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1MacIsaac,FDeath Rides The Deep
2Ross,DDead Men Do Tell Tales
3Ross,DMurder C.O.D.
4MacIsaac,FThe Wild Man Of Cape Cod
5MacIsaac,FHot Gold
6Ross,DM.D. Doctor Of Murder
7MacIsaac,FMillions For Murder
8Ross,DFive Keys To Mystery
9Adams,ELMurder In The Hurricane
10MacIsaac,FThe Murder Special
11MacIsaac,FDon't Let Him Burn
12MacIsaac,FThe Dealer Of Death
13MacIsaac,FFalse Face
14Ross,DHouse Of Horror
15MacIsaac,FThe Winged Murderer
16MacIsaac,FThe Vanishing Professor
17Martin,CStick 'Em Up Cowboy
18Gunn,TPainted Post Range
20Westland,LQuick On The Draw

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