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Jarrolds Jackdaw Library
1Allingham,MLook To The Lady
2Gibbon,LGGrey Granite
3Lawrence,MMadame Holle
4Goodchild,GTiger's Club
5Mannin,ELinda Shawn
6Mannin,EMen Are Unwise
7Selver,PPrivate Life
9Allingham,MCrime At Black Dudley
10Newman,BArmoured Doves
12Cooke,RLRelease The Lions
13Mannin,ESounding Brass
14Glaspell,SGlory Of The Conquered
16Gibbon,LGSunset Song
17Cooke,RCNight Out
19Gibbon,LGCloud Howe
20Goodchild,GReturn To Eden
21Allingham,MWhite Cottage Mystery
22Masterman,WSBaddington Horror
Jarrolds Jackdaw Crime
1Masterman,WSThe Wrong Verdict
2Landon,HThe Silver Chest
3Duke,WThe Murder Of Mr Mallabee
4Landon,HThe Back Seat Murders
5Goodchild,GThe Jury Disagree
6Landon,HHaunting Fingers
5Goodchild,GThe Dear Old Gentlemen
8Tracy,LBy Force Of Circumstance
9Kennington,AShe Died Young
10Masterman,WSThe Secret Of The Downs
11Sanborn,RBMurder On The Aphrodite
12McKenna,MDouble Spy
13Landon,HWhispering Shadows
14Masterman,WSThe Border Line
15Dalton,MThe Black Wings
16Dalton,MThe Stretton Darknesse Mystery

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