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1Carroll,LAlice In Wonderland & Looking Glass
2Morgan,CThe Fountain
3Sadleir,MFanny By Gaslight
4Joad,CEMGuide To Modern Thought
5Woolf,VThe Years
6Fulford,RRoyal Dukes
7 *** Not Issued ***
8Sitwell,OEscape With Me
9Cecil,DThe Young Melbourne
10Maugham,WSThe Letter
11Wilde,OLady Windermere's Fan
12Trevor-Roper,HThe Last Days Of Hitler
13Priestley,JBThree Time Plays
15VariousThree Restoration Comedies
16Hyde,DI Believed
17Seltman,CThe Twelve Olympians
18Hastings,SPCases In Court
20Carr,JDConan Doyle
21Rattigan,TThe Winslow Boy
22Williams,HMasters Of Medicine
23Brickhill,PThe Dambusters
24Seligman,AVoyage Of The Cap Pilar
25Coward,NBlithe Spirit
26Marshall,BWhite Rabbit
27Barsley,MBook Of Wit And Humour
28Gibson,GEnemy Coast Ahead
29Diole,PThe Undersea Adventure
30Olsen,ORTwo Eggs On My Plate
31Braddon,RThe Naked Island
32Villiers,AThe Set Of The Sails
33Pape,RBoldness My Friend
34Rattigan,TThe Deep Blue Sea
36Cottrell,LThe Bull Of Minos
37Reid,PRLatter Days At Colditz
38Richardson,AWingless Victory
39Seltman,CWomen In Antiquity
40Harrer,HSeven Years In Tibet
41Hest,PChildren Of The Jungle
42Instone,GFreedom The Spur
43Shipton,EUpon That Mountain
45Clouston,AEDangerous Skies
46Romilly,GSBPrivileged Nightmare
47Villiers,ACruise Of The Conrad
48Hedges,FAMDanger My Ally
49Batchelor,DBig Fight
51Heyer,GThese Old Shades
52Foley,CCommando Extraordinary
53West,RThe Meaning Of Treason
54Cottrell,LThe Lost Pharoahs
55Sillitoe,PCloak Without Dagger
56Frischauer,WThe Navy's Here
57Greene,GJourney Without Maps
59Phillips,CECockleshell Heroes
60Fuller,JOBorn For Sacrifice
61Lorenz,KZKing Solomon's Ring
62Bruce,MTramp Royal
63Diole,P4000 Years Beneath The Sea
64DeKok,WYour Baby And You
65Bullett,GThe Jury
66Tschiffely,AFTschiffely's Ride
67Mills,MThe Long Haul
68Baldwin,MI Leap Over The Wall
69Joyce,JAJustice At Work
70Parajino,DA Cure For Serpents
71Payne,RThe Great Charlie
72Forester,CSLieutenant Hornblower
73Colvin,IHitler's Secret Enemy
74Lanchberry,EAgainst The Sun
75Gallico,PTrial By Terror
76Trevor,ESquadron Airborne
77Robertson,TThe Golden Horseshoe
78Bowman,GJump For It!
79Canning,VVenetian Bird
80Carr,JDThe Crooked Hinge
81Noble,RShoot First
82Christie,AThe Secret Adversary
83Fleming,ILive And Let Die
84Divine,DBoy On A Dolphin
85Wilkins,VDangerous Exile
86Asquith,CThird Ghost Book
87Roche,MWhiteoak Harvest
88Meissner,HOMan With Three Faces
89Cottrell,LLife Under The Pharoahs
90Hemingway,EThe Sun Also Rises
91Bramberger,MPan Special
92Steinbeck,JSweet Thursday
93Sava,GA Ring At The Door
94Wheeler,MStill Digging
95Christie,AABC Murders
96Gardner,ESCase Of The Cautious Coquette
97Simpson,WI Burned My Fingers
98Fletcher,PEmotional Conflict
99DeKok,WYou And Your Child
100London,CA Flag In The City

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