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1Rubel,JLNo Business for a Lady1953
2Ronns,EMillion Dollar Murder1953
3Burnett,WRStretch Dawson1953
5Adams,CThe Desperado1953
6Rohde,WLHigh Red for Dead1953
7Keene,DTo Kiss or Kill1953
8Cohen,ORLost Lady1953
10Savage,LThe Wild Horse1953
11Cushman,DSavage Interlude1953
12Rohde,WLHelp Wanted - For Murder1953
13Hatch,ECrockett's Woman1953
14Williams,CBig City Girl1953
15Fleischman,ASLook Behind You Lady1953
16Adams,CA Noose for the Desperado1953
18Prather,RSEverybody Had a Gun1953
19Flagg,JDeath and the Naked Lady1953
20Stewart,LThe Secret Rider1953
21Ernenwein,LGive a Man a Gun1953
22Himmel,RI Have Gloria Kirby1953
23Hunt,HThe Judas Hour1953
24Cushman,DNaked Ebony1953
25Caldwell,TMaggie - Her Marriage1954
26Flagg,JWoman of Cairo1954
27Heuman,WHunt the Man Down1954
28Martin,ALDeath on a Ferris Wheel1954
29Ernenwein,LThe Texas Gun1954
30Grove,WThe Man Who Said No1954
31Heuman,WRed Runs the River1954
32Abbott,ACWild Blood1954
33Cushman,DJungle She1954
34Fielding,WHTake Me As I Am1954
35Stewart,LThe Trail1954
36Aarons,ESThe Sinners1954
38Siegel,BWitch of Salem1954
39Short,LBarren Land Murders1954
40Chadwick,JRider From Nowhere1954
41Macdonald,JDMurder for the Bride1954
42Fischer,BRun for Your Life1954
43Ernenwein,LMystery Raider1954
44Fox,GFMadame Buccaneer1954
45Cooper,MCome Feed On Me1954
46Blayne,STerror in the Night1954
47Dixon,HVUp a Winding Stair1954
48Castle,FMove Along, Stranger1954
49Chadwick,JDouble Cross1954
50Chadwick,JGunsmoke Reckoning1954
51Flagg,JThe Lady and the Cheetah1954
52Aarons,ESCome Back My Love1954
53Sutter,LThe White Squaw1954
54Williams,CNothing in Her Way1954
55Miller,WBranded Woman1954
56Chadwick,JWhip Hand1954
57Macdonald,JDThe Neon Jungle1954
59Heuman,WKeelboats North1954
60McPartland,JTokyo Doll1954
61Heuman,WSecret of Death Valley1954
62Chadwick,JDevil's Legacy1954
63Fleischman,ASDanger in Paradise1954
64Rodin,AMoment of Truth1954
65Clements,CBarge Girl1954
66Stewart,LSavage Stronghold1954
67Fox,GFThe Borgia Blade1954
68Cook,FJThe Girl in the Death Cell1954
69McPartland,JBig Red's Daughter1955
70Ernenwein,LGunfighter's Return1955
71Shelley,PSaturday's Harvest1955
72Macdonald,JDThe Brass Cupcake1955
73Macdonald,JDDead Low Tide1955
74Stewart,LRails West1955
75Monahan,JBig Star1955
76Fleischman,ASMalay Woman1955
77Vail,JSword in His Hand1955
79Williams,CA Touch of Death1955
80Davis,GI Came to Kill1955
81Fagan,NThe Crooked Mile1955
82Newton,DBGuns Along the Wickiup1955
83Grant,MValley of Angry Men1955
84Hatten,HEagle on his Wrist1955
86Stratton,EWild Breed1955
87Boswell,CThe Girl with the Scarlet Brand1955
88Chadwick,JCome Out Shooting1955
89Frazee,SMany Rivers to Cross1955
91Schoenfield,H Let Them Eat Bullets1955
92Stewart,SThe Range Grabbers1955
93Vail,JSow the Wild Wind1955
94Brewer,GHell's Our Destination1955
95Dixon,HVA Lover for Cindy1955
96Fielding,WHBeautiful Humbug1955
98Chadwick,JRenegade Gun1955
99Cox,WRMake My Coffin Strong1955
100Fagan,NOne Against the Odds1955
102Glendinning,RRetreat into the Night1955
103Jones,NI'll Take What's Mine1955
104Sheridan,JParadise Motel1955
106McPartland,JThe Face of Evil1955
107Whittington,HSaddle the Storm1955
108Daniels,FThe Mating Cry1955
109Whittington,HThe Woman is Mine1955
110Keene,DThere Was a Crooked Man1955
111Conroy,AThe Chiselers1955
112Hayward,RThe Soft Arms of Death1955
113Adams,CTwo Gun Law1955
114Chadwick,JRebel Throne1956
115Cushman,DThe Fabulous Finn1956
116Vail,JThe Dark Throne1956

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