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1Muskett,NThe Jade Spider
2Rhodes,KEast O' The Sun
3Dare,SThe Jagged Rim
4Morrison,ELight Fingers
5Hepple,AThe Untempered Wind
6Wyllarde,DThe Weekend Wife
7Sandys,OSir Boxer
8Savi,EWThe Power Of Love
9Peterson,MScarlet Blossoms
10Orczy,BAdventures Of The Scarlet Pimpernel
11Ruck,BHis Official Fiancee
12Muskett,NAfter Rain
13Rhodes,KThe Valley Of Enchantment
14Sandys,OThe Show Must Go On
15Cartland,BNot Love Alone
16Savi,EWThe Everlasting Fraud
17Kennedy,JSylvia Dale
18Barnes-Grundy,MSally In A Service Flat
19Sandys,OThe Curtain Will Go Up
20Peterson,MRed Rose Of Love
21Rhodes,KAllah's Gift
22Savi,EWThe Insolence Of Youth
23Savi,EWA Question Of Honour
24Sandys,OPrince Charming
25Savi,EWA Flat In Town
26Sandys,OAngel's Kiss
27Muskett,NThe Open Window
28Barnes-Grundy,MAn Undressed Heroine
29Morrison,EYoung Christopher
30Sandys,OThe Happy Mummers
32Savi,EWThe King's Proctor

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