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1Barr,DA Dock Brief
2Bates,HECatherine Foster
3Bates,HEThe Fallow Land
4Blaker,RVoice In The Wilderness
5Borden,MThree Pilgrims And A Tinker
6Bronte,EWuthering Heights
7Brown,AGreen Lane
8Butler,SWay Of All Flesh
9Cambridge,EHostages To Fortune
10Canfield,DThe Brimming Cup
11Crozier,FPBrass Hat In No Man's Land
12De Selincourt,HGame Of The Season
13Flaubert,GMadame Bovary
14Fraser,RRose Anstey
15Greenwood,WHis Worship The Mayor
17Lewis,SThe Job
18Lewis,SOur Mr Wrenn
19Linklater,EWhite Man's Saga
20Morton,JBMr Thake
21Nichols,BAre They The Same At Home?
22O'Flaherty,LThe Assassin
23O'Flaherty,LThe Black Soul
24Robertson,EAOrdinary Families
25Wakefield,HRA Ghostly Company
26Webb,MGone To Earth
27Wilson,HLRuggles Of Red Gap
28Wilson,MThe Able MacLaughlins
30Young,EHThe Misses Mallett

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