1959
304Spring,HThe House In Between1959
305Cheyney,PYou Can Always Duck1959
306Bishop,JThe Day Christ Died1959
307Nichols,JThe Meaning of Protestantism1959
308Vann,GThe Son's Course1959
309Christie,AFive Little Pigs1959
310Cleary,JThe Green Helmet1959
311Siefert,EThe Doctor Disagrees1959
312Jones,JFrom Here to Eternity1959
313Burt,KThe One That Got Away1959
314Cheyney,PTry Anything Twice1959
315  1959
316  1959
317Fox,NShadow on the Range1959
318Collins,NLondon Belongs To Me1959
319Christie,ATowards Zero1959
320Lewis,CSSurprised By Joy1959
321Gerard,JThe Hunted Priest1959
322Short,LBounty Guns1959
323Boyle,ANo Passing Glory1959
324Le May,AThe Siege at Dancing Bird1959
325Cheyney,PTry Anything Twice1959
326Stevenson,DEThe Tall Stranger1959
327Geer,ACanton Airlift1959
328Christie,AThe Crooked House1959
329Marsh,NOff With His Head1959
330Ashton,HThe Half-Crown House1959
331  1959
332Maclean,AThe Guns of Navarone1959
333Rogers,LGuerilla Surgeon1959
334Christie,AOne, Two, Buckle My Shoe1959
335Walmsley,LThree Fevers1959
336Moore,JSeptember Moon1959
337Sharp,MThe Eye of Love1959
338Phillips,JBThe Young Church in Action1959
339Bonhoeffer,DLetters and Papers from Prison1959
340Dodd,CHThe Epistle of Paul to the Romans1959
341Howarth,DThe Sledge Patrol1959
342Christie,ASad Cypress1959
343Symons,JThe Colour Of Murder1959
344Short,LHurricane Range1959
345Walker,DHarry Black1959
346Innes,HThe Trojan Horse1959
347Fox,NThe Devil's Saddle1959
348Michener,JTales of the South Pacific1959
349  1959
350Barclay,WThe Plain Man's Book of Prayers1959
351Churchill,WSMy Early Life1959
352Robinson,RBetween Wickets1959
353Laye,CThe African Child1959
354Macdonald,METhe Need to Believe1959
356Shann,RTogether as Strangers1959
357Shann,RReturn to Happiness1959
358Derby,MSun in the Hunter's Eyes1959
359Marquand,JPStopover Tokyo1959
360Mansfield,PFinal Exposure1959
361Churchill,WSGreat Contemporaries1959
362Boulle,PWhite Man's Test1959
363MacInnes,HNeither Five Nor Three1959
364Stevenson,DEMiss Buncle's Book1959
365Caldwell,TDynasty of Death1960
366Lawler,RSummer of the Seventeenth Doll1960
367Wells,HG The Invisible Man1960
368Weil,SWaiting on God1960
369Grant,RThe Secret Sayings of Jesus1960
370Newman,JHApologia Pro Vita Sua1960
371Ferrars,EFurnished for Murder1960
372White,RUp Periscope1960
373De Beauvoir,SThe Mandarins1960
374Christie,ADeath on the Nile1960
375Cheyney,PPoison Ivy1960
376Meynell,LDanger Around the Corner1960
378Fosdick,HEThe Meaning of Prayer1960
379Armstrong,TPilling Always Pays1960
380De Buron,NThe Bride and the Bugatti1960
381Christie,ADeath Comes As The End1960
383Fox,NCactus Cavalier1960
384Rayner,DAThe Long Fight1960
385Cheyney,PIt Couldn't Matter Less1960
386Short,LWeary Range1960
387Marsh,NSpinsters in Jeopardy1960
388Marsh,NDeath in a White Tie1960
389Marsh,NA Man Lay Dead1960
390Collins,NChildren of the Archbishop1960
391Stevenson,DESpring Magic1960
392Boulle,PSpy Converted1960
393Fox,NTall Man Riding1960
394Blake,NPenknife in My Heart1960
395Carmichael,HEmergency Exit1960
396Hutchinson,RCMarch the Ninth1960
397Seifert,EDoctor at the Cross-Roads1960
398Fitzgerald,NThe House is Falling1960
399Spring,HThese Lovers Fled Away1960
400  1960
401Cheyney,PDark Bahama1960
402Short,LWestern Freight1960
403Christie,AThey Came To Baghdad1960
404Innes,HCampbell's Kingdom1960
