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1Wells,HGShape Of Things To Come (1)
2Wells,HGShape Of Things To Come (2)
3Birkenhead,EFamous Trials Of History
4Clarke,ICHaworth Parsonage
5Mussolini,BMy Autobiography
6Carr,WGBy Guess And By God
7Coward,NCollected Lyrics And Sketches
8Treatt,CCOut Of The Beaten Track
9Thomas,LWith Lawrence Of Arabia
10Sayers,DLGreat Unsolved Crimes
11Birkenhead,ETurning Points In History
12O'Conroy,TMenace Of Japan
13Gibbs,PRealities Of War (1)
14Gibbs,PRealities Of War (2)
15Connell,JCSecrets Of Houdini
16MacMunn,GUnderworld Of India
17Roberts,CHalf Way
18Maine,BEdward VIII Duke Of Windsor
20Sarolea,CDaylight On Spain
22Minney,RJClive Of India
23Salomon,SThe Jews Of Britain

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