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2Sacks,GThe Jewish Question
3Gillespie,JAn Introduction To Economic Botany
4Arnot,RPA Short History Of The Russian Revolution I
5Lewis,JAn Introduction To Philosphy
6Arnot,RPA Short History Of The Russian Revolution II
7Collier,HAn Interpretation Of Biology
8Farrington,BThe Civilization Of Greece And Rome
9Mahon,JATrade Unionism
10Thompson,WHCivil Liberties
11VigilantesWhy The League Has Failed
12Crowther,JGScience And Life
13Salvemimi,GItalian Fascism
14Barilsford,HNWhy Capitalism Means War
15Hannington,WA Short History Of The Unemployed
16Bibby,HCThe Evolution Of Man And His Culture
17Rowlands,JUnderstanding The Atom
18Moore,WGThe Geography Of Capitalism
19Swingler,SAn Outline Of Political Thought
20Morris,MThe People's Schools
21Holorenshaw,HThe Levellers And The English Revolution
22Schaffer,GRiches And Poverty
23Beck,AChemistry - A Survey
24Burns,EWhat Is Marxism?
25Bibby,HCHeredity, Eugenics And Social Progress

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