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Leisure Library 3d Series
1Wallace,EThe Avenger
2Feltcher,JSThe Shadow Of Ravenscliffe
3Gould,NThe Demon Wine
4Wallace,ERoom 13
5Gould,NA Turf Conspiracy
6Gould,NBreaking The Record
7Le Queux,WThe Spider's Eye
8Gould,NThe Rake
9McCuller,JRanger's Code
10Gould,NA Long Shot
11Gould,NA Gamble For Love
12Le Queux,WOf Royal Blood
13Fletcher,JSThe Golden Spur
14Gould,NLeft In The Lurch
15Gould,NThe Wizard Of The Turf
16Le Queux,WThe Gamblers
17Gould,NBeating The Favourite
18Burland,JBHOut Of The Past
19Gould,NA Bad Start
20Le Queux,WThe Broadcast Mystery
21Gould,NThe Blue Ribbon
22Le Queux,WThe Under Secretary
23Gould,NThe Man From Newmarket
24Williams,BAThe Dreadful Night
25Gould,NQueen Of The Turf
26Gould,NA Bird In Hand
27Gould,NThe Dapple Grey
28Fletcher,JSThe Pinfold
29Green,EEDefiant Diana
30Yorke,CHer House Of Dreams
31Graham,WSealed Women
32Gould,NThe Little Wonder
33Burland,JBHThe White Yawl
34Carey,RNMollie's Prince
35Fletcher,JSThe Ransom For London
36Gould,NNever In Doubt
37Yorke,CPeter's People
38Gould,NOdds On
39Burland,JBHThe Watchman
40Herbert,CThe Miracle
41Dawe,CA Bride Of Japan
42Swan,ASElizabeth Glen, M.B.
43Gallon,TMeg The Lady
44Gould,NThe Racing Adventures of Barry Bromley
45Gould,NWon On The Post
46Gallon,TThe Lady Of The Cameo
47Burland,JBHThe Shadow Of Maireward
48Burland,JBHLord Of Irongray
49Gould,NA Straight Goer
Leisure Library Crime Novels
1Graeme,BCardyce For The Defence
2Pink,HThe Green Triangle Mystery
3Ryland,CThe Blind Beggar Murder
4Daly,CJMurder From The East
5Wallace,EThe Coat Of Arms
6Graham,WThe Last Laugh
7Lord,JThe Bannerman Case
8Wilson,AGCome Away Death
9Barry,CDeath Overseas
10Goldsmith,MMDouble Jeopardy
11Melville,AWarning To Critics
12Soutar,AThe Blackspot Mystery
13McGuire,PDeath Fugue
14Carnac,CThe Missing Rope
Leisure Library Romantic Novels
1Black,DOdd Job Man
2Sandys,OSir Boxer
3Syrett,NThe Mystery Of Jennifer
4Savi,EWA Man's A Man
5Webling,POpal Screens
6Cox,LAngel Bread
Leisure Library Wild West Novels
1Barrington,CWBandits Of Bald Hill
2Moore,CAThe Boss Of Lighning C
3McCulley,JThe Flaming Stallion
4Case,ROWhispering Valley
5McCulley,JRangeland Justice
6McCulley,JThe Ranger's Code
7Jorgensen,NLBreed Of Gun Smoke
8Birney,HForgotten Canyon
9Holmes,LPThe Law Of Kyger Gorge
10Titus,HForest War
11Dorrance,JForbidden Range
12Mann,EBThirsty Range

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