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1Hilton,JLost Horizon
2Brande,DWake Up And Live
3Shakespeare,WFive Great Tragedies
5Christie,AThe Murder Of Roger Ackroyd
6Parker,DEnough Rope
7Bronte,EWuthering Heights
8Butler,SThe Way Of All Flesh
9Wilder,TThe Bridge Of San Luis Rey
11Buck,PSThe Good Earth
12Maupassant,GGreat Short Stories
13Ferber,EShow Boat
14Dickens,CA Tale Of Two Cities
15Loon,HWThe Story Of Mankind
16Hudson,WHGreen Mansions
17Queen,EThe Chinese Orange Mystery
19Charnwood,LAbraham Lincoln
20Hardy,TThe Return Of The Native
21Sayers,DLMurder Must Advertise
22Wyss,JThe Swiss Family Robinson
24Walling,RAJThe Corpse With The Floating Foot
25Stevenson,RLTreasure Island
26Strachey,LElizabeth Essex
27O'Hara,JAppointment In Samarra
29Dickens,CA Christmas Carol
30Sedgwick,ADThe Little French Girl
31Hugo,VThe Hunchback Of Notre Dame I
32Hugo,VThe Hunchback Of Notre Dame II
33Ford,LThe Watchman's Clock
34Swift,JGulliver's Travels
35Wren,PCBeau Geste
36Dumas,AThe Three Musketeers I
37Dumas,AThe Three Musketeers II
38Christie,AThe Mystery Of The Blue Train
39Poe,EAGreat Tales And Poems
40Barton,BThe Man Nobody Knows
41Kennedy,MThe Constant Mymph
43Lowndes,MBThe Lodger
45Kipling,RThe Light That Failed
46Dickson,CThe Bowstring Murders
47Buck,FBring 'Em Back Alive
48Peterkin,JScarlet Sister Mary
49Kruif,PDr Ehelich's Magic Bullet
50Biggen,EDThe House Without A Key
51Morley,CThunder On The Left
52Hawthorne,NThe House Of Seven Gables
53Runyan,DThe Best Of Damon Runyan
54Oppenheim,EPThe Great Prince Shan
55Wilder,TOur Town
56Bromfield,LThe Green Bay Tree
57Parker,DAfter Such Pleasures
58Hughes,TTom Brown's Schooldays
59Marquand,JPThink Fast Mr Moto
60Chesterton,GKThe Scandal Of Father Brown
61Ollivant,ABob Son Of Battle
62Speare,METhe Pocket Book Of Verse
63Austen,JPride And Prejudice
64Eberhart,MGWhile The Patient Slept
65Henry,OThe Four Million
66Bagnold,ENational Velvet
68Carnegie,DHow To Win Friends And Influence People
69Buchan,JThe Thirty-nine Steps
70MacDonald,PThe Mystery Of The Dead Police
71Queen,EThe French Powder Mystery
72Montgomery,LMAnne Of Windy Poplars
73Gardner,ESThe Case Of The Velvet Claws
74Sayers,DLThe Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club
75Alcott,LMLittle Men
76Parker,DSunset Gun
77Queen,EThe Roman Hat Mystery
78Raine,WMOh You Tex
79Christie,AMurder In The Calais Coach
80Washington,BTUp From Slavery
81Milne,AAThe Red House Mystery
82Sabatini,RCaptain Blood
83Quentin,PA Puzzle For Fools
84Caldwell,EThe Riddle Of The Sands
85Sayers,DLClouds Of Witness
86Dickson,CThe Red Widow Murders
87Kilpatrick,GMister Glencannon
88Christie,AThe ABC Murders
89Hilton,JAnd Now Goodbye
90Gardner,ESThe Case Of The Sulky Girl
91Speare,METhe Pocket Book Of Short Stories
92 The Pocket Bible
93Hilton,JGoodbye Mr Chips
95Doyle,ACThe Sherlock Holmes Pocket Book
96Ripley,RLBelieve It Or Not
97Endore,GThe Werewolf Of Paris
98Rinehart,MRThe Circular Staircase
99Queen,EThe Adventures Of Ellery Queen
100Booth,CGThe General Died At Dawn

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