Using a Barometer
How would you use a baramoter to find the height of a building.
  1. Find someone who knows how tall the building is, and trade him the barometer for the information. (teacher rejects: not a property characteristic of the barometer)
  2. Measure the height of the barometer. Scale the side of the building, measuring its height in barometer-units. (rejected: uses no basic scientific principles)
  3. Drop the barometer from the top of the building. Measure the time until it hits the street. Correcting for the mass/surface ratio of the instrument, use basic acceleration equation to find the height. (rejected: barometer is no longer a barometer)
  4. Tie string to top of barometer. Lower from roof to almost ground. Swing. Period of pendulum can be used to find distance from barometer's Center of Gravity to top of building. Add displacement from CG to bottom of barometer; this is height. (rejected: does not incorporate barometer's intended function)
  5. Take the barometer outside on a sunny day, measure its shadow and the buildings shadow. (rejected: cloudy today)
  6. Sell the barometer. Purchase a tape measure long enough to measure the height of the building. (rejected: this is not a business course.)
  7. Give the barometer as a prize to the one who comes up with the most accurate measurement of the building's height. (rejected: you have to return the barometer after you finish.)
  8. Measure the barometric pressure at the top and bottom of the building. Plug these into the equation in the book and spit out the answer. (accepted: Finally, what the teacher wanted.)