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1Herbert,APThe Water Gypsies
2Oppenheim,EPMr Grex Of Monte Carlo
3Walling,RAJMurder At The Keyhole
4Bancroft,GPThe Ware Case
5Wodehouse,PGSam The Sudden
6Gregg,CFThe Ten Black Pearls
7Hichens,RThe Woman With The Fan
8Armstrong,AThe Trail Of Fear
9London,JWhite Fang
10Rohmer,SThe Devil Doctor
11Richmond,GSRed Pepper's Patients
12Muir,AThe Silent Partner
13Bennett,AThe Price Of Love
14Wyllarde,DThe Unofficial Honeymoon
15London,JSouth Sea Tales
16Latimer,JThe Dead Don't Care
17Brandon,JGWest End!
18Goolden,BWithin A Dream
19Masterman,WSDeath Turns Traitor
20Birmingham,GAThe Hymn Tune Mystery
21Oppenheim,EPThe Hillman
22Burroughs,ERTarzan At The Earth's Core
23Hull,EMThe Captive Of Sahara
24Kendrick,BHBlood On Lake Louisa
25Hichens,RTongues Of Conscience
26Muir,AThe Riddle Of Garth
27Croker,BMKatherine The Arrogant
28Ironside,JThe Call Box Mystery
29Bowen,MBecause Of These Things
30Conyers,DThe Blighting Of Bartram
31Birmingahm,GAWild Justice
32Le Queux,WThe Closed Book

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