Miss Erogenous Jones
Did you happen to know Miss Erogenous Jones,
Who is sadly no longer alive?
Her flesh was a series of sexual zones,
Each equipped with a separate drive.

Her toes were orgiastic, her ankles tumesced
At the breath of a breeze on the skin.
She swooned when the soles of her feet were caressed,
And climaxed when scratching her shin.

Each knee hollow offered a bower of love;
Her thighs melted down at a kiss;
And to list all the eager zones panting above
Would take a list longer than this.

When an amorous youth fell in love with Miss Jones,
She gladly consented to mate him,
But failed to remind him to switch on her zones
In sequence - i.e., seriatim

Alas! all those scores of susceptible zones
Concurrently faced his encounter!
The multiplied rapture imploded her bones;
She perished before he could mount her.

Dear Reader, a Moral infuses this rhyme-
A lesson all lovers should learn:
Don't tap those erogenous zones at one time-
They are meant to be turned on in turn.