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1100 American PoemsSelden Rodman (ed)
2Tragic GroundErskine Caldwell
3Invitation to the WaltzRosamand Lehman
4As Good As DeadThomas B. Dewey
5Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJames Joyce
6Strange FruitLilian Smith
7The Valley of Hunted MenPaul Evan Lehman
8The Pinkerton Case BookAlan Hynd
9The Dim ViewBasil Heatter
10The CaballeroJohnston McCulley
11They Shoot Horses, Don't TheyHorace McCoy
12Darkness at NoonArthur Koestler
13Cattle KingdomAlan LeMay
14Sons of the SaddleWilliam MacLeod Raine
15Mine Own ExecutionerNigel Balchin
16About the Kinsey ReportDonald P. Geddes & Enid Curie
17ArianeClaude Anet
18Guilty BystanderWade Miller
19The Signet Crossword Puzzle Book
20Laramie Rides AloneWill Ermine
21Past All DishonorJames M. Cain
22Contract Bridge for EveryoneEly Culbertson
23Blood of the WestPaul Evan Lehman
24The Lost WeekendCharles Jackson
25Slay the MurdererHugh Holman
26Lobo LawWill Ermine
27A House in the UplandsErskine Caldwell
28Shore LeaveFrederic Wakeman
29High PocketsHerbert Shapiro
30The Silver TombstoneFrank Gruber
31No Pockets in a ShroudHorace McCoy
32All the Girls We LovedPrudencia de Pereda
33The Old ManWilliam Faulkner
34I Love You, I Love You, I Love YouLudwig Bemelmans
35Lawless RangeCharles N. Heckleman
36Fatal StepWade Miller
37The Snake PitMary Jane Ward
38Look Homeward, AngelThomas Wolfe
39Black SombreroWilliam Colt MacDonald
40I, the JuryMickey Spillane
41Other Voices, Other RoomsTruman Capote
42Finnley WrenPhillip Wylie
43The Vehement FlameLudwig Lewison
44Find My KillerManly Wade Wellman
45Gold of Smokey MesaJohnston McCulley
46A Woman in the HouseErskine Caldwell
47Last of the ConquerorsWilliam Gardner Smith
48The Honest DealerFrank Gruber
49The TexanHerbert Shapiro
50Deadlier than the MaleJames E. Gunn
51The StreetAnn Petry
52Love in DishevelmentDavid Greenhood
53The Fighting TenderfootWilliam MacLeod Raine
54Murder as a fine artFrnacis Bonnamy
55The Guilded HearseCharles O. Gorham
56The Fall of ValorCharles Jackson
57We Were StrangersRobert Sylvester
58A Son of ArizonaCharles Alden Seltzer
59Another Man's PoisonHugh Holman
60Baseball for EveryoneJoe Dimaggio
61The ButterflyJames M. Cain
62Night of FlameWarren Desmond
63Uneasy StreetWade Miller
64The Crimson QuirtWilliam Colt MacDonald
65The Golden SleepVivian Connel
66At Heaven's GateRobert Penn Warren
67The Whispering MasterFrank Gruber
68Trigger JusticeLeslie Erenwein
69Lona HansonThomas Savage
70Stranger in TownHoward Hunt
71The Body in the BedBill S. Ballinger
72Montana ManPaul Evan Lehman
73The Sure Hand of GodErskine Caldwell
74Crime and PunishmentFyodor Dostoyevski
75Meet the GirlsJames T. Farrell
76Everybody Slept HereElliot Arnold
77Draw the Curtain CloseThomas B. Dewey
78Brave in the SaddleWill Ermine
79Nightmare AlleyWilliam Lindsay Gresham
80Beyond the ForestStuart Engstradt
81Whistling LeadEugene Cunningham
82Life in the Putty Knife FactoryH. Allen Smith
83Kill or CureWilliam Francis
84Intruder in the DustWilliam Faulkner
85The Christian Demand for Social JusticeBishop Scarlett
86The Ox-Bow IncidentWalter Van Tilburg Clark
87Human DestinyPierre Lecomte du Nouy
88WaldenHenry David Thoreau
89Mistress GlorySusan Morley
90Forever Wilt Thou LoveLudwig Lewison
91Devil in the FleshRaymond Radiguet
92Love Without FearEustace Chesser, MD
93The Future of Mr. DolanCharles Gorham
94The Gamecock MurdersFrank Gruber
95Kiss Tomorrow GoodbyeHorace McCoy
96An American TragedyTheodore Dreiser
97If He Hollers Let Him GoChester Himes
98Brother of the CheyennesMax Brand
99Clattering HoofsWilliam MacLeod Raine
100Everybody Does It/The EmbezzlerJames M. Cain

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