Sacking and Reinstatements
People are no longer sacked - they are victims of "involuntary resignations" or "temporary cutbacks" or "job classification elimination" or any of a dozen other euphemisms for summary dismissal. Here are some more appropriate terms for various occupations - eg. a librarian could be "declassified"....

Jeweler- de-iced, dependent
Ambassador- delegated
Antique dealer- derelict, disjunct
Electrician- delighted, discharged
Lavatory attendant- dethroned, discommoded
Politician- devoted, denominated, disappointed
Model- deposed, disfigured
Seamstress- dispatched, depleted
Publican- distended, disbarred, deported, dispirited
Freemason- dislodged, dismembered
Tennis player- disadvantaged, defaulted
Secretary- dispelled, defiled
Musician- diluted, disconcerted
Banker- disinterested, distilled, discredited

Similarly, on reinstatement various descriptive words could be used....

Poet- reversed
Lawyer- retorted
Mortician- rehearsed
Politician- relied
Orphan- rewarded
Knight- requested
Chorister- required
Campanologist- repealed, rebelled
Detective- resolved, retailed
Lion tamer- remained
Seductress- revamped
Exorcist- repossessed
Electrician- refused, revolted
Model- renewed
Thespian- reacted
Policeman- reinforced
Tennis player- reserved
Prostitute- relaid, rescind