405Berenson,BThe Italian Painters of the Renaissance1960
406Acton,LordLectures on Modern History1960
407Praz,MThe Romantic Agony1960
408Oman,JGrace and Personality1960
409Fisher,HALA History of Europe vol. 11960
410Fisher,HALA History of Europe vol. 21960
411Randall,RThe Island Doctor1960
413Edmonds,WDChad Hanna1960
414Cloete,SThe Mask1960
416Vann,GMorals and Man1960
417Randall,RRunaway from Love1960
418Shann,RA Young Wife's Tale1960
419Christie,ASparkling Cyanide1960
420Sharp,MThe Foolish Gentlewoman1960
421McGivern,WOdds Against Tomorrow1960
422  1960
423Cowles,VThe Phantom Major1960
424Boulle,PSaving Face1960
425Shann,RDaughters Know Best1960
426Howard,MSixpence in her Shoe1960
427Garve,AThe Galloway Case1960
428Christie,AMurder is Easy1960
429Innes,HMaddon's Rock1960
430Marquand,JPThank You, Mr Moto1960
431Gorham,CWine of Life1960
432Seifert,EA Doctor in the Family1960
433Wells,HGThe First Men in the Moon1960
434Christie,A4.50 from Paddington1960
435McGivern,WNight Extra1960
436Short,LGauntlet of Fire1960
437Lim,JSold for Silver1960
438  1960
440Christie,ADead Man's Folly1960
441Symons,JThe Gigantic Shadow1960
442Somers,PBeginner's Luck1960
443Howard,HThe Bowman Touch1960
444Caskie,DThe Tartan Pimpernel1960
445Halverson & CohenA Handbook of Christian Theology1960
446Dodd,CHThe Authority of the Bible1960
447Stevenson,DEMiss Buncle Married1960
448McInnes,HNorth From Rome1960
449Wyss,JRSwiss Family Robinson1960
450Ferrars,EUnreasonable Doubt1960
451Christie,AAppointment With Death1960
452Boswell,JThe Blue Pheasant1960
453Rutherford,DA Shriek of Tyres1960
454Stout,RIf Death Ever Slept1960
455Robertson,EAFour Frightened Men1960
456Brophy,JThe Day They Robbed the Bank of England1960
457Maclean,ASouth By Java Head1960
458Chevalier,EDrivin' Woman1960
459Le May,AThunder in the Dust1960
460Gaiser,GThe Last Squadron1960
461Marsh,NColour Scheme1960
462Blake,NMinute for Murder1960
463White,VGod and the Unconscious1960
464Barth,KThe Faith of the Church1960
465Phillips,JBThe Book of Revelation1960
466Gray,BConquest in Command1960
467Gray,BConquest in California1960
468James,WThe Varieties of Religious Experiences1960
469Wilson,ETo the Finland Station1960
470Maitland,FWDomesday Book and Beyond1960
471Stamp,LDBritain's Structure and Scenery1960
472Pater,WThe Renaissance1960
473Bultmann,RPrimitive Christianity in its Contemporary Setting1960
474  1960
475MontgomeryThe Memoirs of Field Marshall Montgomery1960
476Twain,MThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1960
477Le May,AThe Unforgiven1960
478Spring,HFame Is The Spur1960
479Steen,MThe Woman in the Back Seat1961
480Christie,AThe Moving Finger1961
481Cheyney,PThe Urgent Hangman1961
482Howard,HDeath of Cecilia1961
483Fitzgerald,NImagine a Man1961
484Le May,AUseless Cowboy1961
485Pasternak,BDr Zhivago1961
486Williamson,JASir Francis Drake1961
488Waldman,MQueen Elizabeth I1961
489Andrade,EMSir Isaac Newton1961
490Jones,JThe Pistol1961
491Seifert,ECall for Dr Barton1961
492Innes,HThe Land That God Gave to Cain1961
493Christie,AThe Listerdale Mystery1961
494Gielgud,VThe High Jump1961
495Blake,NThe Widow's Cruise1961
496Short,LCoroner Creek1961
497Mackarness,REat Fat and Grow Slim1961
498Marshall,BA Thread of Scarlet1961
499Rayner,DAThe Small Spark of Courage1961

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