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1SapperMen, Women And Guns
2SapperSergeant Michael Cassidy (not issued?)
3Wallace,EThe Three Just Men (not issued?)
4Wallace,EThe Brigand
5Wallace,ERed Aces
6Wallace,EThe Valley Of Ghosts (not issued?)
8Horler,SThe Secret Service Man
9Horler,SThe Mystery Of The Seven Cafes (not issued?)
10Horler,SHuntress Of Death (not issued?)
11Ayres,RMOne Month At Sea (not issued?)
12Ayres,RMNobody's Lover (not issued?)
13Ayres,RMMy Old Love Came (not issued?)
14Ayres,RMIn The Day's March (not issued?)
15Brand,MGun Gentlemen (not issued?)
16Brand,MTimbal Gulch Trail
17Brand,MCrooked Horn (not issued?)
18Oppenheim,EPThe Spy Paramount
19Oppenheim,EPThe Illustrious Prince (not issued?)
20Oppenheim,EPThe Lighted Way (not issued?)
21Oppenheim,EPThe Evil Shepherd
22Mulford,CEBlack Buttes (not issued?)
23Mulford,CEMe An' Shorty
24Pedler,MThe Guarded Halo
25Pedler,MFire Of Youth (not issued?)
26Pedler,MThe Kindle Flame (not issued?)
27Pelham,AFortress Of Ashes (not issued?)
28Pelham,ASummons To Adventure (not issued?)
29SeamarkMaster Mystery (not issued?)
30Seltzer,CAThe Trail Horde
31Seltzer,CAWest Of Apache Pass (not issued?)
33Witting,CMidsummer Murder
34Grieg,MThe Girl Men Talked About (not issued?)
35Grieg,MParents Are A Problem
36Grieg,MSatin Straps (not issued?)
37Goodchild,GMcLean Investigates
38Goodchild,GMcLean Sees It Through (not issued?)
39Ross,JBless The Wasp (not issued?)
40Ross,JThe Man From The Chamber Of Horrors (not issued?)

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