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T.V. Boardman Books
41Hale,CGhost River
42DuBois,TMurder Strikes An Atomic Unit
43Truesdell,JThe Morgue The Merrier
44Hale,CRumour Hath It
45Allan,FFirst Come, First Kill
46Davis,NSally's In The Alley
47Koehler,RPThe Road House Murders
48Barry,JLeopard Cat's Cradle
49Dudley,EArmchair Detective Reader
50Dean,EMurder A Mile High
51Howie,EThe Band Played Murder
52Brown,HMurder In The Rough
53Stark,MRun For Your Life
54Lang,HThe Corpse On The Hearth
55Linklater,JLShadow For A Lady
56Emery,GFront For Murder
57Shannon,CLady That's My Skull
58Donnell,CPMurder Go Round
59Hale,CMidsummer Nightmare
60DuBois,TThe Wild Duck Murders
61Goldman,RLThe Purple Shells
63Kane,HHalo For Nobody
T.V. Boardman Red Arrow Books
 Barry,JLady Of Night
 Brown,HThe Corpse Was A Blonde
 Lanham,EIt Shouldn't Happen To A Dog
T.V. Boardman Western Red Arrow Books
 Ranger,SHardrock Men
 Clay,WBar "M" Boss
 Whitechurch,RBronze Rider
 Whitechurch,RHard Rock Marshall Of Hayes
 Whitechurch,RGun Trail To Boothill
8Floren,LPioneer Printer
9Leinster,MFighting Horse Valley
10Cole,JThe Death Riders
11Leinster,MThe Kid Deputy
13Clay,WGunsmoke Bonanza
14Richardson,GRustlers Moon
15Clay,WRange Town Renegade
17Curry,TThe Comstock Lode
18Richardson,GSagebrush Sal
19Jones,CFoxfire Creek
20Whitechurch,RRenegade Road
21O'Rourke,FThunder On The Buckhorn

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