Collective Nouns
A grid of electrical engineers
A set of pure mathematicians
A field of theoretical physicists
An amalgamation of metallurgists
A galaxy of cosmologists
A cloud of theoretical meteorologists
A shower of applied meteorologists
An intrigue of council members
A stack of librarians
A complex of psychologists
A whinge of Poms
An Absence of field engineers
A bleat of users or A jury of users
A dock of manufacturers
A panic of DPMs
An expectation of systems analysts
A detail of programmers
An indifference of operators
A trough of salespersons
A retreat of consultants
A sequence of deadlines
A conspiracy of connectors
A gloom of dumps
A vest of strings
A jangle of crashes
A loss of data
A logomachy of high level languages
A babol of high level languages
A rafter of competitors
A load of old Cobollers