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1Cronin,AJThe Keys Of The Kingdom
2Lofts,NThe Brittle Glass
4Knight,EThis Above All I
5Knight,EThis Above All II
6Carr,JDThe Seat Of The Scornful
7Bridge,AFrontier Range
8Hutchinson,RCTestament I
9Hutchinson,RCTestament II
10Bromfield,LNight In Bombay
11Yutang,LMoment In Peking I
12Yutang,LMoment In Peking II
13Christie,ASad Cypress
14Lawrence,DHLove Among The Haystacks
15Bromfield,LThe Rains Come I
16Bromfield,LThe Rains Come II
17Hilton,JLost Horizon
18Knight,ESam Small Flies Again
19Christie,AThe Body In The Library
20Llewellyn,RNone But The Lonely Heart
21Spring,HShabby Tiger
22Christie,AFive Little Pigs
23Bromfield,LMrs Parkington
24Carr,JDThe Emperor's Snuff Box
25Aldridge,JThe Sea Eagle
26Deeping,WSeven Men Came Back
27Lofts,NMichael And All Angels
28Allen,HThe Forest And The Fort
29Knight,EYou Play The Black
30Christie,AEasy To Kill
31Saroyan,WThe Human Comedy
32Spring,HRachel Rosing
33Christie,AThe Moving Finger
34Lofts,NI Met A Gypsy
35Bemelmans,LHotel Splendide
36Roberts,CVictoria Four-Thirty
37Bates,HEFair Stood The Wind For France
38Deeping,WThe Secret Sanctuary
39Bromfield,LWhat Became Of Anna Bolton
40Allen,HBedford Village
41Knight,ELassie Come Home
42Christie,AN Or M?
43Spring,HHard Facts
44Bromfield,LEarly Autumn
45Carr,JDTill Death Us Do Part
47Chase,JHNo Orchids For Miss Blandish
49Goudge,EThe Bird In The Tree
50Stein,GThree Lives
51Wells,HGApropos Of Dolores
52Gibbs,PThe Interpreter
53Lawrence,DHThe First Lady Chatterley
54Wilde,OThe Picture Of Dorian Gray
56Bridge,ASinging Waters
57Christie,AEvil Under The Sun
58Bemelmans,LI Love You, I Love You, I Love You
59Deeping,WFox Farm
60Hergesheimer,JThe Lay Anthony
61Hilton,JRage In Heaven
62Hutchinson,RCThe Answering Glory
64Queen,EThe Murderer Is A Fox
65Steen,MThe Wise And Foolish Virgins
66Wells,HGYou Can't Be Too Careful
67Cronin,AJHatter's Castle I
68Cronin,AJHatter's Castle II
69Christie,ATowards Zero
70Bromfield,LA Good Woman
71Aldridge,JOf Many Men
72Lehmann,RThe Gypsy's Baby
73Hilton,JTo You, Mr Chips
74Arlen,MThe Green Hat
75Queen,EThe Dragon's Teeth
76Bromfield,LPossession I
77Bromfield,LPossession II
78Cronin,AJThe Adventures Of The Black Bag
79Golding,LThe Glory Of Elsie Silver
80Wilde,OA House Of Pomegranates
81Hutchinson,RCThe Fire And The Wood
82Queen,ECalamity Town
83Yutang,LA Leaf In The Storm I
84Yutang,LA Leaf In The Storm II
85Lofts,NTo See A Fine Lady
86Saroyan,WMy Name Is Aram

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