Babylon 5 Dating Service guidelines
  1. Bike rides around the station.
  2. A trip to the garden to watch the Starfury races.
  3. Your Third Most Favorite Thing in the Universe.
  4. Candlelit spoo dinner.
  5. Minbari triangle recital.
  6. Centauri religious festival.
  7. Narn opera.
  8. Line dancing.
  9. Technomage laser show.
  10. Animation film festival.
Interspecies dating can be confusing. Here are a few hints.
  1. Don't tell a Drazi, "That's not your color."
  2. Don't answer, "Beyond a shadow of a doubt."
  3. Don't end the date with, "Be seeing you."
  4. Don't ask a telepath, "A credit for your thoughts?"
  5. Don't suggest a day trip to the planet below.
  6. Don't offer to open a door unless you're sure it's not an airlock.
  7. Don't complain about moving food unless you're sure it's supposed to be still, and vice-versa.
  8. If you go on a blind date with a Minbari, don't let them drink.
  9. Be careful how you say it with flowers.
  10. Before you ask, "What's that fragrance you're wearing?" make sure your date is *wearing* it.
The meaning of certain statements or questions depends on context. Some examples are:
  1. Kiss my pouch.
  2. Want to see a card trick?
  3. Have some fruit?
  4. Care to look at my carvings?
  5. Would you like to take a trip down memory lane?
  6. You could make me feel young again.
  7. I have a mere fourteen words to say to you. Please listen very carefully.
  8. I have seven words to tell you.
  9. Do you like magic?
  10. Duck hunting.