Psalm 23 for mathematicians
The Lord is my thesis adviser; I shall not err.
He arranges for me to be published in the
respectable journals; he teaches me how
to use the reductio argument.
He enshores my validity; he leads me by
the classical logic, for the truth's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of
existence proofs, I will fear no contradiction:
for he edits my work.
The Axiom of Choice and Zorn's Lemma, they comfort me.

He invites a colloquium on classical analysis,
for my participation, in the absence of the constructivists;
He frequently and approvingly abstracts me
in Mathematical Reviews;
my reputation flourishes internationally.
Surely, honors and grants shall follow me
all the days of my career.
And I shall rise in the ranks of the Department,
to Emeritus.