"She's my woman", said Herman
"Can I touch you", said Ophelia
"Hello", said Hy
"Is that a window?", asked Isadore
"I'll have a hot dog", said Frank
"That's quite a storm out there", said Abigail
"Your cat scratched me!", said Claude
"We like to go beachcombing", said Shelly and Sandy
"Who ate all the bacon", said Egbert
"You're my best friend", said Opal
"There must be a way", said Will
"Me! Me!", cried Mimi
"What a sexy nightie", said Teddy
"I'm sad", said Merry. "I'm merry", said Sadie
"I've got to use the loo", said Lulu to Lou
"Yeah!", said Noah
"My legs hurt right here", said my niece
"What comes after H?", asked I, Jay, Kay, Ella and Emma
"Bottoms up!", said Fanny
"My cup's empty", said Phil
"Listen, I hear horses", said Winnie
"I don't have a dollar to my name", said Buck
"You certainly may", said April to June
"Over and out", said Roger
"Nobody ever remembers my name", said
"Step on it", said Matt
"On your knees", said Neil
"I'm no thief", said Rob
"I can count", said Owen
"I can also count", said Juan, too
"Violent? I wouldn't hurt a fly", said Mame
"My watch alarm is going off", said Elsie Dee
"Let's sing Christmas songs", said Carol
"I hvaen't a thing to wear", said Buff
"Pass me the binoculars, please", said Seymour