.357 MagnumChampagne & gun-powder
Absinthe of MalicePernod & bitters
Beam me up, ScottyJim Beam, 7-Up & scotch
Bloody AwfulVodka & ketchup
BrouhahaBeer & nitrous oxide
Cocoa VinChocolate & Chablis
Fraternal TwinsCrown Royal & Royal Crown
Gin and Beer ItBeefeaters & Grizzly beer
Glow WormLamp oil & mescal
Hickory Daiquiri DuckKentucky bourbon, rum, strawberries, ice, Cold Duck
Joan CollinsGin, lemon juice, soda, mascara & wrinkle-cream
Little DickensMartini with an olive or twist
Manhattan ProjectBourbon, sweet vermouth & heavy water
Nutcracker SweetHazelnut liquor, crushed nuts & sugar
Peppermint PaddySchnapps & rice wine
Phillips ScrewdriverVodka, orange juice & milk of magnesia
Piltdown ComforterMead, goat's milk & Southern Comfort
Shirley Temple BlackGinger ale, Grenadine & indian ink
Tired Bloody MaryGeritol & tomato juice
Truth and JusticeSodium Pentothal on the rocks