Chemical Analysis of Man
Element: Man
Symbol: Ah (short for a***h***, a common French root used to identify the element)
Discover: Eve
Atomic Mass: Accepted at 7 inches, wavy brown hair, 6' 0" in length, though some isotopes can be as short as 4 inches yet weigh 200+ Kg
Occurrences: Found following duel element Wo, often in high concentration near a perfect Wo specimen. (Experimental evidence: any beach on any coast)

Physical properties:
Obnoxious when mixed with C*H*-OH (any alcohol).
Tends to fall into very low energy state dirrectly after reaction with Wo (Snore... zzzzz)
Gains considerable mass as specimen ages, loses reactive nature.
Rarely found in pure form after 14th year.
Often damaged as a direct result of unlucky reaction with poluted form of the Wo common ore.

Chemical properties:
All forms desire reaction with Wo, even when no further reaction is possible.
May react with several Wo isotopes in short period under extremely favorable conditions.
Usually willing to react with what ever is available.
Reaction Rates range from aborted/non-existant to Pre-interaction effects (which tend to turn the specimen bright red and send it to react with Sa, the sex analyist).
Reaction styles vary from extremely slow, calm and wet to violent/bloody.

Best results apparently near 18 for high reaction rate, 25-35 for favorable reaction style.

Heavy boxes, top shelves, long walks late at night, free dinners for Wo...

Pure specimen will rarely reveal purity, while reacted specimens broadcast information on many wavelengths.

Tends to react extremely violently when other Man interferes with reaction to a particular Wo specimen. Otherwise very maleable under correct conditions.