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1Ballantyne,RMThe Coral Island
2Sewell,ABlack Beauty
3Alcott,LMLittle Women
4Ballantyne,RMThe Gorilla Hunters
5Coolidge,SWhat Katy Did
6Hughes,TTom Brown's Schooldays
7Ballantyne,RMMartin Rattler
8Kingsley,CThe Water Babies
9Marryat,CThe Children Of The New Forest
10Kingston,WHGPeter The Whaler
11Ballantyne,RMThe Dog Crusoe
12Jackson,GGAir Spies Of The North Sea
13Marryat,CMasterman Ready
14Ballantyne,RMThe Young Fur Traders
15Kingston,WHGManco, The Peruvian Chief
16Delves,NThrills For The Lower Fifth
17Marryat,CThe Settlers In Canada
18Ballantyne,RMThe World Of Ice

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