a bartender - beer and art
a decimal point - i'm a dot in place
a gentleman - elegant man
a steward - draws tea
a stitch in time saves nine - this is meant as incentive
anagrams - ars magna
Armageddon - mad god near
astronomical observations - to scan a visible star or moon
athletics - lithe art
blandishment - blinds the man
cabaret - a bar, etc.
conversation - voices rant on
debit card - bad credit
decimal point - I'm a dot in place
delicatessen - ensliced eats
desegregation - Negroes get aid
desperation - a rope ends it
desperation - a rope ends it
diplomacy - mad policy
domesticated animal - docile, as man tamed it
eleven + two = twelve + one
falsehood - has fooled
fragile - e.g., frail
gold and silver - grand old evils
greyhound - hey, dog, run!
H.M.S. Pinafore - name for ship
hibernated - bear hit den
in flagrante delicto - Ted, Ella fornicating
incomprehensible - problem in Chinese
inconsistent - n is, n is not, etc.
mother-in-law - woman Hitler
negation - get a "no" in
no trespassing - stop an ingress
old masters - art's models
orchestrate - score the art
past due - date's up
pastorship - parish post
pittance - a cent tip
prognosis - signs: poor
protectionism - nice to imports
ramshackle - charm? leaks
Rocky Mountains - O, man, ski country
ronald reagan - an oral danger
seraglios - girl oases
snooze alarms - alas, no more Z's
stormy weather - showery matter
suggestion - it eggs us on
sunbathe - heat buns
the active volcanos - cones evict hot lava
the cafeteria - fact: I eat here
the cardinals - in cathedrals
the check is in the mail - claim "Heck, I sent it
the countryside - no city dust here
the Hilton - hint: Hotel
the Morse code - here come dots
the relief pitcher - fierce hitter? help!
the stutterer - utters t-there
U.S. Grant, R.E. Lee - true generals
waitress - a stew, Sir?
Western Union - no wire unsent
wild oats - sow it, lad